What to Do If The Puppy Is Picky About Food

A healthy puppy is active throughout the day and needs to eat well to be energetic. But even healthy babies sometimes eat poorly. Your task is to find out the cause and eliminate obstacles to a good appetite. Dogs don’t need daily pickles, but a fully balanced diet is very important.

Why is a puppy picky?

First of all, you need to make sure that the puppy has not lost its appetite due to illness. Perhaps you need a diagnosis of the gastrointestinal tract, he has problems with his teeth or something else hurts. If the veterinarian’s examination showed that the baby is all right, the reason is you. Experts say that in 95% of cases, the owner is to blame for trying to offer a variety of dishes and thus pamper.

Possible reasons

  • You are giving the wrong food.
    All major brands produce special food for puppies, choose the appropriate one for small and large breeds. Perhaps the baby’s jaws just “don’t take” the pellets. If you take a puppy from a breeder, be sure to check the nutrition recommendations.
  • There is no feeding mode.
    The puppy should clearly know that it receives food 3-4 times at a certain time. If he interrupts his appetite with treats or eats too large portions, then he does not build up an appetite for the next feeding, which means that whims are inevitable.
  • You feed the puppy food from the table.
    Food that is tasty and healthy for people is sometimes dangerous for dogs. If you treat a pet, then let it be special dog treats. Throw food on the floor, allow to sit at the table with the owners is unacceptable!
  • You changed the house.
    Traveling and moving are great events, but changing the environment becomes stressful for the pet. This phenomenon is temporary. The puppy will get used to the new living conditions, and the appetite will return.

How to change the food brand correctly

Speaking of the wrong food, you should elaborate on the rules for changing it.
Don’t replace too often for two reasons:

  • First, this way you will confuse the baby, and he will always expect something new. This is fraught with even more finesse.
  • Secondly, a serious consequence of mindless food changes is digestive problems in the pet. If you do not pay attention, there is a risk of developing gastrointestinal diseases.

The correct transition is made gradually, over 5-10 days. Gradually remove part of the old portion from the volume of the usual portion and mix in the new food. So the baby will not declare a hungry protest, noticing unusual food in the bowl.

When changing wet food to dry, add water to the bowl.

Correcting your eating behavior

If it’s not exactly the food, there are no other objective reasons for fastidiousness in food, then correction of eating behavior is required. But you can’t experiment with small puppies like that!

Remember, if the pet refused food, then you can not give a treat instead. Do not feel sorry for your pet and do not think that you need to feed it at least something. The dog will take into account that refusing to eat will allow you to eat delicious food. Choosing the right food will be even more difficult.

Experienced breeders offer puppies owners of maleic effective method of correction of eating behavior.

If the baby has not eaten, then remove the bowl without words. Here it is important to be patient and not feed until the next meal according to the schedule, in 4-6 hours.

If the dog does not eat the entire portion or ignores the food, follow the scheme:

  1. Remember how much of the portion was left uneaten.
  2. In the subsequent feeding, do not increase the portion, but on the contrary, give half of what you have eaten. Half of the new portion is eaten – reduce it by half again.
  3. When the puppy cleans the bowl and asks for a Supplement, then show that you will have to wait for the next feeding.
  4. In the next feeding back increase the portion twice. If the double portion is completely eaten, then increase further.
  5. The ideal result is that the puppy eats its usual portion without whims.

If the correction fails, and the baby is naughty again, leaving part of the portion in the bowl, then go back to the beginning. Remove the bowl and reduce the portions from the next feeding. The bowl should be removed so that the baby does not get used to the availability of food in the public domain. Otherwise, another problem threatens – when the appetite becomes good, obesity may develop.

You must be tough and not feed treats if the puppy does not eat the proper food. Experienced dog breeders know that it is better to underfeed a pet than to overfeed it. Even in the most extreme case, the dog can go hungry for a day, as long as there is open access to water. And it is better to carefully monitor the eating behavior of crumbs. Be patient to adjust it if necessary. Only by getting the necessary nutrients, it will grow and develop well.