Maine Coon: the nature and care of cats

Some do not even realize how magnificent, beautiful, majestic the Maine Coon breed is.

Many people have heard that a cat of this type has a thick fluffy coat, even more similar to a raccoon than to your usual cat. Very large animals. The mass of some individuals reaches 15 kilos, and the length from the nose to the tip of the tail is more than a meter. If translated from English, the Maine Coon breed literally means “raccoon from Maine”. Cats are native to North America. They were even recognized as national animals.

This breed is only gaining popularity in our country: nurseries are opened, competitions and exhibitions are held, Champions appear.

What do Maine Coon cats look like

Their hair is silky, long, and thick. The tail is fluffy, and when the cat picks it up and spreads it like a peacock, it looks absolutely amazing. Hind legs as if in pants. Short and” slicked-down ” wool is considered a disadvantage, a sign of non-purebred.

However, if we consider the coat, the hairs are different in length (3 different), which gives the animal a lush and soft. The coloration is very different registered. But the most popular – striped, wild. It is very similar to the color of a wild raccoon.

The head is quite large, the eyes are beautiful, huge, intelligent, deep look. The ears on the top of the head are large, with small tassels on the tips. And the mustache, the mustache… Long, all together it gives the cat a special charm. If we talk about growing up, then representatives of this breed become sexually Mature quite late – after reaching three years. Do not try to knit your pet too early, so as not to cause harm to your health.

Unfortunately, many decent cats and cats go unnoticed in professional breeding, although the animals have excellent characteristics, data and pedigree. The cat is much larger than the cat. Although in nature, males are almost always larger in size and weight of females. Kittens grow quickly, as if by leaps and bounds.

Be careful with the cat’s teeth. The Maine Coon breed originated from wild cats, so their teeth were left from their ancestors “hunting”. If a cat bites you, it will not seem enough. The wound is very deep and takes a long time to heal.

Maine Coon character

This breed has a very calm disposition. The majestic cat has not only smart eyes, he is also very smart.

Many owners boast that their cats do not sharpen their claws on furniture, as do other members of the cat family. It’s a pleasure to raise them. However, cats are freedom-loving. They need space, so small apartments are not suitable for keeping a Coon cat. Despite the fact that the cat is quite large, it is almost invisible, even though it is next to you. It does not get in the way, does not get confused, feels your mood.

Pets are independent and independent. Cats behave nobly and very reserved. You can feel the “blue blood”in them. Character is calm, balanced. Only kittens allow themselves to run around like crazy. But these are kids, they can be forgiven. But the older the cat, the more majestic it behaves. It’s fun to watch the behavior of Maine coons. The way they go to bed is amazing. What only funny poses cats do not trample, as soon as they do not manage to twist. Almost a pretzel.

If you have guests, then do not worry that the cat will behave inappropriately. The Maine Coon breed is very polite, even to outsiders. But what they will definitely not tolerate is if they will climb in the face, drag by the tail or be treated disdainfully. Some cats meow very nasty, but the Maine Coon breed purrs and gives a voice at a pleasant “frequency” for the ears, they will not distract you in vain.

And you won’t hear two identical voices. In addition, Pets remember your intonation and gestures, so when they hear a raised tone, they will quickly hide away. And it is worth noticing that you smile and make a gesture that you want to stroke or play with the animal, it will fly headlong to you.

Although the Maine Coon weighs a lot, it runs softly, as a cat should. The floor will not shake, the dishes will not rattle.

if there are other Pets (even dogs), the animals will play with each other, playing hide-and-seek or catch-up. Cat Coon is very friendly, will find a common language with other cats, and with the dog, and with the kids.

The contents of cats of breed Maine Coon

Don’t worry, there’s nothing too complicated about it. Not whimsical Pets, but they should not be run. Three-level wool still requires some care, so that it does not get tangled in tangles and does not fall out. However, about 2 months will have to wait until the cat adapts to new conditions, people.

About the fact that this breed requires a spacious area, have already figured out. Despite its innate nobility, it is necessary to raise a kitten from childhood. Buy a few scratching posts and show them to your kitten. Lightly click on the nose or use a spray bottle with water to scare the Maine kitten away from the furniture. For wool, you need 2 combs. One will go for the undercoat, the other-for long hairs. To make the coat Shine beautifully and always be soft and silky, buy special shampoos. If you do not care well, the cat will constantly shed, thereby ceasing to be fluffy.

Take a responsible approach to the preparation of your cat’s diet. It needs vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. Only they will provide the animal with a healthy life. Many people probably know that the growth of a beautiful coat requires a huge amount of vitamins and fatty (saturated and unsaturated) acids. Therefore, the diet should consist not only of dry food, but also natural food (fish, meat, vegetables). Do not forget to put fresh water.

Don’t forget to trim your claws. This is necessary not only for the safety of your furniture, but also for the health of the Maine Coon. Too long claws cling to carpets, can lead to injury to the cat’s finger. Purchase special pruning shears for this purpose.

A large tray is required, because the cat is not a small size. Change it in a timely manner. Maine coons are very clean.they will not go to a dirty tray, but they will not do their business in the wrong place (if you brought them up).

Common diseases the Maine Coon

Heart diseases are the most frequently reported. In particular, hypertrophied cardiomyopathy. If not diagnosed in time, the cat may die at an early age. Most often, this disease has a genetic predisposition. Spinal muscular atrophy is often registered. This is a genetic disease caused by the “connection” of 2 recessive genes (both parents are either sick, or carriers, that is, grandparents were ill).

It is impossible to cure the Maine Coon, the cat experiences wild pain due to the death of neurons that are located in the spinal cord. Hip dysplasia also often develops in Maine Coon cats. Although this is not fatal, but the animal suffers very much, it has sore paws (in the hip area). Again, the tendency to this disease is inherited. That is why it is important to get acquainted with the pedigree before purchasing a cat, talk to the breeder, and not grab the first animal that comes along just because you want to.

Another genetic “failure” can cause “culling” from breeding reproduction – polydactyly. This is when there are more fingers on the paws. This does not prevent the cat from living in any way, and it does not make it a freak. However, you should not use it in breeding, it is better to immediately castrate or sterilize.