Traces and Odors of Cat Puddles And Marks: How to Remove It

Cats are able to deliver a lot of positive emotions to their owners with their cozy purring, loyalty and good nature, but there is one “but” — they are leveled by the animal’s instinct to mark its territory, leaving stinking puddles on the fluffy carpet, on clothes and shoes. It is extremely difficult to get rid of the smell of “marks” of cats. The fact is that conventional detergents, even the most expensive and advertised, can not get rid of it, you need heavy artillery – a mix of folk recipes and chemicals.

When used correctly, they give excellent results, especially if they are supplemented with psychotherapy sessions for a pet – strict scaring with weaning, as well as castration and sterilization. Cardinal methods will save your home from stinking puddles and marks, but they are suitable only for those who are satisfied with an easy-going and calm companion, which after the operation will turn your tailed bully.

What is absolutely impossible to do?

Cat tags are a serious problem faced by many owners of domestic non – castrated cats and non-sterilized cats, who have a desire to mark the territory laid down by nature itself. If you catch your pet in the “scene of a crime”, it is strongly recommended not to poke its face into a newly made puddle, and even more so you can not beat the animal. This will cause the cat unnecessary aggression and fear, but will not help solve the existing problem.

You don’t need to try to mask the smell left after the cat’s “tag” with deodorants or air fresheners, because then it will come back again. To eliminate the unpleasant “aroma” of acid from the cat’s urine, it is necessary to split the uric acid crystals, which can only be done with the help of special tools. They do not dissolve in water and alcohol.

It is strictly not recommended to use bleach and chlorine-containing drugs for washing cat tags. In neutralizing the smell, they will not help, and your pet’s sense of smell can seriously harm.

Five options for effective folk remedies

People keep cats and cats since time immemorial, and therefore have long been taught to deal with the unpleasant smell that Pets leave when marking their territory. Traces of this will help to eliminate:

  • Solution with household soap. To prepare it, pre-cut soap into pieces should be filled with boiling water. It is enough to lather it, apply it to the smelly spot and wait for about an hour, then rinse thoroughly.
  • Acetic acid. Blot the mark with dry wipes, apply a mixture of vinegar and water to the remaining mark, leave for 30-40 minutes and rinse.
  • Lemon. Cats do not like the natural citrus aroma, so lemon will be a sure way to deal with the tricks of Pets. Wash the smelly spot with a solution of household soap, and then squeeze the juice out of the lemon, dilute it with water and apply to the place of the mark.
  • A solution of iodine. To prepare it, add 20 drops of iodine to a liter of water and soak the resulting solution traces of cat tricks, the unpleasant smell will be eliminated.
  • Soda and hydrogen peroxide. This home remedy quickly and efficiently removes smelly marks. Fill the detected stain with dry soda and let it dry, and in the meantime prepare a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide at a rate of 1:1, add 2-3 drops of dishwashing detergent, stir thoroughly, pour on top of the soda, wait 20 minutes and rinse.

The above folk remedies will help you eliminate the smell of cat marks and puddles from expensive carpets, carpets and other surfaces that your pet used for their “criminal” purposes.

Removing the smell of urine from clothing, shoes, and home textiles

Cats can mark not only floors and carpets, but also other household items. Some mustachioed robbers have a special “love” for the clothes and shoes of their owners. If a cat is in the habit of marking its territory, then stinking traces can be found anywhere. In order to completely eliminate the unpleasant smell of household items, use:

  • wash with household soap;
  • a mixture of lemon juice, water and acetic acid, which is perfect for removing old stains;
  • a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda for cleaning outerwear;
  • alcohol or vodka, diluted with water, for cleaning fur coats and other fur products.

As for shoes in which, for reasons unclear to people, cats like to leave unpleasant puddles, it is recommended to wash old stains from dried cat urine inside with a solution of potassium permanganate, and outside with household soap, and then wipe with lemon juice. To remove fresh traces of cat urine, just one household soap is enough.

Chemistry from pet stores

On the shelves of pet stores you will find a large selection of products designed to remove traces of cat mischief. You can buy:

  • the drug “Brovadez-plus”, sold as a dry powder, it will help you get rid of even persistent and ingrained odors;
  • Nature’s Miracle liquid mix to remove old traces of cat urine;
  • the drug “Odorgon” , etc.

Chemical products will help you quickly get rid of traces of cat urine and return your home clean and fresh.

How do I prevent the appearance of cat tags?

Cat tags, if there is a Mature cat or cat in the house, it is difficult to prevent, but it is possible. To do this, you need to take the advice of professional zoopsychologists, who recommend:

  • keep the tray clean, but do not wash it with chlorine-containing products;
  • monitor the cat’s behavior if new furniture has appeared in the house or guests have come, because all this may be perceived as hostile and provoke bad behavior;
  • do not forget to feed the tailed pet, leave him water, pay attention, stroke and entertain, so that he does not feel alone;
  • to monitor the health of the cat, to prevent cystitis and intestinal disorders;
  • during sexual activity of a tailed pet, let it out on the street to satisfy natural instincts, or use special drugs that extinguish the cat’s libido.

To train the cat to hygiene, in the places that he chose to relieve himself, you can place repellent substances with a strong smell, for example – cinnamon, dried Basil, lemon juice, etc., or use special veterinary tools.

The procedure for cleaning

All owners of tailed Pets should learn how to properly eliminate their tricks, leaving behind fetid odors:

  • wipe the puddle dry with paper napkins;
  • wash the stain with cleaning agent;
  • wipe the “marked” place with lemon juice or acetic acid to completely eliminate the “flavors” that are sure to attract it again.

Puddles and marks left by cats in the room should be removed without delay. In order to protect your home from the appearance of persistent cat scents and save yourself from the need to regularly eliminate puddles and piles, it is recommended to castrate or sterilize your pet in a timely manner. And keep in mind that this behavior of a cat can provoke various diseases, age-related features, tail injuries, and genitourinary infections. If your pet for no apparent reason began to put tags in the house or leave puddles, show the animal to the veterinarian to exclude developing pathologies.