Preparing Dogs for Mating: Suitable Age and Cycles

Every loving owner tries to take care of his pet, choose the right diet, walk more and, of course, plans to get healthy offspring sooner or later. But, dreaming of a large offspring, the owners do not always approach the mating correctly. This article will help you understand all the nuances of the preparation stage of the dog before meeting with the dog.

Sexual cycle of a dog

The physiological sexual cycle of a dog is divided into four main stages:

  1. Proestrus. The duration of the period is about 7 days. At this stage, the egg Matures. In addition to the internal adjustment of the body to a possible pregnancy, there are also external signs: the vulva increases its nominal size, and bright mucous secretions appear. The dog’s behavior changes, it becomes more nervous, inattentive to commands, overexcited.Males in this period begin to pursue bitches, flirt with them and take care of them. However, a positive reaction in the female to the male is shown only at the end of the proestrus period.
  2. The estrus. The average duration is 9 days. This period is considered the most favorable for mating male and female. The female’s discharge becomes lighter or with a slight presence of blood. The vulva becomes less edematous. Bitches during this period are actively interested in males, sniff them and choose a favorite. Having chosen a suitable partner, the female takes a mating position, and mating begins.After six days of this period, if the mating has not occurred, the probability of becoming pregnant decreases, because every day the viability of the egg decreases.
  3. Diestrus. The average cycle duration is 60 days. This period occurs after estrus and is characterized by a decrease in sexual arousal and interest of the female in males. The dog becomes more calm and balanced. This period is the most active in the luteal phase.
  4. The anestrus. The average duration of this period is 130 days. The female ovaries are inactive. During the rest period, the female rests, is not interested in males and does not attract them.

At what age do dogs have their first mating?

For the first time, estrus in females begins in the period from 8 to 13 months. There are individuals with earlier signs of puberty and, conversely, with delays of up to 16 months. But the first heat does not mean that the female is ready for intercourse and pregnancy. The final development of tissues and organs in the animal’s body ends after a year. The mental state of the young female also undergoes certain changes, she becomes calm, obedient and more disciplined.

Therefore, mating up to one year is highly undesirable, since it can undermine the physical and psychological health of the bitch. In order for the pregnancy to proceed without pathologies, and the birth was easy, the first mating should be planned at the age of 1.5 to 2 years.

What time is the best time for mating?

Veterinarians and breeders recommend first mating in spring and autumn. The advantages of the spring binding can be attributed:

  • Length of daylight. The sun’s rays help to better absorb vitamin D and calcium, which are involved in the structure of the bone system of developing embryos. And also during a long daylight period females recover faster after childbirth;
  • Food. With the beginning of spring, the content of biologically active compounds in meat and fish products increases. But this applies only to natural nutrition: in the spring, a pregnant female gets more vitamins and nutrients;
  • Protection of newborn puppies from rickets. The summer months are the best natural remedy for rickets. Puppies will spend a long time outdoors, walking and strengthening their shape.

Examination and analysis

Since the result of mating will be pregnancy, it is necessary to take care of the female’s health in advance. It is advisable to pass a preliminary examination and pass tests in a veterinary clinic.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the size and shape of the female. I.e., in an emaciated, thin female, the puppies will not receive full nutrients. And if you are overweight, large puppies can be born, which will lead to certain difficulties during childbirth.

The second point is timely deworming. It is better to conduct it two weeks before the intended mating. During the same period, you can treat the dog and from external parasites.

Another important point is routine vaccination. If the schedule for the dog’s next vaccination coincides with the period of future pregnancy, then it is better to move the schedule a few weeks before the period of estrus. Do not ignore vaccination, because the lack of vaccinations reduces the mother’s immunity.

In addition to the main vaccinations, you can add vaccines against infections and diseases of the genital tract to the vaccination schedule. It can be Chemicon vaccine, which protects four-legged Pets from chlamydia.

List of studies that a female should undergo before mating in a veterinary clinic:

  • Ultrasound (uterus, ovaries) allows you to determine possible tumors, cysts and neoplasms in a timely manner;
  • Samples for brucellosis. This disease is quite difficult to diagnose, and without appropriate laboratory tests it is almost impossible. Brucella bacteria cause changes in the female’s body that lead to miscarriage and the birth of dead puppies;
  • Smear and General blood test. Data from laboratory tests show whether there is an inflammatory process in the body of a young female;
  • X-ray examination. It is performed for repeat-bearing females who have had a caesarean section. The study shows whether there are adhesions in the abdominal area.
    With accelerated tissue regeneration, a kind of “gluing” occurs. These unpleasant consequences can lead to the inability to bear and give birth to puppies, as well as a General decrease in the dog’s standard of living;
  • Determination of progesterone levels in the blood. The hormone level up to 7-9 ng/ml signals that the female is fully ready for mating and fertilization. This analysis is performed in pregnant females before cesarean section to determine readiness for delivery.

Preparatory measures on the day of dog mating

In order for the mating procedure to go well, you should follow some rules and recommendations:

  • on the day of the meeting with the dog, do not overfeed the dog, it is better to give half a portion of the usual daily norm;
  • if you take the female to the male, give the dog a small dose of sedatives 2 hours before the meeting. This will save her from nervousness and fussiness;
  • take your dog for a walk. It is mandatory that an act of defecation occurs;
  • on a hot day, it is best to postpone mating for the morning or evening, until the sun is not so much bakes;
  • there are cases when the female and male do not start mating, although mutual sympathy is present. The problem may be different acidity. To eliminate this disadvantage, experienced breeders recommend that the female be syringed with a weak solution of soda before the meeting;
  • at the first mating in an unfamiliar place, the female will feel nervous and may show aggression, so you should take care of the safety of others in advance. You can put a collar and muzzle on the bitch.

Knowing and following all the above rules and recommendations, you can easily and quickly prepare your favorite dog for mating. A safe, positive first experience will have a great effect on the offspring. The dog, feeling the support and care of the owner, will feel good in any position.