How To Wean a Cat To Climb On The Table

Furry Pets explore every corner of the house. Both the kitchen and the kitchen table will not escape their attention. However, the place where you eat is not a place to play and sleep, and it is even more unacceptable to steal food from there. If the cat has these bad habits – it needs to be weaned.

Why is a cat interested in getting on the table

The first reason is obvious – the cat climbs on the table to get food from there. Perhaps he is tired of his food, and he wants to find something delicious, or he is not full. We must not forget that cats are predators, which means that they climb the table for prey. The task of the owner is to show that you can’t do this. Sometimes cats with a well-developed sense of smell are attracted to the smell of food, especially if meat is being prepared.

The cat is not always attracted to food left on the table. Often this subject is interesting to him as:

  • an unexplored corner
    If there is something interesting on the table, it will certainly attract a four-legged minx. Cats are very curious creatures and are ready to study everything in the house. If you leave something on the table after meals, then prepare for a pet visit.
  • the area for sleeping
    Surprisingly, cats will be happy to sleep where there is a smell of food. This fragrance has a calming effect.
  • places to watch
    One of the favorite activities of cats is to climb higher and watch. The table is well suited as an observation post.
  • a warm place
    If the house or apartment is poorly heated, the cat will want to find a warm corner. Warm air rises up, and the pet will prefer to warm up where it is higher. A kitchen table is as good as a Cabinet.

After learning the reasons for the cat’s unacceptable behavior, start fighting the bad habit.

The cat looks at the table

Rules of feeding for owners

The first question to the owner is whether the cat eats enough. You may be wrong to think that you feed your pet well. If you notice that your pet is stealing food from the table, make sure that you provide it with proper nutrition.

Weaning the animal to climb on the table, follow a few “food” rules:

  • before you sit down at the table – first feed your pet well;
  • offer something unappetizing to the cat begging for food, such as heavily peppered meat. He must understand that your food is not tasty;
  • train your pet to wait quietly while you prepare dinner. Stop attempts at persistent begging. If you give in, the cat will decide to climb on the table.

Weaning the cat to steal food, it can show character and start to starve. Your task is not to give in. Soon the pet will realize that it is better to eat what is in its bowl.

Cats steal food and being full – they are driven by curiosity or the instinct of the hunter. This behavior requires correction.

How to make a table uninteresting for a cat

If the cat eats enough and still steals food by climbing on the table out of curiosity, then start with soft methods. Try to make him lose interest in the table. First, after eating, the food should be removed so that nothing remains on the surface that attracts the animal. If none of the research items remain, the cat may lose interest in the table.

If the table is empty almost all the time, but the cat still jumps in there, it means that it is not food that beckons. Animals like to watch what is happening from a height. In this case, arrange a pet house on the “tree”. A high scratching post, a tree for climbing, or a shelf against the wall will do.

Perhaps the cat found shelter on the table from small children or from the dog? Take care of a quiet and secluded corner for him. The same applies to the desire to arrange a warm, cozy place to sleep. This is especially true in winter. Arrange a cat bed near the radiator. You can rearrange the chair. And if the table is at the window and attracts as an observation point, then make a rearrangement in the kitchen.

The cat wants to steal food from the table

Methods of scaring

When weaning from jumping on the table will help spray. Immediately spray the cat as soon as it makes a jump attempt. This is the simplest deterrent maneuver.

If the cat is not afraid of splashes – wean from the bad habit by other methods. Smells and sounds will help you:

  • a cat who is not afraid of spray from a spray gun will be afraid of cold water in a baking tray on the table. Fix the animal’s unpleasant Association “jump-dive with paws in cold liquid”. If the pet is cunning and bypasses the baking tray – take it in your hands and put your paws in the water. Repeat the procedure several times if necessary;
  • scary sounds – cats don’t like loud sounds. A tin tray or bowl will scare them off. The animal jumps – the dishes fall with a crash. An alternative option is to cover the surface with cellophane bags that rustle under the paws;
  • sharp smell – because of the well-developed sense of smell, cats do not tolerate sharp smells, and they can even be pleasant to people. Use lemon juice or vinegar solution to treat the table top. The smell won’t last long. You can spread out on the table, slices of citrus, drop of fragrant essential oil;
  • irritating surfaces – cover the countertop with adhesive tape, preferably one-sided, so as not to damage the surface. The cat will not like that the paws stick to the surface of the table. For kittens, this method is not suitable, as the baby can be very scared.

Another method is suitable for scaring adult cats. Take the foil and wrap it around the edges of the table, slightly flattened. For the animal, the foil will be invisible, and when the cat jumps up, it will not be able to catch its paws and fall.

When weaning to climb on the table, not all methods are good. Remember what you can’t do:

  • push an animal off the table;
  • beat and yell at the cat;
  • lock in a room or other room.

Such measures will not bring the desired result, but they will spoil your relationship with the animal.

The cat is waiting for food on the table

Take it upon yourself to wean the cat to climb on the table and steal food, be patient. The bad habit should go away with time. Violent methods don’t apply here. Cats are vengeful animals, so it’s better to negotiate with them. Let the pet will be comfortable and satisfying in your home, then the food on the table, and the table itself will not interest him.