Siamese Cat Breed: Character, Caring and Features

Blue eyes of the Siamese cat conquer both children and adults. If you want their owner to live at your home – find out how to properly support Siamese. Having provided your pet with proper care, you will enjoy her company for many years.

Character of the Siamese cat

There is a popular opinion that Siamese cats are evil. In fact, the character of an animal is formed by its owner. How you will raise your ward – so it will grow. If a kitten from the first days grows up in a calm atmosphere and feels the love of “their” people, then it will not grow up evil. However, these cats are vindictive and do not forgive humiliations, so they can be aggressive.

Another unpleasant feature of the Siamese is their waywardness and stubbornness. You are unlikely to force a Siamese to do anything against her will. She, in turn, will definitely achieve what she wants. If the Siamese cat is dissatisfied with something, it will Express it with a loud howl.

Siamese cats do not tolerate loneliness. They need to pay a lot of attention, because this breed is suitable for active and sociable people who are not too busy at work. If the cat will always be alone – it is better not to start it. The animal will suffer, apathy will appear. A Siamese cat will get along well with another cat or dog in the house. But you must pay enough attention to her to avoid jealousy.

Siamese can easily make friends with children by becoming a companion for their games. the main thing is to explain to the child how to properly handle the cat, so as not to cause it pain. Otherwise, the cat will quickly remind you that it is not a toy, but an animal with claws and teeth.

Having a Siamese cat, you get a smart and loyal animal. They are very attached to their owners, they need not only attention, but also love. Siamese are so smart that they can perform simple commands. You can walk with them on a leash and even train them a little.

Caring for a cat

It is not difficult to take care of representatives of this breed. Their short coat will not cause you any trouble. The Siamese themselves are very clean. You only need to control the cleanliness of the cat’s body. You do not need to comb out the Siamese, just a few times a week to process the fur with a massage glove – to collect excess hairs.

Professional care is required only for exhibition items. It is important for them to keep their ears, teeth, claws, and eyes in perfect condition. Home care for your pet will be reduced to simple procedures:

  • ears – gently clean them with a cotton swab pre-lubricated with vaseline or special ear cleaning liquid. If you see strange secretions, crusts, or odors, consult your veterinarian;
  • eyes – colorless, odorless discharge is removed with a gauze cloth, moistened in boiled water. Purulent discharge should alert;
  • teeth are cleaned once a week with a special paste. To effectively clean your teeth, buy a special toy for your cat at a pet store;
  • claws – they will be “processed” by a scratching post for natural grinding. For too long ones, use a claw cutter. If you are afraid to file your claws yourself, contact your veterinarian for help.

Siamese cats do not like to swim. Arrange a water treatment if absolutely necessary. So the risk of getting sick after a bath for the animal will be less. If the pet attends cat shows, then bathe at least 1.5 weeks before the show. You can’t blow dry your cat!

Siamese cat nutrition

An adult Siamese cat is fed twice a day. Its diet needs to be enriched with protein – it is necessary for normal growth and development.

70% of the diet should be meat:

  • beef;
  • Turkey;
  • rabbit meat;
  • chicken;
  • lamb;
  • bird (game).

30% of the diet is fish:

  • cod;
  • cod;
  • flounder;
  • tuna;

Include shrimp, egg yolk, offal, sour milk products – sour cream, low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt, as well as butter in the diet of the Siamese cat. Siamese have unusual food preferences, such as mushrooms or nuts. Make sure that their diet consists of allowed healthy foods.

What not to give to a cat:

  • fatty meats – pork, duck;
  • bones;
  • whole milk;
  • legumes;
  • everything salty, smoked, sweet and spices.

Cereals, cereals (barley, corn, rice, oatmeal) and bread are given in limited quantities. Allowed vegetables in boiled form – cabbage, potatoes, fresh cucumbers, sprouted greens.

Siamese cats are capricious, the owners do not always please them the first time. If the pet does not want something, choose the food that she will perceive favorably. Offer food in a crushed porridge-like form. You can mix minced meat and grated vegetables. So that the cunning animal does not choose delicious pieces, chop everything together in a meat grinder. Food should be at room temperature.

Food food if you prefer to feed not straight, but ready-made food, then choose expensive premium food. So the cat will receive all the necessary vitamins and nutrients for its development. Choose food based on the cat’s age, health status, and lifestyle. If the cat does not immediately appreciate it – experiment, offer other brands. But do not mix dry and wet food, as well as products from different manufacturers, in one feeding.

Mixed nutrition veterinarians for Siamese cats do not advise to avoid digestive problems.

Caring features

The main feature of keeping a Siamese cat is the lack of undercoat. Arrange a warm place for your pet to rest. This is especially important if the room is cold. The temperature should be at least 25 degrees. Protect siamka from drafts, so as not to catch a cold.

The cat’s cleanliness extends to its tray and bowls for food and water. Get ready to wash them regularly. In a dirty tray, the cat refuses to go and prefers to do their business by. Bowls should be placed as far away from the toilet as possible in a secluded place.

Do Siamese cats need to walk outside the house? Representatives of this breed feel great in a confined space of a city apartment. Therefore, you should not let your pet out. But so that it does not destroy everything around, which Siamese have a tendency to, hide all important items. Let the animal release the energy at the games with you and have fun with your toys that you will buy. If there are two Siamese cats, they will get along well together, they will not be lonely.

Choosing a Siamese cat, you get a good friend with an almost canine character. The main thing is to constantly pay attention to it and then your relationship will develop perfectly.