Why Does a Cat Sneeze: The Threat or the Norm?

We go online for every sneeze, but for some reason we close our eyes when a cat sneezes. A single cat sneeze makes you smile (the cat is so funny at this moment). But the constantly repeated “AP-Chee” is already an excuse to look through the medical reference book or call a veterinarian.


Cat allergies are a dusty business

Cats are delicate animals, and they are not able to hint to their owners that they are not comfortable with tobacco smoke or the smell of elite perfume.

But for each purr owner, cat sneezes should be a clear signal. Have you noticed that after your smoke breaks or after using a pleasant, in your opinion, toilet water, the cat sneezes, and a clear liquid is released from the nasal passages? If possible, protect your pet from inhaling tobacco and essential oils that irritate its nasopharynx. Of course, Smoking and smelling in the entrance or outside the house is not a great pleasure, but health is worth it. If you ignore cat sneezes, the problem can get worse.

Sneezing will be accompanied by coughing and tears. An allergic cat is troublesome for the owners and extremely unpleasant for the cat itself. However, there are cases when it is not possible to protect the cat from allergens. Dust, mold, floor cleaner can also cause allergies in a gentle creature.

A knowledgeable veterinarian will help determine the source of cat allergies and prescribe therapy.

Antivirus software

The most common reason why a cat sneezes in veterinary clinics is called a secondary bacterial infection and the herpes virus.

In these cases, without antibiotics, the cat can not be put on its feet. Only such drugs can remove the congestion of the cat’s nose and stop the flow of grayish or greenish mucus. It is better not to conduct experiments with the selection of drugs. The best assistant in this situation will be a veterinarian.

The doctor will prescribe the medicine based on the degree of the disease and the breed of the animal. By the way, Siamese and other cats with flat faces are more susceptible to sneezing than other cats.

Complete abscess

Oddly enough, but the cat can sneeze because of problems with teeth. Gum disease, tooth abscess provoke a runny nose mustachioed-striped. An unambiguous sign of dental problems is an unpleasant smell from the cat’s mouth. The runny nose is secondary.

It is not so easy to find a bad tooth and, even more so, to cure it without professional help from cat owners. By calling a veterinarian or delivering a fuzzy to a veterinary clinic, you will protect the animal from pain and shortness of breath. As a rule, cats experience treatment of such problems easily and soon stop sneezing.

Of foreign origin

Similar symptoms – sneezing, mucus with an unpleasant smell-can be a sign of a foreign body in the cat’s nose. Make sure that your playful fidget does not accidentally inhale a small ball, speck or other foreign object.

You can also extract it yourself. Just do not forget to disinfect the cat’s nose – there should be no debris or liquid left in the nasal cavity.

Prolonged sneezes are serious

Often carefree owners do not pay attention to prolonged cat sneezes. And they seek veterinary help with the question of what to do if a cat sneezes when the animal has already progressed nasal cancer.

A reasonable alarm should be caused by blood impurities in the mucus that the pet sneezes out. As a rule, this is preceded by prolonged sneezing and lethargy of the ward. The longer the visit to the vet is delayed,the more difficult the chemotherapy process will be.

Therefore, you should take a closer look at the sneezing cat and direct your efforts to its speedy healing.