The Dog Hunters: How to Protect Your Dog?

Every dog owner knows how serious a threat are the hunters. People who deliberately poison animals explain their activities by clearing the city of stray stray dogs that can carry various diseases that are dangerous to humans. The methods they use are highly questionable and illegal, but it is not always possible to bring them to justice. The task of each owner is to know what to do if your favorite pet suddenly accidentally became a victim of doghunters and swallowed poison.

How does a dog get poisoned?

Doghunters use several different types of poisons for their activities, and depending on the type of substance, the animal either experiences terrible torments before death, or quietly falls asleep. Types of toxic substances:

  1. Isoniazid – death of a dog occurs within 12 hours, while the animal experiences severe pain;
  2. Metoclopramide – as a result of the drug, the animal has paralysis of the lungs, and within a few days without proper treatment, the dog dies;
  3. Digitalis – a slow poison that kills a dog within 10-12 days;
  4. Atropine – affects the psyche, death occurs within 4-5 hours;
  5. Arsenic – the strongest poison, kills a dog in an hour.

To poison an innocent creature, doghunters come up with various ways, for example, mix the poison with minced meat, sausage, bread. Wrap the poison in candy wrappers or cellophane bags. Some disguise the bait as pieces and lumps of dirt, in this case, the vigilant owner may not notice the poison, but the dog can easily swallow the poisoned food.

The hunters use two methods of extermination of dogs, and in this case we are talking not only about the homeless four-footed. The first is poisoned food, and the second is shooting. Of course, the latter case is rare, since members of this community do not want to meet with law enforcement agencies. Therefore, the first method is more common.

Poisoning a dog with poisons can be divided into three ways:

  1. The first and most common type of poisoning – a person just goes to the right object and treats “delicacy”, and it does not matter whether the dog has a master or not;
  2. The second, no less effective way, to throw a stray dog poison in a natural edible shell. In almost 100% of cases, a hungry dog is happy to eat cooked food;
  3. The third method – and the most dangerous: doghunters make bookmarks of toxic substances in different places of accumulation of stray dogs, for example, at garages, garbage cans, in a landfill, in a Park and in places of accumulation of dog walking.

Owners of their favorite Pets need to be extremely careful to prevent serious consequences. Vigilance and care of the owner will save the dog’s life.

How to protect your pet from deadly poisons?

Dog handlers warn: to protect your dog from doghunters, you need tough training. A trained dog in most cases will not lick and swallow other people’s “treats”on the street. But sometimes even a well-trained and calm pet can accidentally eat the poison.

To prevent this from happening, you should follow these simple rules:

  • When walking, put a muzzle on the dog, so this will guarantee safety not only for others, but also for the dog itself;
  • Always pay attention to people walking and feeding dogs in public areas;
  • Do not let the dog off the leash, do not allow to rummage in the trash and eat foreign objects from the ground. If you still let the dog go, keep track of its movements. Pay attention to what she takes in her mouth and nibbles;
  • Don’t let strangers feed your pet.

The dog breeder’s home first aid kit should contain the following items:

  • insulin;
  • glucose 5%;
  • different size syringes;
  • solution for injection;
  • harness;
  • vitamin B6 (ampoule);
  • vikasol – 2 ampoules;
  • Heptral – 2-3 ampoules;
  • enterosgel;
  • sulfokamfokain (USD).

Signs of poisoning in a dog

So, what to do if the dog still swallowed the poison? First of all, you should not panic. Determine poisoning in a dog can be based on the following signs:

  • loss of coordination;
  • a shaky, uneven gait;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • cramps;
  • a shiver throughout my body.

The above symptoms can be caused by other diseases, so be careful and attentive.

If possible, immediately go to the veterinary clinic, do not expect that the dog will get better or worse. After losing a few minutes, the pet can not be saved.

What should I do if the dog swallowed the poison?

If the dog is poisoned, and there is no way to get to the veterinary clinic for any reason, then independently carry out rescue measures:

  1. Put an intramuscular injection of pyridoxine (ampoule with vitamin B6);
  2. To stop internal bleeding, put 1-2 vials of Vikasol;
  3. To improve the performance of the heart enter the subcutaneous injection of Sulfokamfokain;
  4. For the normalization of the liver function Heptral inject intramuscularly. This drug can be used for another week;
  5. It is necessary to induce vomiting. You can dissolve two small teaspoons of salt in a glass of warm water and give the solution to the dog, or make the pet swallow a piece of baking soda. But the best way to induce vomiting is to dissolve 1.5 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide in 1.5 tablespoons of warm, clean water. This calculation is for every 4-4. 5 kg of dog weight;
  6. Give your pet a large spoonful of enterosgel. To make the dog swallow faster, fill the syringe with water and pour it into the mouth, thereby triggering the swallowing reflex;
  7. If you know how to put a dropper, put Fingerlock.

After all the above manipulations, take the animal to the veterinary clinic. The attending doctor will prescribe treatment, and the dog will recover as soon as possible. The most important thing is to follow the doctor’s requirements and continue the course of treatment.

By following the above measures and keeping an eye on your pet, you can avoid dangerous accidents. Well, if every responsible dog breeder will pay attention to foreign objects in places where dogs walk and gather, then there will be fewer accidents.