Strange Habits In Dogs: Howling, Tail Chasing And More

Many dog breeders notice that their Pets often behave unpredictably, funny, and in some cases – very strange. And although many habits seem useless and meaningless to us humans, most of them have a reasonable explanation. In this article, we will look at 7 of the most unusual dog habits.

Chasing your own tail

Probably, every dog breeder has seen a cute sight, as a young dog, seeing its own tail, begins to spin and try to catch up with it. Watch such races are especially popular with the children!

Why does an animal do this? If the dog is still young, then due to inexperience, it simply does not realize that the tail is a part of its body. Someone else is nearby and trying to escape – urgently need to catch up!

If a person decides to fix this behavior, then in the future the pet can run after the tail and just on command. Also, a pet can spin behind its tail in cases when it gets bored or wants to walk. Similarly, the animal tries to focus the owner’s attention on itself.

Another possible reason for chasing the tail is the presence of a skin disease or parasites on the coat. The dog feels discomfort due to itching and tries to get rid of the painful sensations in any way. This behavior affects animals at any age. In such cases, you should immediately contact a veterinary clinic for qualified help.

A dog howling

The mournful, monotonous howl of a dog can cause a lot of trouble to the owner, since howling is one of the most exciting sounds for a person. Since ancient times, there are legends and omens that dog howling portends trouble in the family.

If you look at the question from a scientific point of view, there is nothing terrible about dog howling, because it is just an evolutionary feature of canids. In the wild, wolves use howling as a means of communication between pack members.

They use long-drawn beeps to tell you what territory they are currently in or where they have found their prey. The howl is also used to warn other flocks of occupied territory.

Most domestic dogs have lost this evolutionary trait, although sometimes the owner can still hear unpleasant sounds from the pet. A dog may start howling for various reasons: from boredom, to attract attention, because of discomfort or poor health, and in certain cases – as a manifestation of joy.

There is even an opinion that animals enjoy making such long sounds.

Riding on the back of the floor

Sometimes Pets sit down on their hind legs and begin to make movements that resemble riding. Inexperienced dog breeders believe that in this way the animal performs hygiene procedures, using the floor covering as toilet paper. In fact, this behavior has nothing to do with hygiene. Animals use completely different methods to keep their bodies clean.

Riding on the back of the floor often indicates some problems in the body. Perhaps the dog feels itching and irritation of the anus and, sitting down, tries to get rid of the discomfort. If you notice similar habits in a four-legged friend, you should conduct deworming and examination of the digestive system in a veterinary clinic.

Funny head tilt

Most dogs have a habit of turning and tilting their muzzle when they hear a strange and unusual sound. It looks extremely cute and funny. This habit can be compared to the interrogative intonation: “What did you say?»

There is an explanation for this behavior. The pet turns its head in order to concentrate and better hear and understand the sound signal. The younger the dog, the more unfamiliar sounds there are for it. And the more often it will turn and tilt the muzzle, trying to make out your intentions.

Circles before going to sleep

Sometimes dog lovers notice that their Pets, before going to bed or lying down in a bed, walk in a circle.

This behavior is of an evolutionary nature. The ancestors of domestic dogs, before lying down on the grass, trampled the surface. This made the place of rest and overnight stay softer, more comfortable and more convenient. In addition, the sound of vibrations transmitted on the ground, repelled poisonous snakes and insects, which made the bed safer.

Today, in the comfort of home living, the need for such behavior has disappeared. But in some dogs, the natural instinct continues to work. That’s why they perform such rituals. This helps you calm down and tune in to sleep.

Turning on your back

Another special habit of dogs is turning over in front of a person on his back. Inexperienced in training people think that the animal in this peculiar way offers a person to scratch his stomach. Sometimes Pets do lie down on their backs to play and soak up the sun.

But in most cases, turning on your back means not playing, but submitting to the master. The belly is considered one of the most vulnerable places in animals that needs protection. By lying on the floor, the animal shows that it trusts the person and accepts their dominant role.

Petting and stroking the belly at the same time gives pleasure to the dog, and the behavior itself is fixed.

Barking at your own mirror image

In rooms where there are large mirrors, puppies often start barking aggressively at their own reflection. Many people find this funny and unusual. But there is nothing special about this behavior either. The fact is that young dogs do not yet know how to distinguish their reflection from the reflection of other puppies. When they see a “foreign” dog in the mirror, they begin to protect their territory, protect the house.

Even after a few years, dogs don’t realize that they are in the mirror. They only learn to ignore their own reflection. Few animals can identify with a mirror image.

As you can see, most of the “strange” dog habits for people are not really unusual. Most of the habits have an innate, instinctive nature. Therefore, you should not fight with them, and even more so – be afraid. Every owner of a four – legged friend needs to remember that his pet is first of all an animal!