Why Does a Cat Trample you with its Paws?

Pick up food, litter for the tray, do not forget about the scratching post, rattling mice and other accessories.

These and other “little things” fall on the heads of those on whose territory a cat or cat appeared. But if you can find all the care and maintenance products for mustachioed cats in stores, you will have to learn the science of communicating with a new family member yourself.

As you know, cats are creatures with character. No matter how naive the kitten’s eyes are, no matter how plush the fur is, be prepared for the fact that the animal will persistently dictate its rules of the game to you.

Cat’s endearments

Sleeping on the owner’s pillow, performing the morning ritual of licking on a freshly ironed shirt, waking the entire house with a deafening meow at six on Sunday morning-resisting the cat’s whims is almost useless. Do not worry: after a short period of adaptation, you will stop reacting painfully to the quirks of the “lodger” and will consider them cute pranks purr.

Do not be surprised if in the process of “lapping” a mustachioed and tailed member of the family begins to trample you with their paws. The smaller the animal – the more likely it is that this will happen.

Do not rush to write Murzik to the vet. From the point of view of medicine, this is a completely normal reaction. It is not necessary to run headlong to the district clinic, if the cat has taken it for a fashion to trample on your stomach. Do not trust those know-it-alls who claim that this way the cat points the owner to his sore spot. This is not true.

Everything is much simpler. Your pet satisfies its basic instincts with its trampling. In kittens, it is recorded on the subcortex to knead their mother’s tummy with monotonous movements before applying to the nipple and drinking delicious milk.

Thank you for the compliment

As a rule, the cat chooses one person as the object of “trampling”. This “lucky” is not to be envied… The one in whom the pet recognized the mother, now becomes a nanny for a purring family member. Time to feed, clean the tray, take to the vet, play-all these worries will fall on your shoulders.

And don’t flatter yourself that you took on these responsibilities voluntarily. This is your favorite, making you a compliment, “appointed” you responsible for their happy existence.

On the other hand, it’s just as well. You will be able to get relaxation sessions and confidential communication with the cat more often than others.

Alternative version

There is also a more romantic version of why the cat tramples you with its paws. A group of researchers suggests that in this way the pet “absorbs” the negative energy of a person. Having found the “portal”, the cat acts as a conductor of negative information. Reading it from the host’s body, the whiskered-striped directs its flow into space. In favor of this hypothesis can serve the fact that in the process of trampling kotofeich closes his eyes, and, as if reading mantras, meditates.

Which explanation to choose is up to you. In any case, do not drive the purr when it tramples you with its paws. After all, this is how she shows her love and appreciation for you.