The Most Famous Dogs in the World

For a long time, dogs have helped people in a wide variety of fields of activity. Four-legged friends were able to learn many interesting “professions” and help people in difficult situations. From this article you can learn about the five most famous dogs in the world.

Little cosmonauts

Perhaps the most famous mongrel dogs are Belka and Strelka. Four-legged brave Pets became famous for traveling into outer space. They spent 24 hours in orbit and circled the globe 17 times.

But before going on a long journey, the dogs were carefully prepared. Like human cosmonauts, Belka and Strelka were taught to Withstand high loads, fed special food, and kept in a confined space. When the dogs overcame all the set tests, they were accepted into the team, but as a reserve team.

The first quadrupeds to go into space were a gull and a Fox. Unfortunately, the rocket never entered orbit.

After the failed flight of the first pair of dogs, a Squirrel and an Arrow flew into space and conquered orbit in August 1960. After landing, the dogs continued their service at the Aviation Institute.

Commissioner Rex on the force

Many people know the German shepherd Commissioner Rex from detective series. This is a real TV star of detective movies. The dog named BJ started his career in the nineties. At the age of one and a half years, the four-legged pet was auditioned for the role of an assistant detective. More than forty different dogs applied for this role, but the BJ was chosen because he was well-bred and trained by dog handlers from Germany.

Training for several hours every day, BJ learned about thirty commands. The most famous trick was the moment of stealing a ham sandwich. In almost every detective series, Commissioner Rex got his own tidbit.

From 1994 to 1998, the dog faithfully and faithfully performed his acting role, receiving $ 15,000 for each new episode. Having grown old, BJ retired, but still remained the most affluent dog not only in the United States, but also around the world.

Akita-inu is a loyal friend

In third place in the rating of famous dogs is the faithful Hachiko. This amazing dog has lived almost all his life waiting. Its owner, Professor Hidesaburo Ueno, died suddenly of a stroke.

Before his death, Ueno went to work with Hachiko in the morning. On the way to the subway, Hachiko lagged behind and returned to the station only after lunch, just at the time when the Professor arrived. But at the end of may 1925, Hidesaburo did not return from work. A one-and-a-half-year-old dog of the Akita inu breed waited for the owner until late in the evening. Hachiko spent the night on the porch, hoping for the Professor’s arrival. In the morning, as usual, the dog went to the subway and waited for the owner until late at night. Every day, week after week, Hachiko ran to Shibuya station and waited patiently.

Thanks to the journalist, this sad story became known not only in Japan, but also around the world. In early 1932, a newspaper employee became interested in a strange dog that he often saw at the metro station. After interviewing street vendors, the journalist learned the sad story of Akita inu and wrote an article that moved the Japanese to tears.

Subsequently, a bronze monument was erected near the Shibuya metro station during the life of the faithful dog. The four-legged pet waited ten years for Ueno and died on the way to the subway in 1935.

The Rescuer Of The Bolto

A husky dog named Bolto became famous all over the world for his bravery, bravery and endurance. The story began with the city of Noum, which is located in Alaska. A diphtheria epidemic broke out in the town and residents urgently needed a life-saving vaccine. But bad weather conditions did not allow specialists to deliver the antidote by plane. The rescue team decided to go from the railway station to the city on a dog sled, they had to overcome about 900 km. Husky dogs harnessed to teams were supposed to deliver the vaccine to the site of the epidemic.

Gunnar Kaasen became the main guide on the penultimate stage. It was in his team that the brave Bolto ran. It was late at night when Gunnar arrived at the place where the teams were changing, and the journey was difficult and dangerous. In order not to lose time, it was decided to go on the road without changing the dogs. The team went only a couple of kilometers and got into a terrible snowstorm. According to Gunnar, visibility was no more than an arm’s length away. In such weather conditions, the probability of losing your way or falling into a ravine was huge, but the hardy dog Bolto and his brothers showed themselves bravely and came to the city of Noum, despite the Blizzard and bad weather. A dog sled went 100 km in 7.5 hours and delivered medicine to the sick, thereby stopping the epidemic.

Bolto was one of the many rescue dogs that helped many human lives. It has become a living symbol of endurance, will and determination. A monument was erected in honor of Bolto in new York.

A customs officer – a true Leo

The honest customs officer in Holland became famous all over the world for his zeal and professionalism in his work. For nine years (as a rule, the customs service is slightly smaller) Leo worked at Amsterdam airport and helped the police track down drug offenders.

He helped airport employees detain more than three hundred people who were illegally transporting prohibited drugs. In suitcases, bundles, crates, carry-on bags and backpacks, Leo found a total of more than three tons of hashish, one ton of marijuana grass, about 27 kg of heroin and 17 kg of cocaine. All detained drugs were either destroyed or transferred to pharmaceutical companies for the production of medicines. It is difficult to imagine the total cost of the detained substances, but it is definitely not one dozen million dollars.

For his unique service, Leo received an award and a place of honor in the Guinness book of World records. After “retiring”, Leo spent the rest of his days in a special elite hotel for elderly dogs.

Pavlov’s Dog

In St. Petersburg, on the territory of the Scientific research Institute of medicine, there is a monument to a dog. It was installed in honor of all four-legged animals that took part in scientific medical experiments. The bronze sculpture was nicknamed Pavlov’s dog.

The great researcher Pavlov Ivan Petrovich made a huge contribution to scientific medical research. Conducting work, experiments and experiments with dogs, he proved that shaggy Pets have the ability to form new reflexes. For his contribution to science, Ivan Petrovich was awarded the Nobel prize, the most honorable award in the world.

Thanks to research data conducted on dogs, many human lives were saved.

All these dogs have dedicated their lives to serving people. Gratuitously and faithfully loving their owners, four-legged friends set an example of bravery and loyalty, becoming the most famous dogs in the world.