Hunting Dogs: Types And Breeds


Hunting dog — what is it like? There are many breeds for this purpose. For hunters, this is an indispensable assistant. You can’t have a dog like this for a company — it has to work, throw out energy. Otherwise, the animal will give vent to its needs for non-peaceful purposes.

A hunting dog must obey the owner without question, follow his commands, have an excellent nose, sharp eyesight and dexterity. An assistant for hunting must be active, able to pursue game for a long time.

Even in ancient Rome, there were records of hunting dogs. In the Chronicles it is said that such animals must be patient, Mature. According to the description, the dogs of the ancient Romans are similar to the current spaniels. Small size, with a narrow muzzle, wide and long ears. Such dogs were called swamp dogs.

Dog sneaks in the grass

There are six types of hunting dogs:

  • cops (used for hunting birds with a gun);
  • greyhounds (run fast, drive prey to the owner);
  • hounds (as well as greyhounds drive game to exhaustion or to the hunter);
  • burrowing (for finding animals that live in burrows);
  • huskies (used for hunting large animals);
  • spaniels and retrievers (for tracking birds, bring prey even from reservoirs).

Police hunting dogs

The purpose of the cops is to hunt various birds. Able to smell and track game in all weather conditions. They hunt waterfowl, marsh and field birds. They have a very good nose, able to lead the dog to the goal, even in a large area.

When the dog has found its prey, it stands up in a characteristic pose, showing the owner where the game is. Then it rushes towards the birds and forces them to take off. And the hunter can only shoot.

A dog carries a bird

Common cops — drathaar, Kurzhaar, English setter:

  • Drathaar. The qualities of a hunter are innate, so you don’t need to train them specifically. Animals are strong and hardy. Dogs love to hunt, even bad weather and hunger do not stop them. Drathaar is also an excellent swimmer, not afraid of cold water. Aport knows the team better than any other breed.
  • Shorthaired pointer is active, smart. Shows good professional qualities in the open field. Notifies the hunter with a stand about the found prey.
  • To the cops are setters. For example, English and Irish. They are able to smell the game, even if it is far from the hunter. Take a stand, stretching the tail with a string and raising one paw, and standing with the head in the direction of the game. They can stand like this until the hunter shoots the prey. They are able to run fast, make their way in the thickest thickets.


Greyhounds are used for hunting fur-bearing animals. They run fast, easily overtake the victim and grab it with their teeth. They drive the animal to the owner or to a dead end. They have sharp eyesight. Greyhounds are very hardy, despite their somewhat delicate appearance. This is a physically developed dog, muscular and strong.

Two dogs run across the field

Common representatives of greyhounds are the Afghan, Russian canine and Greyhound:

  • Afghan hound — high, up to 85 cm at the withers, strong, graceful animals that can develop an incredible speed of up to 100 km/h. Behind the aristocratic appearance hides a difficult character. The difficulty in education is due to the stubbornness and too specific inclinations of the Afghan. The dog is so passionate about hunting that it is difficult to teach it anything else. In addition, increased activity requires special education.
  • The Russian Greyhound can hunt small animals (hares, foxes). With the same success and on large, even wolves. A distinctive feature — quickly catch up with the victim, catch and bring the owner. When the hunter gives a special sound signal, meaning that the prey is running away, the Greyhound rushes headlong after. She focuses her attention on the animal, quickly catching up, without losing sight of it. In their work, greyhounds show aggression and incredible abilities. At the same time, they are absolutely affectionate and friendly at home. Greyhounds have such a subtle nature that they resent the owner for punishment. They understand when they are treated with disdain.
  • The Greyhound, or English Greyhound, is an excellent hunter and travels long distances in search of prey. This is an attentive, friendly and delicate dog. It is considered the fastest.

Two dogs jump in the snow


Hounds are so called because they drive their prey to exhaustion. They track the game by its tracks, and then drive it barking at the owner. Dogs are hardy, with a sensitive nose and a loud voice.

The dog froze in the grass

Popular representatives are the Russian hound and Beagle:

  • Russian hunting hounds are characterized by absolute calmness, indifference to other animals. At the same time, they are friendly and affectionate. The breed is used for hunting wild boar, elk, and hare. They frighten the prey with their loud barking and drive it to the last. They are able to make various sounds, as if playing with their voice.
  • The Beagle is a curious little hunter with an excellent sense of smell. It follows the trail perfectly. Active, friendly, gets along well with children. He treats other Pets calmly, so often the Beagle is started as a companion.

The dog is standing in a tree



Burrowing dogs are used for hunting animals hiding in burrows. These breeds are characterized by stubbornness, perseverance in the search. They quickly track down prey, drive it out of the hole. They can bring a Fox or badger to the hunter themselves.


Prominent representatives of burrows are dachshunds, jagdterriers, Fox Terriers and Welsh Terriers:

  • Fox Terriers are very mobile and fearless. If they are not used for hunting, they will show their instincts at the wrong time and in the wrong place. For example, they will chase cats and birds, climb everywhere and run around. They are excellent helpers on the hunt, loyal, wayward. They require a responsible and firm upbringing. Burrows are loyal to the owner, friendly to children. However, it is better to watch their games. Fox Terriers are very jealous of their owner for other animals. To avoid fights, the dog should be kept alone.
  • Dachshunds are divided into three types (short-haired, long-haired or rabbit, wire-haired). These Pets, like no other, serve as companions and hunters at the same time. They love affection, warmth, and attention. As an assistant in hunting, the Dachshund is almost universal. It perfectly pulls out prey from a hole, copes with tracking swamp game. This dog will hunt even in cold weather, overcoming pain and inconvenience.
  • The jagdterrier is a rare and interesting breed. Males have a muscular build, they are brave and strong. Females are smaller and more graceful. Bitches with a male Constitution are not allowed to breed. This is a great burrow hunter. Goes on the trail of water and field game. Aggressive in hunting. Perfectly apports. Jagdterriers are extremely mobile, require constant physical activity, and develop their professional qualities. If the dog is not brought up strictly, it will soon become unmanageable.
  • The Welsh Terrier gets along well with children, unlike other Terriers. It’s easy to train. It hunts small fur-bearing animals and burrowing animals. It has developed watchdog qualities.

Fox Terriers


Huskies are distinguished by excellent flair and endurance. They are considered the most versatile of all hunting breeds. They pursue their prey quickly and silently. When the husky catches up with the animal, it notifies the hunter about the detention by ringing barking. Helps to chase wild boar and elk, small fur-bearing animals and birds.

Huskies are sometimes used in sledding as mounts. They are calm, curious, friendly and graceful animals. They are not picky and independent. At the same time, they need long walks in any weather.


Popular breeds: West Siberian, Russian-European and Karelian huskies, Finnish Spitz:

  • West Siberian is considered one of the best helpers in hunting. It moves silently, is able to drive out a large animal. They are fearless animals that do not back down even before the moose. Such a husky is better to train for a certain type of game. Then the effectiveness of innate hunting instincts will increase significantly.
  • The Russian-European Laika is calm and composed. She patiently tracks the beast, instantly coming out on the trail. A distinctive feature of the breed is its energy and mobility. The Russian-European husky has a muscular body. For a long time they pursue their prey even in rainy weather. They chase the beast through the snow for several hours without rest.
  • The Karelian Laika, or bear dog, is used for hunting large animals. In addition to the main purpose is engaged in search. This is a reliable and hardy dog that helps in hunting wild boar, elk and bear.
  • The Finnish Spitz is a type of Laika. Excellent tracking of small animals and birds. This is a very smart, loyal dog. Friendly and active.


Spaniels and retrievers

Spaniels are used for hunting birds. They are able to get hit game out of the water, diving for it. The Spaniel has a soft jaw. Dogs carry their prey to the owner without damaging it. These hunters have an excellent nose, so they find the bird everywhere — in reservoirs, swamps and impenetrable bushes.

Spaniels and retrievers are very docile and friendly. They have a gentle nature and get along with children.


The most popular breeds are English and Russian Cocker spaniels, Golden Retriever:

  • The English Cocker Spaniel, despite its “kind” appearance, is very hardy and is an excellent hunter. Works at the command of the owner, but can also independently follow the prey.

They are mobile and energetic dogs. They require frequent and long walks. English spaniels are obedient, but not ready to completely obey the owner. They are more likely to follow commands in a friendly way.

  • The Russian Cocker Spaniel is an excellent hunter of waterfowl. He tracks the game, rushes to force it to take off. The hunter shoots, and the dog brings the bird to the owner.

Russian Spaniel has a sharp mind, perseverance. Until he finds a shot bird, he won’t rest. Gets prey out of the water, loves to swim and dive.

This breed requires long walks, like all hunting ones. A distinctive feature of the Spaniel — does not chase poultry, cats. It gets along quite well with other animals.

  • The Golden Retriever was originally bred for hunting birds. Now the breed is practically not used as a friend, but acts as a companion and friend.

The Golden Retriever is hardy, hardworking, and smart. Very well performs the commands of the owner, trying to please him.


When choosing a dog, they are guided by the preferences of the future owner and pay attention to the pet’s abilities, breed characteristics, whether they are planning to hunt a bird or a wild boar.

Any hunting dog needs to be strictly brought up and given an outlet for its energy. She must obey her master implicitly. Patience is an important quality for such breeds. Care, love, good care and attention to your pet will help you grow a great hunter.