Why Cats Love Valerian

After watching hundreds of videos on the web, watching the reaction of your pet, many people become extremely interested: why do cats love Valerian?

Why do they react this way to a bottle of tincture or even to pills with a high concentration of medicinal herbs? Is it useful or harmful to give the cat this sedative? Let’s talk about everything now.

Valerian – what is it?

It is no secret that we call Valerian tincture from the medicinal herb Valerian (more precisely, from its rhizomes). And it is used by people in order to calm the nerves, slow down the heartbeat a little. But let’s start with the fact that the tincture is always on alcohol (in this case, 70 percent ethyl).

And alcohol is very dangerous for an animal: a drop for a cat is like a glass of alcohol, not vodka, but pure 70% alcohol for an adult man. The nervous system is very affected, the processes of conducting impulses are disrupted.

The rhizomes themselves contain alkaloids and essential oils. It is the alkaloids that cause the animal to become addictive, like a narcotic. Although it is interesting that if the cat gets to the real root, not pickled, but dug out of the ground, then there will be no harm to the animal from eating.

We know that Pets themselves are treated with herbs, so fresh Valerian roots help purrs with a sick stomach.

How does Valerian tincture work on cats

Now let’s look at how the tincture affects the cat’s body. Why do cats love Valerian, and do they really love it? Should I give it to animals?

It was written above that alkaloids are similar in their action to drugs. But we can’t be sure that an animal lying on the floor and mewing loudly is happy. Perhaps this is not euphoria, and the pet does not see milk rivers and meat banks, but something terrible. Staggers the cat just because of the fact that the nerve conduction is broken.

Another effect of Valerian tincture is stimulating. Yes, the animal experiences sexual arousal. In males, the level of male hormones jumps due to the acceleration of biochemical processes (and it is not necessary to lick the bottle, there are enough tincture vapors) in the brain.

In females, the behavior after inhaling the vapors of Valerian tincture is similar to the period of estrus: loud meowing, lying on the floor, trying to escape from home.

So it turns out that for cats, Valerian is something between a drug and viagra. Only here the” discharge ” will not follow in the animal, and it suffers. Those who do not believe that the usual soothing tincture has an exciting effect on purring may notice that kittens who have not yet reached puberty are almost indifferent to the medicinal herb.

They don’t scream, they don’t roll on the floor, they don’t get aggressive, and they don’t try to run away from home.

If the cat is exposed to Valerian for a long time, an overdose may occur. Calming the animal will not be, on the contrary, overexcitation, which will sharply change to apathy (nervous shock), then vomiting will begin. Nervous activity is disrupted: the brain itself does not receive “information”, nor can it normally “send” impulses and commands.

So why do cats love Valerian, if it is so dangerous and harmful to them, causes hallucinations and dramatically changes the hormonal background? It’s a matter of banal alcoholism! Yes, cats are not as resistant to alcohol as humans. It is enough for a purr to try alcohol once, as it becomes addicted, and at the slightest opportunity to “drink” again, the animal turns wild.

In addition, the body of Pets is not adapted for “taking alcohol”, not the same metabolism. The liver, kidneys, and stomach respond instantly. And if an overdose occurs (it’s just a couple of tablets or drops of tincture), then convulsions will begin, the liver and kidneys will fail, and foam may come out of the mouth. Without the help of a veterinarian, the animal will die.

So do not give the animal this sedative for the sake of laughter or curiosity. Much more harm and suffering is experienced by the cat, not a single minute’s euphoria is worth it. It’s better to give treats or scratch behind the ear, which will be much nicer and safer for fluffy.