Sharpey: Features Of The Breed And Proper Care

Researchers call China the birthplace of sharpies. During the excavations of ancient tombs, archaeologists found many clay figures of a dog with characteristic features of the breed — numerous folds on the body and a frowning, as if offended muzzle. The findings led to the conclusion that the rock is about three thousand years old.

But there is no consensus on the origin of the sharpei. With equal confidence, some scientists claim that the sharpei descended from ancient mastiffs, while others – from the smooth-haired variety of Chow-Chow. In Ancient China, the Shar Pei was used as a hunting, guard and even fight the rock.

Characteristic of the breed

Dogs of this breed are up to half a meter tall and weigh up to 25 kilograms. They live up to 12 – 15 years. The skin on their body forms numerous deep folds. They are concentrated mainly on the withers, on the frontal part of the head, and near the base of the tail. Language – unusual, dark purpleor blue-black color.

Wool – short and hard, without undercoat, its color is diverse, although the name of the breed is translated from Chinese as “sand wool”. In fact, there are 14 types of color, and among them the most popular colors:

  • black,
  • blue (quoted especially high),
  • Isabella (pink-mother-of-pearl),
  • sable (wool at the base is light, at the ends – dark),
  • cream (the lightest).

Unlike dogs of other breeds, the shape of the Shar – Pei’s head is similar to that of a hippopotamus-both in its shape and in how proportionally large it is in relation to the body. The shape of the eyes is almond – shaped, but they still need to be clearly seen, because the dog seems to be frowning all the time – this is the standard of the breed. The tips of small ears hang down. Paws are strong, widely spaced. The tail is set high. The body is muscular.

Character traits

The biggest misconception is to think of a Shar Pei as a big plush toy and treat it accordingly. This is a serious dog (remember that the Chinese developed its fighting qualities), sometimes aggressive towards people it does not know, or to some other animals. She is friendly to children, if only the children grew up with her in the same family, in front of her eyes.

These dogs are highly intelligent, catch nuances in the mood of their owners, understand them and, surprisingly, make their own decisions based on the information received. In General, the owners are very fond of, loyal to them and may even feel a sense of jealousy.

However, what characterizes not all four-legged friends, sharpey is unobtrusive: during the return of the owners from work, he will not jump like a small one, make a puddle or offer toys for General entertainment.

They are not very easy to train, because they consider themselves leadersand love independence.

The nature of this dog will not allow it to bark for no reason, as it often happens with representatives of other breeds. For example, if a stranger just passes by, sharpey will only follow them with his eyes. If a stranger tries to open the gate and get inside, the sharpey will bark until the concerned owner comes out to investigate the situation.

The characteristic of this breed is that the sharpei is not advised to get a person if he himself:

  • not a leader by nature,
  • afraid of dogs,
  • I’ve never had a pet before,
  • does not have time for training with a new pet.

And another important note: it is unacceptable that one of the owners was strict with sharpey, and the other (for example, the wife) – too soft. This disorientates the dog, which is important to distinguish who is in charge of the house, and for whom he, sharpey, can become a leader.

The choice of a puppy

If it doesn’t matter to you who to take – a boy or a girl, be guided by these signs: girls are easy – going and affectionate, boys are bold and energetic, but very often they are stubborn. The age of the puppy when buying – from one and a half to two months. The baby should look cheerful and active.

How much does this purchase cost? From fifteen to twenty thousand rubles. If the amount requested for a puppy is too small, this is a reason to be wary. It is best to deal with a reputable breeder and get all the necessary documents from him.

Sharpey care

One of the most difficult moments is swimming. Sharpey takes care of his “fur coat” and “cap” as an unpleasant test. The fact is that during bathing, there is a great danger of water getting into the pet’s ears. Its auditory channels are very thin, and if water gets inside – the dog, and therefore its owner is waiting for big problems, there is a high probability of ear infections. Therefore, before water procedures (and they still need to be done, about once a month), the dog is plugged with cotton swabs.

Shampoo is always used “dog”, some others can provoke skin irritation. Thoroughly wash the shampoo from all the numerous folds, RUB with a brush to comb out the dead hair. To speed up the drying process, dry the wool both behind the ears and in the folds. By the way, the ears themselves should be cleaned with a cotton swab, slightly dipping it in vaseline oil.

Comb the wool from one to three times during the week. You need a rubber brush with short teeth.

The contents in the house of a Sharpe will require it the owner of the skills of the manicurists. Pruning the dog’s claws, which grow in representatives of this breed very quickly, you need to be extremely careful. Examine the claw in the light, the vessels inside will be clearly visible. When cutting, it is important not to reach them and not to damage them. Do not use scissors, for this purpose it is necessary to purchase a special claw cutter.


Sharpey’s eyes also require special care. Don’t worry if your pet’s eyes will be slightly festering in the morning. This is a normal story, as long as there are no such problems during the day. But if the dog’s eyes are constantly watering, it’s worth dealing with this.

Most likely, an eyelash got inside the eyelid, remove it with a napkin. If this happens too often with a puppy, it is likely that the eyelid is slightly wrapped (due to innate structural features) and you will need the advice and help of a veterinarian.

By the way, sharpei do not like to be stroked on the head. Do you know why? Representatives of this breed have a very small viewing angle, and your weasel reduces it even more. Hence the unfriendly reaction, and sometimes even malicious.

A healthy lifestyle

For Shar Pei, this means walking (a total of an hour to two a day) and a balanced diet. By the way, the dog does not like to walk in the rain, this is equivalent to bathing for it – the same risk for the ears.

In food, too, caution is required, since among sharpei quite often there are allergies. New food is introduced into the diet carefully, little by little, observing the well-being of the pet. Babies are fed 2-3 times a day, adult dogs – 1-2 times.

The menu should include special ready-made food and vitamins. If you prepare food for your dog yourself, give preference to meat (low-fat), cereals and vegetables. The consistency of food should be thick, but the soup is fraught with disorders of the digestive system. And, of course, under the ban — salty, sweet, pickled, smoked, nuts and fruit with seeds.