New Year’s Dangers for Dogs and Cats

New year is everyone’s favorite holiday. For fun on new year’s eve, they prepare in advance, invite guests, set a table with all sorts of delicacies, and most importantly, of course, dress up the Christmas tree. And, as a rule, many owners do not realize how many dangers for their Pets lurk in these fun chores. And it doesn’t matter for which Pets, cats, dogs, fish, turtles, birds, rodents, and even flowers suffer in the New year.

Veterinary clinics treat new year’s days as a planned emergency, preparing to treat food poisoning and tobacco smoke, hypothermia, intestinal injuries and other unpleasant things. And these things are very likely, if the owners did not take some simple measures in advance to prevent tragic consequences.

In this article, we tried to briefly describe possible problems and give recommendations on how to make the holiday a holiday for everyone, and not be overshadowed by illness.


The main danger and new year’s enemy number one for cats is the beloved Christmas tree rain and the same metallic tinsel. Long shiny threads of rain cats love to swallow. Hard metallized strips, once in the intestines, can simply cut through it from the inside, causing peritonitis. This is treated exclusively by emergency surgery, and without treatment, the animal simply dies. The only weak “consolation” in this situation is that both the rain and tinsel are clearly visible on x-rays.


If you notice that the tip of a thread of rain sticks out of the cat’s anus, do not pull it. “Rain” can be very long, several meters, and trying to pull it out, you only increase the risk of incision of the intestine. In this case, the cat will not be harmed by vaseline oil, and after that – an emergency call to the veterinarian.

Meanwhile, it is very easy to avoid unpleasant consequences and not bring the matter to x – rays and surgery-it is enough to refuse to use rain on the Christmas tree. If you do not have the strength to completely part with shiny jewelry – fix the tinsel in a place that is obviously inaccessible to the cat. For example, decorate her chandelier. But it’s better to give up the rain altogether. There are also less dangerous ways to make a Christmas tree beautiful and elegant.

By the way, it is also better not to hang glass toys on the Christmas tree, as it is sad. Broken balls, firstly, are dangerous, and secondly, it’s just a pity the toys themselves. There are enough beautiful unbreakable jewelry on sale now – use them.

As for the Christmas tree itself, it is better to put a natural one. If the cat nibbles a couple of twigs, then, in extreme cases, it will vomit needles. Unpleasant, but not very scary. But a cat that has eaten plastic “needles” from an artificial Christmas tree risks earning intestinal obstruction, which is also treated surgically.

Another danger for cats is open Windows and doors. When there are a lot of guests in the house, it becomes stuffy, and someone will certainly open the window, or even the door to the balcony, to ventilate the room. If the window is not taken away by a grid – the cat “just” falls out of the window. In this case, hypothermia is added to the injuries from the fall, if the cat is not immediately missed. If a cat escapes to a glassed – in balcony, there is a high probability that it will be forgotten there, and the cat will again get hypothermia.

If the guests do not smoke in the apartment, most likely they do it either on the balcony, which we just mentioned, or go out to the stairwell. The entrance doors of the apartment are constantly opening and closing, and few people pay attention to the animal. The cat can slip out the door and it’s good if it just sits in the warm entrance until morning. But several noisy companies on different floors can frighten the animal and encourage it to further escape, possibly to the street. To prevent such situations, you can, of course, instruct guests in advance which Windows can be opened and which can not, and urge them to make sure that the front door is closed. But such instructions are very easily forgotten in the heat of celebration.

Therefore, if you do not want to look for a cat on the morning of the first of January, it is better to isolate it from the guests in advance. The ideal option is to allocate her a room in an apartment where guests will not go, put bowls of food and water there, put toys, organize a nest, leave the light on. If there is no separate room, you can at least put the animal in a carrier, provide water, and put it in a remote corner.

From noise, invasion of guests, from forced isolation, the cat will be nervous. It is almost impossible to avoid this, but it is possible to mitigate stress and its consequences. To do this, a week before the holiday, you can start giving the animal a mild sedative, for example.


Dogs, in experience, are less likely to eat a variety of Christmas artifacts, but there are exceptions to any rules. Therefore, if there is a dog in the house, it also makes sense to abandon the rain, tinsel and glass toys.

The dog is unlikely to fall out of the open window, but the dog’s owners are in danger of another. New year’s fireworks and fireworks that start being launched in courtyards a few days before the holidays. All this cannonade can just frighten the animal, and the dog will rush off, spurred on by his fear, not hearing anything and not responding to any commands. Therefore, no matter how banal this truth is, and it is worth repeating it – on pre-holidays and holidays, you should take the dog for a walk on a leash. Even if you have a super-trained animal. Anyone can be scared. And ideally, it would be good to change the usual collar to a harness – it is more difficult to wriggle out of it.

If you are not sure that you will be able to hold the leash in case of a sudden jerk, change the place or time of walking. Take an early walk, because “later” fireworks may end well after midnight. Yes, men, this also applies to you – even if you do not complain about your strength. The suddenness of the jerk and the ice under your feet can overturn the most confident person.

Consult your veterinarian about what sedatives you can give your dog to help it get through the new year’s stress.

Sausage — not for cats and dogs

Before you meet the guests, feed the cat and dog their usual food. And strictly punish everyone who comes to the house-do not feed the animals! Raw smoked sausage, traditional Olivier, herring under a fur coat and meat in French is not the healthiest food for people, and even more so for animals.

It may take a long and difficult time to treat the consequences of just one such treat. Fatty, spicy, fried food can lead to liver damage, pancreas, and banal poisoning.

Dogs should never be given chicken (as well as Turkey, goose, duck and other bird bones). The tubular bones, when gnawed, shatter into sharp fragments, which are as dangerous as swallowing a steel awl. Only the awl will be visible on the x – ray, but the bones will not. As a result, intestinal ruptures and obstruction are possible.

History also knows cases when drunk guests “for the company” and poured the owner’s animals. This development usually leads to alcohol poisoning.
Therefore, if the animals are not isolated, be prepared for the fact that you will have to gather your strength and personally monitor throughout the celebration, so that the cat and dog do not get anything from the table.

Rats, fish, birds

Before the arrival of guests, it is better to remove the rodent cages away, this will help avoid undesirable excesses on both sides. Your animals will not be in danger of being fed or watered the wrong way, and guests will not be bitten by a nervous rat, chinchilla, or parrot if they do not have the opportunity to stick their fingers where they should not.

It is better to cover an open aquarium with something so that no one is tempted to shake the ashes into it, or pour the rest out of a glass or something worse (Yes, there have been such cases).

Small animals and birds are very much affected by tobacco smoke. Therefore, in a room where there are cages with rodents and birds, a strict ban on Smoking should be introduced. During the celebration, the concentration of tobacco smoke in the room can reach a value sufficient for the animals to get seriously poisoned. And small birds can simply die if they inhale poisonous smoke.

Remember, New year is a holiday for everyone. And all these measures are very easy to implement. But their compliance ensures that you do not have to break into the veterinary clinic because of the holiday table. Or, perhaps, it will save a considerable amount in your wallet, which you will have to spend if you miss the development of a dangerous situation. And most importantly – compliance with these precautions will allow you to continue to live in the company of your Pets.