Tangles in The Dog: Causes and Removing

Almost every owner of a long-haired dog is familiar with the problem of wool entanglement. The resulting tangles not only look unnatural, but also cause inconvenience to the animal itself. In some cases, tangles can cause pain. Therefore, the task of the owner is to know the causes of tangles, carry out timely prevention and be able to properly comb your favorite pet. You will get answers to these questions from the article.

Causes of tangles

Tangles are called piled in a single lump of hair in dogs and cats. The appearance of tangles is most typical for long-haired and medium-haired breeds. Such lumps can form all over the animal’s body.

As a rule, the hair of dogs gets knocked into lumps with insufficient or improper care of the animal. If the owners rarely bathe the pet, the coat becomes greasy and greasy, it accumulates dust and dirt. This leads to confusion.

However, often tangles appear even in those Pets that the owners wash regularly and often. The fact is that there are also many other reasons for the formation of wool lumps. Let’s look at each of them in more detail.

Natural churning of wool

In long-haired and medium-haired dogs, the hair gets tangled naturally without combing.

Burrs and thorns

During street walks, especially if you are walking with your pet in the forest or in the field, thorns and burrs cling to the animal’s fur and tangle it.
For many dogs, such walks can be a real problem! It is very difficult to pull out the spines, and in some cases it is also painful for the pet. Therefore, when going for a walk in nature, it is worth remembering this and regularly inspect the animal to quickly remove burrs from the pet’s fur. You can also wear a special protective coverall on your dog.

Tangles from dog clothing

There are cases when uncomfortable clothes come into contact with the wool and dump it. If you encounter such a problem, change or change your clothes.

Tangles, as a result of health problems or parasites

As a result of a disease, an unbalanced diet, or infection with helminths and parasites, the body’s metabolism changes. As a result, the hair structure is disturbed. Therefore, in sick and weakened dogs, the coat can become dry and brittle. And because of changes in the integrity of the cuticles, the hair may begin to tangle with each other. If you notice that your dog has this particular reason for the formation of tangles, then contact a veterinary clinic as soon as possible.

Deterioration of the coat condition in a pregnant female

During pregnancy, the body is subject to significant changes. In many individuals, the condition of the coat worsens at this time. At the same time, the owners try not to disturb or unnerve the expectant mother once again – they reduce the number of water and cosmetic procedures. In order to avoid problems with hair in pregnant dogs, a balanced diet and timely care are required. You can also additionally cut the animal shorter so that the hair does not fall off.

Improper dog washing

Many inexperienced dog breeders lather and wash the dirt from the pet too intensively. As a result, the hairs are tangled, tangles appear. The use of special detergents and careful soaping will help solve the problem.

Improper brushing

Some owners comb the animal with a regular human hairbrush. In this case, the length of the teeth is only enough to tidy up the upper hairline. The undercoat remains intact and becomes lumpy. This is a common and common cause of tangles. Even professional groomers sometimes can not cope with the consequences of such care and the animal is cut bald.

Methods of disposal

What should I do if my favorite pet’s fur still gets lost in lumps? You need to start with the simplest means. Before you cut off the tangles, try to untangle your hair. A good help in this will be specialized tools that you can buy in a pet store. When choosing, pay attention to which breeds the product is intended for, as well as the brand of the manufacturer. Buy products from well-known manufacturers.

If the purchased product is used for the first time, make sure that the animal does not have an allergic reaction. To do this, apply a small amount of the product to the stomach and see the reaction.

Here are some features of using specialized tools:

  • For combing already tangled wool, a spray from tangles is well suited. The basis of the spray is a special oil that softens and moisturizes the hair, making it easy to comb.
  • For bathing the animal, a special shampoo from tangles is used. Some shampoos aggressively wash out the undercoat and are not suitable for all breeds. When choosing, be sure to check with the sellers whether the selected shampoo is suitable specifically for your pet.
  • After washing, apply conditioner for long-haired dogs. It will make your hair softer and more manageable. After that, be sure to carefully comb the animal. Use a specialized dog comb with teeth of sufficient length.

With timely and accurate care, the fur of a four-legged friend will be beautiful and thick.

Unfortunately, the resulting tangles can not always be removed by brushing alone. In some severe cases, the wool becomes so tangled that the only way to solve the problem is to cut off the tangles.

You can cut tangles both in specialized grooming salons, and at home using a tangle cutter.

Koltunorezy – a device that allows you to cut lumps of matted hair, without causing pain and inconvenience to the animal. The choice of such tools is quite wide. Altonorte are vertical, horizontal and drop-shaped. Depending on the length and type of wool is selected contunies with the correct number and length of blades.
When choosing a model, you should follow the following rules.

  • Small tangles, especially in dangerous areas, are best cut off with a teardrop-shaped tangle cutter. You need to act very carefully so as not to injure your pet.
  • Horizontal models are optimal for medium-haired breeds.
  • Vertical ones are designed for dogs with long hair and eliminate large lumps.

Most importantly, all procedures should be carried out carefully and slowly, so as not to cause pain to the pet. In the most severe cases, it is best to contact a professional groomer.


The best preventive measure for the formation of wool pellets is regular bathing of your pet. The animal should be combed daily, and in cases with long – haired breeds-twice a day. After water treatments, the wool should be dried with a hair dryer, while combing the hair well with combs and brushes suitable for your animal.

To achieve the best effect, it is necessary to use specialized anti-coltoid agents.

In addition, it is important to monitor the health of the animal: feed it correctly and in a balanced way, carry out prevention from helminths and parasites, and make routine examinations at the veterinarian.

Following all the rules of care, your pet will have good health and beautiful hair!