Who Is Better to Have at Home – a Tomcat a Female Cat?

Small kittens are all very cute and there is no difference whether it is a cat or a cat. It will appear later, when the pet grows up and enters puberty. Cats differ from cats in their physiology and character, so find out in advance who you should have.

The difference in the nature

Cats are independent creatures that allow the owner to show signs of attention. Sometimes the cat lets you play with it and pet it, but these displays of condescension are often short-lived. When the pet gets what it wants from the owner, it will run away. Inappropriate behavior of the cat should be strictly suppressed, but without offending the animal.

The cat is a leader, the leader of the pack, not particularly recognizing authorities. He is independent and will not constantly demand affection and show tenderness. It is preferable for them to play or play pranks. Males are stubborn and confident in their superiority, but they are not devoid of simplicity and are easy to outwit.

Cats are considered to be more affectionate. They are ready to be endlessly close to their owners, receiving attention and care. Cats also tend to set their own rules in the house, but the impudence inherent in cats, they are often unusual. Where the cat takes the rap, the cat will achieve the desired whims, from which the owners are delighted. They are more open and emotional, do not hesitate to show love to “their” people. Often cats give special attention to one member of the family.

Of course, you can not row all cats and cats under one comb. There are also very affectionate cats, and aggressive cats. You also need to take into account the characteristics of the breed, if you take a thoroughbred animal. However, in General, when choosing the gender of the future pet, consider the difference in the behavior of cats and cats.

Regardless of gender, cats and cats are sensitive to the attitude of people. They are ready to pay for love with loyalty, but they take offense at a bad attitude, sometimes even take revenge.

Attachment to the house

An important factor when choosing the sex of an animal is the attitude of a mustachioed pet to the house. The cat will be the Keeper of the hearth, they are very attached to their home, where they explored every corner. Cats like to watch what is happening in the territory entrusted to them, they tend to do all their business with the owner. Sorting through things in the closet, you will find the pet curled up in a ball on the bottom shelf. The cat is reasonable and will not leave its home without urgent need.

Cats perceive your home as their own territory. Hence the negative attitude towards fellow human beings and even new family members. And cats like to control not only the habitat, but also the actions of their owners. They do not have a strong fixation on a particular place of residence. At any opportunity, the cat will slip out the door to conquer new territories, especially during the “festivities”.

Physiological differences

When choosing between a cat and a cat, decide in advance whether you plan to breed kittens. If the answer is no, then gender is an important point. During puberty of the animal, you will encounter manifestations of sexual appetite. The behavior of cats and cats at this time is different.

  • Cats begin to leave smelly marks around the house, meow. They are very drawn to the street and at the first opportunity the pet runs away to disappear for a few days. Moreover, it is not safe for him on the street – samovygul is fraught with fights and injuries.
  • Cats do not mark their territory, but persistently Express a desire to find a sexual partner. During estrus, they are restless, make loud noises, RUB against furniture and roll on the floor. If the cat is able to escape from home, it will disappear for a few days and return already pregnant. We’ll have to put the kittens in.

So that unrealized instincts do not bother any animal and do not unnerve the owners – cats are neutered, and cats are sterilized. These are simple and inexpensive operations that are performed in a veterinary clinic or even at home.

If you plan to breed kittens, it is better to have a cat. The task will be reduced to finding a suitable bride, and you will get purebred kittens from the litter. If you get a cat, you will have to accept suitors at home, take care of a pregnant animal, mess with newborn kittens. Plus, communication with fluffy crumbs gives a lot of positive emotions.

An important nuance in the physiology of cats and cats – males have a more pronounced smell. The owners of the animal get used to it, but it can be noticeable to guests.

The character of the future pet is important, as well as physiology. If you are not ready to take care of a pregnant cat and attach kittens – choose a cat. Well, cat sterilization will get rid of this problem, as well as castration – from the cat’s marks in the apartment. When choosing the sex of an animal, be sure to focus on personal preferences.