Kurzhaar: Features, Character and Care

Kurtshaar (Deutsh Kurzhaar) — a hunting breed in demand in Europe, in Russia is just beginning to gain popularity. Animals are distinguished by developed intelligence, flair, elegant exterior and are highly appreciated by dog handlers.

History of the breed’s origin

“Short hair” — so the name is translated from German. Scientists consider the kurtzhaars ‘ ancestors to be representatives of ancient hunting breeds that were used in Spain, France, and Flanders for falconry and catching birds with nets.

Through the Mediterranean countries, the kurzhaars came to Germany, where their excellent skills immediately attracted the attention of nobles, one of whose entertainment was hunting.

When the first double-barrelled gun was invented, there was a need for a breed designed for hunting in the air from under the dog. So Kurzhaar steel universal gun dogs. A significant reason for the development and breeding of the breed was the “breeding book of the German Kurzhaar”, which described the features, evaluation rules, and so on.

Dogs were brought to America in 1925 of the last century, and in 1930 the first standard and other information concerning them were approved.

During the Second world war, the Kurzhaar breeding virtually ceased. Fortunately, interest in them did not fade, and by 1950 the breed was fully restored.

The breed standard

Kurzhaar is a large and active dog, characterized by endurance and strength. Features of purity of the breed: proportionality of addition, correct posture, smooth contour lines, dry head and well-placed tail. Parameters of males: 25-32 kg, height at the withers — 62-66 cm. Bitches are much smaller, their weight varies from 21 to 27 kg, height — from 58 to 63 cm.

Description of the Kurzhaar breed:

  1. The head is elongated, proportional to the body. The skull is broad and the forehead is convex.
  2. The muzzle is strong, the jaws are powerful, capable of capturing prey. Full dentition, the teeth are located close to each other.
  3. The eyes are of medium size. The eyelids are tight and neat. A shrewd look. The dark brown color of the iris is preferable. Light tint lowers the exhibition a rating of pointers.
  4. The nose is slightly upturned or lowered, with a characteristic small hump. Brown lobe. Nostrils mobile, open, wide.
  5. The ears are set high and drooping.
  6. The neck is long and muscular.
  7. The case is square, proportional, and fashionable. The belly is always retracted, the sternum is deep, and the back is straight.
  8. Limbs muscular, strong, strong. The front ones fit snugly to the body, the shoulder blades are set obliquely. The humerus is elongated. The hind legs are parallel to each other. Thighs are muscular and broad. The paws are rounded, the fingers are tightly clenched, and the claws are firm.
  9. The tail is medium-sized, thick at the base, thin at the tip, cropped by half or a third.
  10. Skin due to its tight fit to the body without wrinkles and creases.

The coat of the breed shorthaired pointer can be compared with a brush as it is rough to the touch. The hair is softer on the head. You can often find black dogs shorthaired pointer, brown (solid color) or spotted.

Health, typical diseases of the Kurzhaar breed

Dogs longevity not so much, but the breed Kurzhaar can be safely attributed to this category. They live up to 15 years of age and practically do not suffer from diseases due to strong immunity and good genetics. However, representatives of this breed still have a predisposition to pathologies of the following nature:

  • hip and elbow dysplasia;
  • dermatitis;
  • inflammation of the middle ear;
  • hypothyroidism;
  • epilepsy;
  • skin damage caused by the inflammatory process;
  • melanoma;
  • eye diseases (cataract, inversion, eversion of the eyelid);
  • flatulence;
  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

Kurzhaar — animals with rare stamina. In addition, they adapt to cool weather, heavy rain and wind do not interfere with their hunting at all. In order for the pet to continue to remain so strong and healthy, it is necessary to carry out routine vaccination, timely antiparasitic treatment.

Character of the Kurzhaar breed

Kurzhaar is, above all, unique hunters, endowed with excellent instincts. But they may well be devoted friends who are loved by all family members. In addition, due to the innate protective instinct, representatives of the breed can become excellent watchmen and bodyguards.

Dogs are extremely intelligent and good-natured. They are friendly to children, are not able to harm them and are ready to take care of them.

Positive qualities, of course, include energy and positivity. Representatives of the kurtzhaar breed are extremely noisy and mobile, they always care about everything, they like to be in the thick of events as direct participants. By channeling this energy in the right direction, you can grow a smart dog that enjoys the learning process.

However, there is a Kurzhaar is one feature that you should consider when deciding to have or not this breed. However, this tendency is inherent in most hunting dogs — a tendency to dominate.

Only a person with a strong, strong-willed character will be able to subdue a stubborn person and maintain leadership. If you do not pay this point in the education of proper attention, the pointers will grow headstrong and rebellious. Punishment, the physical effect is invalid!

With proper training, started at an early age, a kurtzhaar puppy will turn out to be a charming dog, kind, loyal and reliable, striving to please the owner in everything.

Dog breed Kurzhaar can not tolerate separation from the owner and miss him. They require communication, attention to their person. Dog handlers do not recommend leaving a pet for a long time, otherwise it may develop cowardice and aggression.

How to choose a puppy breed pointers

In Russia Kurzhaar not too common, hence the high cost of puppies. The price depends on the class. So, a pet-class baby (without hereditary diseases, with documents) will cost 15-20 thousand rubles. Representatives of the breed class are more expensive — 30-40 thousand. They have some deviations from the standard that do not allow them to participate in exhibitions.


They can participate in breeding work. Finally, Kurzhaar show class — are the participants of exhibitions and excellent manufacturers, their parents are titled Champions, so the cost will be even higher. The price for these kids starts from 65 thousand.

When choosing a kurtzhaar puppy, you should follow General criteria — healthy appearance, curiosity, and lack of aggression. However, this is primarily a hunting dog, so pay attention to other nuances. If the dog needs a worker, then his mother and father should be excellent hunters.

Keep in mind that bitches are easier to train, they are affectionate and loyal, but during estrus you can forget about hunting. Kurtzhaara males are trained as well, but they are too independent, and they also tend to run away in search of love adventures.

You can pick up a puppy from the kennel at the age of two months, but not later than six months — it is more difficult for older kurtshaars to adapt to a new home.

How to care for a dog breed pointers

Kurtzhaar will perfectly fit into the conditions of apartment maintenance, but it will also be comfortable in the fresh air, of course, if there is an aviary and a warm booth.

If Kurzhaar puppy will live indoors, it is necessary to allocate a separate place with litter.

Take a walk with kurtzhaar in the morning and in the evening for at least 45 minutes. The ideal place is a field, lawn, Park, where the dog could run and frolic at his pleasure. Walking should be combined with exercises so that the four-legged pet does not lose its shape

Short hair pointers need to comb to remove dead hairs. This procedure is necessary to maintain the exterior and stimulate the renewal of the coat.

During the molting period (three times a year), you need to comb your four-legged pet every day, at other times once a week will be enough. But frequent bathing curchorem contraindicated. It is advisable to simply wipe the hard wool with a damp cloth.

Great importance for the correct physical development Kurzhaar has complete and balanced nutrition. It is advisable to use premium and super premium food classes, in which vitamins and trace elements are in the optimal ratio.

If preference is given to “straight”, then the main product in the diet should be lean meat mixed with porridge.

Other necessary hygiene procedures that kurtzhaar should be subjected to include wiping his eyes, brushing his teeth and ears from sulfur and dirt.

Shorthaired pointer breed: pros and cons

Shorthaired pointer has an outstanding physique and spectacular appearance. Every dog breeder knows about their highly developed hunting instincts. However, representatives of the breed have disadvantages that you need to be aware of in order to avoid undesirable consequences.

Advantages of kurzhaars:

  • good nature;
  • love for children;
  • boundless loyalty to the owner;
  • hunting and guard qualities;
  • learning rate;
  • simple content;
  • elegant appearance;
  • long life.

Among the disadvantages of the breed:

  • desire to dominate;
  • noise (barking for no reason);
  • they can’t stand being alone;
  • the need for regular walks, classes;
  • it is difficult to buy high price;
  • molt.

Shorthaired pointer — dog is not for couch potatoes most of the time conducting in front of the TV. The breed is suitable for active people, athletes and, of course, hunters.