What You Can’t Feed Your Dog: Sweets and Vegetables

Many owners consider a four-legged pet to be a family member. This is good when the dog enjoys the love of the household, participates in family entertainment, trips. But her Desk should be separate. The diet of animals and humans has significant differences. The desire to pamper your favorite dog is understandable. But you need to choose treats carefully, they can cause significant harm to the dog’s health. What foods should not be in the dog’s diet?

Dangerous sweets

For most children and adults, all kinds of sweets and confectionery are their favorite treats. A four-legged pet will not refuse these delicious dishes. Many dogs are happy to eat cakes, sweets and cakes, and do not refuse sweet soda. For animals, these products are dangerous and can cause a lot of harm.

Just like in humans, in dogs, eating sweets disrupts the acid-base balance. But for animals, this violation is more dangerous. A person can rinse their mouth, brush their teeth, and restore balance. The dog doesn’t have this option. Eating sweet food leads to increased reproduction of carious bacteria, damage to teeth.

The dog’s body is not designed for such food, it is poorly digested, glucose levels increase, and metabolic processes are disrupted. Regular consumption of desserts will necessarily lead to an increase in fat mass, malfunctions of the digestive tract, and diabetes.

One of the main enemies of dogs is chocolate. It contains a large amount of theobromine. This substance causes convulsions in dogs, disrupts the heart rate. Intoxication and even death are not excluded.

Drinks are not allowed

Many dog owners have noticed that their Pets are happy to taste alcohol on occasion. They are particularly fond of wine drinks and beer. Do not turn the dog’s treat with alcohol into fun. This is very dangerous for the dog. Intoxication with a fatal outcome in an animal can occur suddenly. In addition, periodic alcohol consumption will provoke heart failure, paralysis of the nervous system.

No need to treat your pet to your favorite tea or coffee. Caffeine and tannin contained in beverages are not dangerous for humans. But for a dog, they can cause disorders of the digestive tract, heart disease.

Invalid products

Patients of gastroenterologists, cardiologists, dietitians know perfectly well what foods should be excluded from the diet so that the cardiovascular and digestive systems work without increased loads, and there are no failures in metabolic processes. All these prohibitions apply to the dog’s diet. In the menu of a four-legged pet should not be products:

  • pickled,
  • acute,
  • salty,
  • fat,
  • smoked.

A caring owner will never feed his dog sausages and sausages, various fast food. In the diet of the animal should not be dishes with spices, spices.

The use of such products will lead to a violation of the water-salt balance in the dog. The work of the liver and pancreas will be disrupted, which will have to function in an enhanced mode. Animals that regularly consume such food suffer from high blood pressure and joint pain.

Harmful products of animal origin

Dogs are considered predators, but this does not mean that all products of animal origin are acceptable to them. And in this category, there are dangerous products that can cause harm.

The favorite activity of all Pets, regardless of breed, is biting the bones. They simultaneously enjoy a delicious product, train the muscles of the mouth, sharpen their teeth. But entertainment is dangerous if it is the tubular bones of a bird. They are easily gnawed, sharp fragments are formed. Getting into the gastrointestinal tract can cause organ damage. If the splinter gets stuck in the throat, the dog may suffocate.

You can not feed the animal raw river fish. It contains many small bones that can injure the mucous membrane of the mouth, throat, and esophagus. In addition, there are many parasites in raw fish that can infect the dog.

There are also dangerous products in the category of marine fish. A lot of toxic histidine for dogs contain:

  • tuna,
  • mackerel,
  • salmon,
  • Saira,
  • sprats,
  • herring.

You don’t need to include whiting, capelin, hake, or saika in the menu. They have trimethylaminuria triggers anemia.

Dangerous products include raw eggs. Often these products are carriers of Salmonella. The egg contains avidin. This enzyme slows down the synthesis processes, blocks the absorption of vitamin B1. Its deficiency causes deterioration of the condition of wool and skin.

Milk is a source of calcium and vitamins. For puppies, it is an excellent addition to the diet. But the body of an adult dog for the assimilation of this product is not adapted. The consumption of milk often leads to diarrhea.

Dangerous plant products

Not all dogs eat berries and fruits. But there are also fans of such products. Please note that persimmons, peaches, and plums are not acceptable for animals. Their use will lead to intestinal obstruction. Some individuals may experience kidney failure due to raisins and grapes, currants. You don’t need to treat your dog to citrus fruits, pineapples, or kiwis. They can cause severe allergic reactions, stomach inflammation is not excluded. You can not give the dog fruit with bones. They contain cyanide, which is a poison. For a pet, even small doses can be very dangerous.

The most dangerous plant product for an animal is avocado. It contains persin, which causes severe intoxication in dogs. Broccoli is also a toxic product for Pets. If this cabbage is consumed in large quantities, isocyanate accumulates, causing poisoning.

Potatoes are also not suitable for the dog’s diet. High content of starch, carbohydrates, and solanine make it harmful to the animal’s body. Boiled, raw, fried root vegetables are practically not digested in the digestive tract, overloading the liver, pancreas, and intestines.


Harmful dishes from vegetables and herbs

Everyone knows that porridge is a healthy, hearty Breakfast. Such dishes may be present in the dog’s diet. But you need to keep in mind that not all porridges are useful for a four-legged friend. You can not use in the preparation of cereals:

  • semolina,
  • corn,
  • pearl,
  • wheat.

These cereals are poorly digested, there is increased gas formation, intestinal colic. The same reactions are caused by the use of dishes made from peas, beans, and beans. You can’t include corn in the dog’s menu. For animals, it is an allergen. It increases the level of glucose, promotes the appearance of caries.

No mushrooms are added to pet food. These products contain chitin. It is dangerous for the pancreas, liver. Garlic and onions are also prohibited. The thiosulfates contained in these products can cause anemia.

All types of nuts are dangerous for dogs. This product is not digested in the digestive tract of the animal, the stomach, pancreas, and intestines are disrupted.

You can not add greens to the dog’s food. Especially dangerous are plants containing oxalic acid. It can destroy the nervous system, digestive system, and cause diseases of the urinary tract.