How to Wean a Dog From Lascivious Behavior

Dogs don’t always behave perfectly. The sudden imitation of sexual intercourse in relation to animals and people causes embarrassment in the owners. Indecent behavior of males is subject to correction. This way you will avoid awkward situations and fights with other dogs.

Why is it important to Express disapproval

Undesirable dog behavior should not be encouraged. This rule should be followed by all members of your family. The opinion that there is nothing wrong with such actions is erroneous. Some believe that the “attacks” of a pet on a toy looks even funny. But if you do not pull the dog and do not prohibit imitating sexual intercourse with inanimate objects, then it will switch to live objects. This behavior should be strictly suppressed, and in any situation, and not selectively. The dog must understand that this is not the way to behave.

Don’t let family members laugh or encourage the dog. If she notices that people are showing signs of pleasure, she will consider this permission. Indirect approval is just as dangerous as direct approval.

If the dog is bothering you

If on a walk or at home the dog behaves indecently towards you and tries to make frictions – correct its behavior. To do this, use several effective methods.

  • Method # 1 – loud sound
    Blow the whistle, clap your hands sharply, or say “EW!” loudly. Loud sharp sounds will frighten your pet’s intentions. But don’t let them show anger or aggression towards the dog, so as not to provoke it. Whistle or shout not only at the beginning, but also when the dog stops.
  • Method # 2 – ignore
    This method is suitable if the dog is annoying, attracting attention. Ignore lascivious behavior by moving away. You can gently push the dog away by taking the front paws and putting them on the ground. Be calm in the process.
  • Method # 3 – pause
    If the dog doesn’t respond to the stop command, isolate it. After giving a strict command “EW!”, take them to a closed room and leave them until they rest. Usually a few minutes are enough. There should be no toys in the room. When releasing your pet, behave as usual.
  • Method # 4 – switching attention
    Switch the pestering dog to a game or other fun entertainment. Let the dog release energy in a different way, such as by bringing a ball or performing tricks. Reward for the correct execution of commands.

If the dog is bothering someone

It is more difficult to control the dog’s behavior towards an animal or a person. The task will be facilitated by a leash – classic (from 120 to 180 cm in length) or shortened. If the dog constantly makes frictions, then in the presence of other people or animals, drive it strictly on a leash. It will help to restrain attacks of aggression, with it you can easily take the dog to a secluded place, using the method # 3 described above.

If you notice that the dog is trying to imitate sexual intercourse with an animal or a person – do not let the pet close to the object of desire. The dog can demonstrate dominant behavior, wave its paws, and attack. Stand between the dog and the object and behave calmly. If the dog is too aggressive, calm it down by slightly pressing down with your knee or hip. Show that you are in control of the situation and will stop unwanted behavior.

Train your pet not to pay attention to its relatives. Use the commands to stand, go to you, stop when someone else’s dog appears in the field of view. For each completed command, reward with a treat.

Prevention of indecent behavior

To prevent unwanted behavior of the dog, make sure that it has enough physical activity. Excess energy is harmful. Go for walks twice a day every day, let the dog run as much as possible, play, and follow your commands. The dog should be tired both physically and mentally.

Recognize signs of the beginning of undesirable behavior. Watch your pet and pay attention to its actions before performing frictions. For example, it can be:

  • sounds – puffing, whining;
  • actions – scratching movements of the paws, attempts to RUB the backside, licking.

As soon as you notice these signs, distract the dog. Use toys, command, ask to bring items, or involve in the game.

Protect the dog from severe stress, so as not to provoke nervous frictions. Track whether your pet’s unwanted behavior is a consequence of being near a source of stress. If the dog is overly anxious, find a way to “soften” the situation.

Help from specialists

If you can’t solve the problem yourself, contact our specialists. Find a specialist to complete a training course. It will wean a recalcitrant pet from such a display of dominance. The dog will know that you are the leader in your tandem.

The manifestation of aggression in the attempt to eliminate the frictions is also adjusted. Here you will need the help of a dog behavior specialist (behaviorist). If there is no such specialist, then ask for the help of an instructor-trainer. It is desirable that he has experience in correcting aggressive and lascivious behavior. The more aggressive the dog is and the higher the risk of injury, the more experienced the specialist should be.

A veterinarian can also help the owner of an overly lustful dog. If the cause of indecent behavior is stress, then medication will remove it. The doctor will prescribe sedatives that will improve the psychological and physical condition of the pet, normalize behavior. But such a measure is an emergency, and it should be resorted to only in the most difficult cases. If the dog is too anxious, shows signs of destructive behavior – you can’t do without medical help.

Do not tolerate unacceptable behavior of the dog. It can be weaned from the constant desire to perform frictions independently or with the help of specialists.