Why Do Cats Like Sleeping by Your Feet?

Often, the way Pets behave at home is confusing to their owners. So, not all people can give an explanation for the fact that cats who have their own soft pillows and beds prefer their owner’s feet.  Are you one of them? Interested in the answer? Let’s try to figure it out.

In fact, there are many explanations for this behavior. Let’s look at the most popular of them.

Love for warmth

In fact, cats can’t imagine their life without warmth. They are happy to lie in the sun, climb on the stove, lie next to fireplaces and radiators. Any sources of heat, cute mysterious cat soul. That is why the cat likes to sleep next to a person, because the temperature of his body is significantly higher than the temperature of any, even the softest bed. Why in the legs? Elementary! Not everyone likes to sleep next to a cat, so it lies down where it is most difficult to drive it away.

Host disease

According to many “cat owners”, cats feel the sore spot of a person and fit exactly on it. Perhaps this is caused by an attempt to cure a beloved owner, or it may simply be the selfishness of the animal, lying on a part of the body, in most cases, characterized by an elevated temperature.

To prove that cats are a kind of home healers, we can also cite the fact that from time immemorial these animals were considered energetically negative, i.e. fueled by negative energy released, including by diseased organs. Cats just take what they like, and the owner immediately feels relieved. According to the same theory, kotofei so like to sleep in the legs, which are a place of concentration of negative energy.

Love for the owner

Despite the fact that this opinion is met with hostility by quite a few, cats still know how to love. And in this they are not hindered by an independent disposition, or a certain amount of selfishness. This can be confirmed by a lot of stories posted on the Internet, telling about cats returning to their beloved owner.


A cat may be jealous of children or animals that live in the same house with it. Laying down at the feet of the owner, she seems to say: “this is mine”, demonstrating to others her closeness to a loved one.

One last thing. In nature, cats practically do not form flocks, and if they do, then each of its members does not depend on the others in any way. Therefore, the cat sleeps only where it wants, regardless of the opinion of the person. It’s natural. And if she liked sleeping in her feet, that’s where she’ll sleep. It doesn’t matter what made her do it.