Why Does a Dog Eat Grass? Are Dogs Vegetarian?

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Why does a dog eat grass? Are dogs vegetarian?

Almost every owner of a four-legged friend watched with fear or amusement as the dog “mowed” the grass, cutting dozens of blades of grass at the root.

What is it? The dog felt like a cow and decided to give milk? No, the craving for grass is not related to mental disorders, but how to explain it, and is it worth fighting herbivory?

It would be much easier if we could ask the dogs themselves about the reasons for their sudden liking for grass. More precisely, we can ask, but we won’t understand the answer, even if your favorite pet is trying to say something by barking or wagging its tail. And experts disagree, and there are a lot of opinions, and all unconfirmed, at the level of guesswork. Science says that there are a lot of theories about the causes of dogs ‘ cravings for grass, but there is not one that is exactly proven.

Dozens of opinions

One of the most popular versions, similar to the truth from a medical point of view, is that dogs need grass to increase the outflow of bile. However, it is not clear whether the dogs gnaw the grass to pull out and remove the stagnant bile, or they vomit because they have eaten grass and started having problems with bile?

There are rather vague explanations due to the fact that no one knows whether dogs and cats actually use herbs as medicine and whether they can transmit this knowledge through genetic memory. And another fact makes us doubt the theory of “vomiting and bile” – after all, not all dogs who have eaten grass, then throw up.

The next popular explanation is that “dogs” have knowledge about useful herbs, and they use them. There is some truth in this, because wild dogs, and their ancestors, wolves, all their lives hunted herbivores, of course, ate them with giblets. Well, the stomachs of hares and rabbits are always full of grass, digested and undigested.

It is possible that now, without hunting in the wild, dogs sometimes feel the need for grass and start eating it. But there is a logical objection – after all, not all dogs eat grass in a row, then what, their genetic memory is gone?

And there is an ancient belief, from the category of “old men say!” that dogs eat grass in clear weather. That is, when the dog has eaten the grass, then 2-3 days of rain will not be exactly. Whether this sign is true or not is unknown, but it still does not give an answer to the question.

There is an opinion that dogs eat grass to get rid of worms, but it has been precisely tested and proven that grass is eaten, including absolutely healthy individuals.

There are even religious versions, they say that before the fall of Adam and eve, the first people and animals did not eat meat at all, but ate only berries, fruits and herbs, and now dogs sometimes remember those times and eat grass.

How really?

But you can’t say for sure why dogs eat grass, and that’s it! Maybe a little later, science will reliably explain this extremely interesting fact, but in the meantime, good owners need to make sure that the pet does not start eating only grass and a lot. If the dog every exit to the yard pounces on green thickets – this is an occasion for a visit to the veterinarian, if the dog once chewed grass and stopped – everything is fine, there is no danger to the dog’s health!

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