Miniature Short-Haired Dogs: Character And Features

Miniature Shorthair dogs are ideal for keeping in small apartments. However, not only this fact makes them popular among fans of decorative breeds. From the moment the baby appears in the house, it becomes an object of adoration for all family members, starting with the elderly and ending with babies.

The advantages of short-haired dogs of small sizes are the almost complete absence of molting (in most breeds), savings in the cost of salon procedures, neatness, friendly nature, attachment to the owner and, of course, an attractive exterior.

Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a charming dog with a sharp mind, refined manners and attractive appearance. The weight of these stalwarts varies from 6.8 to 11.3 kilograms.

The character of Boston Terriers is emotional, cheerful, sociable, although a little stubborn, demanding attention to their person. They inherited a pugnacious and pugnacious disposition from their fighting ancestors. However, difficulties in training, as a rule, do not arise, so representatives of the breed can be started and inexperienced dog breeders.

Boston Terriers love children and are happy to participate in childish fun. But it is impossible to raise watchmen from them, they are too trusting for this.

Large physical activity and long walks are not required for dogs. In the absence of the owner, Boston will find something to do, the main thing is to buy him more toys.


Short-haired small fat dogs with a flattened nose and large eyes were once the favorites of Chinese nobles and British Queen Victoria. Today they are very popular all over the world. The weight of dogs does not exceed 8 kilograms.

The character of pugs is friendly, affectionate and loyal. These little dogs love to cuddle, sit in the owner’s arms and constantly require attention. Cunning and natural laziness create certain difficulties in training, but the dogs are so cute that they are forgiven for all their shortcomings.

Owners should keep in mind that pugs do not tolerate heat, and in cold weather it is advisable to wear a warm jumpsuit. Dogs shed a lot, snore funny in their sleep and like to eat, so due to their tendency to obesity, weight must be controlled.

French bulldog

The French bulldog is a cute miniature copy of its large counterparts (weight — up to 14 kilograms). Dogs are distinguished by their intelligence, calm and kind disposition, which makes them attractive for single people and families with babies. True, they are not always ready to bear leprosy without a murmur, but they will never harm children.

Despite a certain amount of selfishness and natural activity, French bulldogs are sensitive to the mood of the owner and do not impose their society. Excellent defenders, vigilantly guarding the owner’s property, they intuitively feel when the owner is in danger.

They like to travel, but they don’t get along well with other Pets, especially they don’t like cats.

French bulldogs love to eat and are very fastidious in their food. They will be happy to accompany the owner on a walk, but a long stay in the heat harms the dog.

Short-haired Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are among the smallest breeds, their weight does not exceed 2.5 kilograms. The dog is so small that it can fit in the palm of your hand or in your pocket!

Looking at these charming dogs with big round eyes, often becoming the heroes of photo shoots, it is impossible to resist the emotion, they are so touching and funny.

But the character of representatives of the Chihuahua breed is not easy. They are jealous, do not get along well with other Pets, especially dogs, are stubborn, and using their natural charm and ingenuity, they deftly manipulate people. In addition, they bark loudly and loudly greet strangers who have appeared in the house. It is not easy to train them, for this purpose the dog must be interested in training.

Positive qualities include accuracy, adaptability in social terms, insight and the ability to feel the mood of the owner. So, the dog will never communicate with an aggressive person and will wait until he calms down. A pampered beauty with her quirks — this is how you can describe a Chihuahua.

Chinese crested dog

Chinese crested naked — a dog with an extraordinary exterior, its appearance always causes surprise and admiration of others. Despite the fragile, pampered appearance and miniature size (on average — 5 kg), these dogs are real lions, fearlessly standing up to protect the owner.

For the elegant appearance and pinkish color of Chinese crested often called Peruvian orchids. They are distinguished by curiosity, friendliness, balanced temperament, and lack of aggression. They adore children, get along well with other Pets, and are extremely distrustful of strangers.

Dogs are very emotional, hard to experience rudeness and indifference, this fact must be taken into account when deciding to start an exotic breed. Peruvians are smart, quick-witted and well-trained. For example, if you want, you can even teach them to dance!

Due to the lack of wool cover, Chinese crested do not tolerate heat, and their skin needs to be regularly lubricated with a moisturizer.

Russian toy

Russian toy dogs are descended from the English toy Terrier. These are lovely miniature creatures (no more than 3 kg), extremely loyal and affectionate. The breed was bred to fight rodents, but even today the dogs have not lost their excellent hunting instincts.

Russian toys are not characterized by aggression. Despite the toy size and cute appearance, they are excellent watchmen and vigilantly guard the house, meeting strangers with loud barking. Fearlessness in the small heart of a pet will be envied by a huge dog.

The Russian toy is friendly to all family members, loves to play with children, and is genuinely upset when left alone for a long time.

The lack of undercoat makes the dog vulnerable to climatic conditions. They are contraindicated in the heat, and in the cold season should be taken outside, pre-insulated with overalls or blanket.

Dwarf Pinscher

The appearance and cute name of the breed are deceptive. Dwarf Pinschers are Dobermans in miniature, as they have inherited the difficult nature of their relatives belonging to service dogs. The weight varies from 4 to 6 kilograms.

These kids are stubborn and can not stand when they are reprimanded for their misdeeds, strive to take a leadership position and often show disobedience. They are attached to the owner and are reliable watchmen. Dwarf pinchers are a godsend for people who want to see not just a decorative dog next to them, but a loyal friend and pleasant companion.

They are distinguished by curiosity, mobility, rare intelligence and intelligence, which makes the learning process comfortable for both sides. Their psyche is stable, so dogs do not get nervous about small things and do not get discouraged in cases when they have no one to talk to.

The Prazsky krysarik

This breed was bred in the Czech Republic and is not very common in our country, but it is loved by many dog breeders. There is a logical explanation for this: Prague rats are friendly, quick — witted, with an attractive exterior, grace and innate intelligence.

Dogs are extremely funny and playful, they do not lose this character trait even with age. The weight of the babies is no more than 2.5 kg, but despite their small size, they are exceptionally brave. Genetic memory affects, because initially dogs were used to destroy rodents.

Czech krysarik subtly feel the mood of the person and not imposed on owner communication. If he is upset, the dog will defiantly go about its own business, from time to time glancing at its owner, which looks quite funny from the outside.

This behavior of a pet is an excellent antidepressant and helps to get rid of the Blues.

The Czech rat is attached to all family members, loves children and gets along well with other Pets, especially if they grew up together.