Why Do We Love Cats?

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Why do we love cats?

Even the great Leonardo (not the one that DiCaprio, but the one that da Vinci) considered even the tiniest of the cat family perfection.  And Bernard Shaw argued that the level of culture of a person is determined by how much he is able to understand an ordinary cat.

Yes, loving cats was mainstream even before the Internet appeared with its ability to post an unlimited number of cats in pictures. But why? Why did a person choose a cat as an object of unconditional love out of all the diversity of the animal world?


It is better not to ask biologists about this, they, like the notorious Lieutenant Rzhevsky, have already managed to trivialize everything, or rather, reduce our sincere feelings to reactions to … the actions of parasites. Toxoplasmas make us love cats, scientists say, and cite data on rats. Toxoplasma parasites need cats to reproduce, and therefore, once in the body of a rat, they make rodents not only love, but in any case not be afraid of cats. The ending is predictable: a cat eats a fearless (or in love) rat, Toxoplasma enters the cat’s body. We, like rats, try to be closer to cats if we are guided by Toxoplasma, – scientists projected the situation on a person. To believe or not to believe? Decide for yourself.


Another version of the origin of love for cats is put forward by ethologists. The beauty of a cat is the beauty of death, they say. Big cats hunted the ancestors of man, and ancient people were forced to watch them, study their habits, in order to notice the danger in time and react to the predator. Predators brought death, and everything connected with death, mystically attracts people. People are not just afraid of a cave lion or saber-toothed tiger, but at the same time and admired them. And by taming a small cat and domesticating it, he tamed death and found a totem that protected him from large predators.

Love by calculation

There is another option – love by calculation. The cat saved grain and other human food supplies from mice, which is why it fell in love with him as an economically profitable partner. But if generations of your ancestors did not have a barn with grain to save from the invasion of long-tailed animals, then why do you love a cat?

Yes, just to love, say psychologists. The lion’s share of love, which a person for one reason or another does not give to their loved ones, goes to their cat, these experts say-soul eaters. The cat itself behaves like a qualified psychologist – on the one hand, it is always ready to accept the love of a person, and on the other – it keeps it in a certain degree of tension, almost instantly turning from a fluffy charm into a clawed fury.

This is considered typically feminine behavior. That’s just who taught whom such techniques of “falling in love” – a cat woman or a cat woman?

Beautiful, graceful, pleasant to the touch, at the same time soft and wayward, cats have an amazing ability to make the house cozy and create a special aura in it. By the way, another secret of a cat is that it can give a person a kind of drug. And this drug is a cat’s purr! A fairly purring cat creates vibrations that trigger certain biochemistry in the human body. The chain of transformations of substances leads to … irritation of the cannabinoid receptors of neurons in the brain. A person gets his “drug”, but not before he meets the needs of the cat – after all, in order for the cat to purr, it must be satisfied and happy.

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