Why a Dog Licks its Own Urine: Causes and Symptoms

As a rule, the first reaction of the owner to the pet’s behavior, in which he tries to lick or drink urine, is, of course, the command “do not”. Often the dog does not listen, carried away by the “process”. What is the reason for this behavior of the animal and what it should tell the owner will be discussed later.

The main reasons

The main reasons for licking or drinking your own urine are:

  1. Age of the puppy: the puppy has no survival skills and performs actions rashly or out of curiosity.
  2. Punishment of the dog. If the pet went to the toilet at home and was strongly scolded, the next time for fear of punishment, he will try to “clean up” after himself.
  3. Non-compliance with the drinking regime. Drinking water should be freely available. If there is not enough water or it does not taste good, this may lead to attempts to use urine.
  4. Lack of microelements, vitamins: the animal can smell useful substances in the urine and reach for its use.
  5. Problems with the kidneys, teeth, or gastrointestinal tract.
  6. Failure of the pancreas.

Methods for correcting dog behavior

If an animal has tasted its own urine, then there is nothing wrong with that. This behavior can be attributed to the study of the surrounding world. But attempts to use urine are a signal of the animal’s problems.

Recommended methods:

  1. It is necessary to deal with the dog’s drinking regime: change the water daily, and you can try to pour different — raw or boiled. Then, depending on the pet’s preference, fill the container with the water that he liked best.
  2. When training, clearly and firmly pronounce the command “do not” or use the method of switching attention: distract the dog from the “puddle” with a treat and quietly remove phlegm.
  3. Contact a veterinary clinic for recommendations on a balanced diet and filling the lack of trace elements and vitamins.
  4. If necessary, and to exclude inflammatory processes in the kidneys, urinary tract and other processes, the doctor will prescribe an examination of the dog with the delivery of a biochemical blood test, as well as blood sugar.

Noticing deviations in the behavior of the pet, you need to observe the animal, try to switch its attention.

If the dog shows perseverance and persistently tries to use its urine, then you do not need to delay visiting the clinic. The faster the doctor identifies the problem, the easier and safer it can be solved.