Wardrobe for small dogs: What things do they need?


Little dogs dressed in overalls and Popenko look funny. However, clothing is not bought for beauty, but for functionality. The owner of a tiny four-legged friend can choose whatever they like, but it is better to learn how to optimally form a wardrobe.

Why do dogs need clothes?

If large dogs clothing replaces thick and warm wool, then small it is necessary. This is especially true for bald breeds, such as the Chinese crested. Owners of Terriers, Chihuahuas, pugs, dachshunds, Pekingese and other miniature dogs know how important it is to protect your pet in the winter. After all, you need to walk with them every day, and long walks in the cold can adversely affect the health of your pet. Dogs of miniature breeds are especially prone to colds.

Special clothing and shoes will also protect you from slush in the off-season, as well as from dirt and dust. If you go outside without clothes, then a bath after a walk is almost inevitable. And a dressed and shod pet will not suffer from insect bites, and its paws will not be in danger of injury. You can walk in clothes every day, it does not prevent the dog from actively moving and going to the toilet.

What things does a dog need?

Dog clothing stores offer many types of clothing. The most popular among dog breeders are overalls, vests and blankets. In winter, sweaters and warm vests are appropriate, in the off-season, light blankets are suitable. They can be worn as early as the first autumn cold weather and until a steady warmth in the spring. Knitted sweaters with “sleeves” for four paws do not restrict movement and warm well. Models without “sleeves” are combined with warm trousers or worn as an independent item of clothing. In summer, the dog is put on t-shirts and t-shirts, combined with shorts made of light fabric.

Comfortable and practical overalls are universal – there are demi-season and insulated with fur. And special models for rainy days are made of quick – drying material- raincoat or rubberized fabric. In order not to cancel walks in frosty weather, buy a warm jumpsuit with several layers of insulation – so the miniature dog will not freeze and will not catch a cold. It is optimal to buy 1-2 overalls for autumn-spring and winter.

If the dog goes to exhibitions, then choose additionally elegant clothes decorated with rhinestones and sequins. Caring owners of bitches buy dresses with ruffles, ruffles and bows. But these clothes are more beautiful than comfortable.

Shoes and hats

In addition to clothing, a small dog will need shoes. In winter, it will warm your paws, and at the same time protect your skin from the effects of chemicals. In the off-season, boots will protect your pet’s paws from sharp splinters, rocks and branches, and help avoid dust accumulating between your fingers. Buy two or three pairs of boots or boots for winter and spring-autumn. In summer, the dog can wear very light shoes. In cold weather, you can additionally wear socks on your paws, they will not cause calluses. No socks are required for soft shoes.

Shoes for dogs must meet three requirements:

  • to be firmly stitched;
  • have a non-slip sole;
  • don’t get wet.

In cold winter or windy weather, you need a hat. There are different models on sale – both ordinary ones with strings like children’s ones, and hats-helmets. Buy a pair of hats for the cold and warmer weather, and in the summer the dog may need a cap to protect it from the sun. You can buy a cotton or knitted Panama hat.

Selection criteria: size and design

The item should not sit too tight, so as not to restrict movement. An incorrectly selected size can cause the pet to develop an incorrect gait. For small breeds of dogs, you need a size XS, S or M.before buying, take measurements and choose things according to them.

There are models of jumpsuits on sale that will “grow” with the dog – they have straps and zippers that increase the size. And if the dog gains weight and becomes bigger, then the wardrobe will not have to be changed.

A well – sewn item has high-quality stitched seams. If the clothing has a lining, it is desirable that it be satin or fleece. The first option is better for long – haired breeds, and the second- for Pets with short hair.

If you want to buy practical overalls, then buy models with buttons or Velcro to dress and undress your pet easier. And pay attention to the cutouts for the paws – they should be wide enough.

Keep in mind that domestic manufacturers focus on the strength of the product, while foreign manufacturers prefer to make things more decorative.

What things are better to give up

If you want to dress up a four-legged pet, it is better not to get carried away, because the dog should first of all be comfortable in clothes. If she is cramped or just uncomfortable, then it is better not to take such outfits. For everyday wear, it is better to refuse to buy items of clothing:

  • with elastic bands, ties and other decorative elements, especially if the dog has a habit of chewing everything;
  • with a hood, because active dogs will only get in the way of running, falling on their eyes;
  • with zippers, if you have a long-haired pet, so as not to accidentally pinch the fur.

If the clothing is not made of natural fabric, do not take it, so as not to harm the pet and not provoke allergies.

So, make sure that the pet’s wardrobe has overalls for different seasons, if desired – sweaters, pants or suits, as well as shoes. When choosing clothes, focus not on beauty, but on functionality and practicality. Let the dog will be comfortable to wear things bought for her, then walking even in the cold and slush will be a joy!