Veterinary Care For Dogs At Home: Features And Benefits

The illness of your favorite dog makes you immediately postpone all business and seek help from specialists. Fortunately, there is a way to ease the stress a little – you can call a veterinarian at home. Make sure that your phone book contains the number of emergency veterinary services.

Benefits of calling a vet at home

The advantages of calling a doctor for a dog at home are undeniable:

  • the animal is not exposed to stress – it will not go on public transport, contact with animals, or wait for a long time for an appointment in an unusual environment. Thus, the inspection of the house will not cause the dog too much excitement;
  • there is no risk of infection from animals in the clinic – this plus follows from the previous one and this is especially important for a sick and weakened pet;
  • a full – fledged appointment-no one will distract the doctor, his attention will be paid to only one patient.

Calling a specialist at home gives advantages to the dog owner as well:

  • save time – no need to spend it on fees, travel and waiting in line;
  • convenience – you can call a doctor at a convenient time;
  • less worries – you don’t have to organize transportation of the animal, worrying about its condition, looking for or buying a muzzle;
  • less worries – the reception at home will not make you nervous because of the pet’s behavior.

What you can and can’t do during a home visit

The most common reason for calling a veterinarian at home is to provide first aid for conditions where the dog is undesirable or impossible to transport to the clinic. However, if the owner wishes, a specialist can perform the following procedures by prior arrangement:

  • vaccination – the first vaccinations should be placed at home, so that the puppy does not come into contact with dogs in the clinic to avoid the risk of catching an infectious disease;
  • castration and sterilization is a quick operation that does not require special sterility, so it can be performed at home;
  • cupping the ears and tail is a simple procedure that requires a minimum of equipment;
  • assistance in childbirth – if the bitch’s labor started unexpectedly, there is no time for transportation to the clinic and you do not want to disturb the animal at this time, then medical care will be provided at home;
  • euthanasia – owners of a terminally ill dog may prefer to say goodbye to it and let it go at home;

It is not always effective to inspect an animal at home. Complex manipulations can only be performed in a clinic. Veterinarians who go to the home of four-legged patients, take with them only the most necessary tools. Sometimes an accurate diagnosis requires sophisticated diagnostic equipment and analysis.

A visit to the clinic is convenient because all the necessary specialists will examine the dog there. Sometimes a veterinarian called to your home can only recommend a consultation with another doctor who specializes in certain diseases. A whole team of doctors will not come to the home of a sick dog.

The owner of the animal can provide all possible assistance to the veterinarian for some manipulations at home. If they are not ready to assist, this makes calling a doctor at home less effective. Aggressive animals that are not afraid to behave as usual on their territory, it is also better to take to the clinic. In an unusual environment, they will behave more appropriately.

When should I call a veterinarian at home

We call an ambulance for severe conditions without waiting for a doctor to see us. The same applies to animals. There are situations when you should not waste a minute!

Inexperienced dog breeders may underestimate the danger of pet malaise. The dog owner should know what situations should alert and become a reason to call a veterinarian:

  • any bleeding – in this case, transportation “on its own” to the clinic is prohibited;
  • paralysis – if you suspect a spinal fracture after an injury, you can not move or move the dog, so as not to worsen the situation. The only way out is to wait until the doctor arrives at your home;
  • convulsions are a sign of poisoning and traumatic brain injury. A home-called veterinarian will determine the cause of this condition. You can’t transport an animal either;
  • loss of consciousness – you can not take a dog in a faint to the clinic, entrust first aid to a veterinarian at home;
  • choking – shortness of breath, severe anxiety of the dog, blue tongue – these are dangerous symptoms.

Other signs of the disease are often underestimated, but they require immediate consultation with a specialist at home:

  • high fever;
  • vomiting and diarrhea with blood, bile, white foam.

Memo for calling a veterinarian

Decide on a veterinary clinic as soon as you have a dog. Take a business card with the phone number of the veterinarian to call home. It is best if the clinic is open around the clock. Try to get to one doctor who will be able to observe the pet, having full information about it. The longer the doctor is familiar with your dog, the more effective it will help, unlike the specialist to whom you get for the first time.

After making a call to the vet, remember everything that matters in the situation with a sick dog:

  • describe in detail what happened;
  • when did the first symptoms appear;
  • what could have triggered the painful condition.

Do not try to self-medicate, so as not to harm the dog. Do not give medicines on the advice of other dog breeders. All appointments will be made by the veterinarian upon arrival. Even if you have a veterinary education, limit yourself to providing first aid.

The service of calling a veterinarian at home will cost the dog owner a certain amount. But this is a fee for comfort and speed of service. A specialist who came to the call may not always be able to help – sometimes you will need to be admitted to a hospital. A competent veterinarian will quickly make a diagnosis and tell you about further actions or recommend a narrow-profile specialist. Attention to the dog’s well-being will allow it to live for many years.