Why Do Cats Love Valerian?

People discovered the healing properties of Valerian in ancient times, and then it was noticed its special effect on members of the cat family. The plant has even received peculiar folk names-cat root, cat incense, Maun grass, and they all speak of a connection with our four-legged Pets.

However, it should be noted that the love of Valerian is fed not only by domestic cat species, but also by their wild counterparts. There have been cases when the mere smell of this potion caused Cougars and lynxes to become violently excited. And the once famous hunter John Pitman described an episode in the life of lions who got drunk after” drinking ” a bottle of Valerian deliberately left under a tree. According to John, the predators pounced on her with a voluptuous purr and, pushing each other away, emptied the vessel to the drop in a flash. After that, the absolutely unimaginable began – the lions rolled on the ground, bickered among themselves, jumped on a lone spreading baobab, in the branches of which the hunter was hiding watching this picture.

Reason for reaction

What is the reason for such an unusual reaction of animals? Scientists, after much debate, agreed that there are two explanatory factors. The first is the awakening of the sexual instinct, which occurs due to the smell of Valerian. The contained essential oil by its aroma close to the pheromones of the female. Therefore, Mature cats experience excitement, fall into a kind of ecstasy and simply lose their heads as from the strongest aphrodisiac. It applies to all individuals over one year of age – the kittens are starting to react to just the smell as they get older. But for a lady cat, Valerian does not have such an appeal, some even remain completely indifferent to it.

The second reason is the dependence syndrome that causes the plant in this type of animal. It has a certain similarity to drug addiction – as people fall into euphoria from a dose of drugs, and cats experience ecstasy from Valerian.

Then complex biochemical processes are involved, and as a result – behavior changes and subsequent addiction to the substance. Here, the sex sign does not play a significant role: both cats and cats are able to become addicted to Valerian, literally begging for it from the owner.

Valerian root is safe for cat?

The behavior of “intoxicated” animals often seems funny and causes the owners only laughter. But in fact, everything is much sadder, because the external reaction is only a weak reflection of the changes taking place inside. A short phase of arousal is followed by a heavy long sleep, affecting the nervous system and leading to hormonal failure in the body.

And after regular doses of this potion, the cat will resemble a real drug addict, with a sharp change of mood, aggressiveness and constant throwing in search of a dose. It is unlikely that a good owner will put such experiments on his pet, so the bottle with Valerian tincture should be removed from the cats away. The only exception is when the medicine is prescribed by a veterinarian – sometimes it is used in animals with spasms of the gastrointestinal tract. Accurate adherence to the recommendations of a specialist will help you avoid unpleasant consequences, ensuring your cat’s health and well-being.