Why People Get a Cat: Top 6 Reasons

The cat is the most popular pet. There are millions of sincere admirers of these cute animals in the world who can radically change the atmosphere in the house, bring up positive qualities in the child, and have a beneficial effect on the psychological and physiological state of the owner. A cat is an amazing animal with unique qualities. Almost everyone has a reason to love it and want to have such a pet in their home.

Practical reasons for the appearance of a cat in the house

The ancestors who decided to domesticate a wild cat in ancient times, there were good reasons for this. Cats perfectly protected warehouses and barns from the invasion of rodents, literally saved the crop, preventing the risk of famine. For many centuries, cats have been highly valued in most countries. For example, the Empress Elizabeth to protect the treasures of the Winter Palace from mice and rats, brought Pets from Kazan, as these cats were considered the best hunters. And now almost every house in rural areas has at least one cat, which allows owners not to suffer from rats and mice, to protect them from their attacks on poultry, food, etc.

Respect for traditions

Gradually, cats revealed their other qualities, they began to get in homes not only for rodent hunting. They became considered one of the symbols of a warm home. Since ancient times, there has been a belief that the presence of such an animal protects the house from evil spirits.

The tradition of having a cat in your home is preserved in many families. Observing it, people take a kitten without even thinking about the reasons. This pet was a great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, so it should be present in my house. Otherwise, the housing will be defective.

Kindness and pity

The irresponsible attitude of people to animals has led to the appearance of a large number of stray cats, which can be seen on the streets of every city. It is painful for a kind, compassionate person to see a hungry, emaciated, unkempt kitten who asks for help with a plaintive meow, a naive look. So a pet appears in the house.

Sometimes such a foundling is not left alone. People who pick up one cat on the street, soon get another animal, and maybe several, guided by the desire to help homeless Pets. There are people who devote their lives to putting cats in good hands or organizing shelters.

Meeting a child’s request

One of the most popular reasons for the appearance of a kitten in the house is the desire of parents to satisfy the child’s request, to fulfill his dream. Most children want to have a pet of some kind. A cat is the best option. It does not need to be walked like a dog, there is no need to spend time cleaning the cages. In addition, such an animal can bring joy to the whole family.

The cat is an excellent caregiver. This pet will be able to instill a sense of kindness in the child, teach responsibility, and help them learn the rules of communication with animals.

The element of prestige and worthy of the status

Now it has become fashionable to have an exotic animal in the house. Every member of the elite considers it necessary to get a rare pet, meet the “standards”. Of course, for such purposes, do not take a stray kitten or a representative of an ordinary yard breed into the house. To emphasize the respectability of let the cat of valuable species. In rich mansions, you can see sphinxes, Maine coons, Khao Mani, caracals, Asher, savanna, etc.

Source of income

Breeders can easily answer the question of why cats are needed in the house. For them, animals are a source of income. Breeding these Pets does not require much trouble. But the owners of representatives of valuable breeds have a solid profit from the sale of elite kittens. In itself, this activity should not be condemned. Breeders help people fulfill their dream of a favorite pet. But culled kittens, adult animals that are unable to fulfill their purpose by age, often join the army of homeless cats.

The main reason for the appearance of a cat

The main reason for the appearance of a cat in the house is an urgent need for love and attention. These animals are strongly attached to their owners, show real miracles of loyalty and devotion. The cat is always happy to see the owner, ready to communicate. She is sensitive to the mood of a person, will be able to come to the rescue in time, calm down, give a charge of good mood and even cure diseases. At the same time, the cat does not require complex care. All she needs is a little attention, affection, a few kind words and understanding that she is a full member of the family, she is needed and loved. The pet will fully pay for such manifestations of feelings, save you from loneliness and depression, be there in difficult times, distract you from worries and problems.