The Dog Marks The House: Reasons and To-Do List

The desire of a four-legged pet to mark its territory causes the owners a lot of problems. It is necessary to regularly eliminate bad-smelling traces, perform labor-intensive work. These manipulations do not pass without a trace, the aesthetic properties of furniture and finishes deteriorate. In addition, such indecent behavior of a beloved dog causes confusion and irritation. You need to understand the reason for your actions, find a way to deal with the unpleasant fact.

Reasons for the appearance of dog tags in the house

Immediately you need to take into account that the dog does not always pee at home in order to mark the territory. In puppies under six months of age, the bladder muscles are insufficiently developed. They are physiologically unable to restrain the urge to urinate from walk to walk. Urinary incontinence can also occur in adult dogs due to diseases. This may be a consequence of stress, spinal injuries in the lumbar region. This symptom is often accompanied by: cystitis and diabetes, kidney failure, etc.

You will have to see unpleasant traces of urination in the apartment if you do not walk for a long time. The dog must go outside at least 2 times a day. Moreover, the duration of walks should provide the pet with enough time for active movements and complete emptying of the bladder.

A dog can intentionally mark a territory for various reasons. Before placing a mark, the dog carefully sniffs the selected surface. This behavior of the pet can have different goals. If a healthy pet that is regularly walked gets wet corners, beds, sofas, shoes, you should find out the reason. If the dog started marking the territory, it:

  • the smell of urine encourages individuals of the opposite sex during sexual hunting;
  • she wants to prove her supremacy, to show that everything is her property;
  • takes revenge for insults, punishments;
  • it protects their possessions from outsiders.

If a pet is treated harshly, yelled at, or physically punished, leaving marks in the apartment is a kind of revenge. Sometimes the dog does not tolerate strangers, in this way it tries to protect the home. It marks shoes or the furniture after the arrival of the guests.

Dog tags in the period of sexual hunting

You can’t ignore this behavior of your pet. The type of measures depends on the reasons why the dog started leaving marks. Most often, owners face this problem during periods of sexual hunting. Castration helps to eliminate it. If mating, procreation is not included in the plans, it is worth performing such an operation so as not to worry about possible tags. It should be noted that the hormonal background of the dog will change within 2-4 months. At this time, the pet may continue to leave unpleasant traces. But it will stop naturally.

If the neutered dog continues to mark the apartment and six months after the operation, you need to take educational measures, scold him, pointing to a fresh mark, send him to the couch, make him stay in place for a while. Pet owners need to know: regardless of the reasons for leaving marks, you can not beat the dog for this. This will make the dog angry. In the absence of owners, he will take revenge.

Pet stores have special tools that can be used during sexual hunting of dogs. Drugs “Sex Barrier”, EX 5 and 7.5, “Four with a tail”, etc. They are designed to correct behavior. But before you give your pet these funds, you need to consult with a veterinarian. They have side effects and contraindications.

Popular ways to deal with dog tags

There are several ways to deal with tagging:

  • processing of “favorite” places;
  • active walks;
  • installing a food bowl in the placemark location;
  • isolation;
  • the use of diapers.

Places marked with a pet should be thoroughly washed. In order to eliminate the dog’s desire to urinate again in these areas, you can use products with strong odors that it does not tolerate. This can be tobacco with hot red pepper, citrus essential oils, etc. You can not use vinegar, ammonia, or chlorine in processing. For the olfactory organ of dogs, these odors are dangerous. On sale there are sprays designed to treat places with dog tags. On the surface of furniture, floors, walls after washing, you can spray “Smart spray”, “Loyal friend”. However, not all drugs work effectively, you will have to search for a remedy by trial.

Long active walks with Jogging and games can discourage your pet from applying tags in the house. Walking the dog twice a day for an hour will tire the animal and allow it to empty the bladder efficiently. This measure is especially relevant for dogs of large breeds.

The animal does not mark the areas where it takes food. You can put bowls of food and water in the place where the marks constantly appear.

In some cases, the pet has to be isolated, create barriers that do not allow it to move freely around the house. For small dogs, such an insulator can be an ordinary box. For a large dog, you will have to build a small pen made of metal rods.

Some owners buy special belts, panties for laying diapers in the store or make such devices with their own hands. Please note that you will have to change the inserts several times a day. A diaper left on a dog for 8-12 hours can cause dermatitis and other skin diseases.

If leaving marks in the apartment is a pet’s revenge for the insults caused, first of all, you need to establish a relationship with the dog, show it that it is loved. Affectionate conversations and praise, fun games will help.

Urinary incontinence in Pets

The appearance of marks may be a consequence of the disease. If there is no apparent reason for such behavior, are symptoms of deterioration dogs need to visit the vet to determine the cause of urinary incontinence in an animal. This pathology can provoke:

  • infectious diseases;
  • congenital anomaly;
  • excessive fluid intake;
  • a lot of stress.

In most cases, urinary incontinence is a consequence of the disease, the presence of a focus of infection in the urethra, bladder. This pathology is also observed in the formation of stones in the organs of the system. The symptom is also characteristic of oncological diseases, disorders in the functions of the prostate gland, and dislocations of the intervertebral discs. It is impossible to make a diagnosis on your own, you need a full examination in a veterinary clinic.

Urinary incontinence in a dog can be a consequence of a congenital pathology, a weakened sphincter of the bladder. Abnormalities in this organ also appear with age. The musculature loses elasticity, the pet can not restrain the urge. There are breeds of dogs that are predisposed to the appearance of this pathology. These include English shepherds, spaniels, and Dobermans.

Often, urinary incontinence is observed after sterilization, castration. These phenomena are not associated with infection. After normalization of the hormonal background, the problem disappears naturally. In rare cases, the anomaly does not appear immediately, but within 3-5 years after surgery.