How to Trim a Dog At Home: Types Of Haircuts

Every owner wants to see their pet healthy and beautiful. But properly feeding, walking and playing with the dog is not enough, you also need to pay attention to its appearance. A mandatory part of caring for the appearance of an animal is a haircut. Some owners prefer to entrust this procedure to specialists and take their dogs to grooming salons. In this article, you will learn how to cut your pet with scissors and a clipper yourself, as well as how to choose the right tools for cutting.

Tools for cutting

For self-grooming a dog, you must have the following tools:

  • contunies;
  • hairbrush;
  • electric car;
  • a pair of scissors.

If you cut your dog in a grooming salon, and the pet tolerates the procedure well, then it makes sense to buy an expensive professional car. But if you are going to perform the procedure for the first time and still do not know the reaction of the dog, it is better to choose an electric or mechanical type of economy class machine for the first time.

To trim the hair on the paws or muzzle of the animal, mechanical machines are used. They are activated by a mechanical movement of the hand. Since the power is minimal, it is quite tedious to trim the entire dog with such a machine, and it is perfect for trimming some small areas.

Electric cars are divided into two types:

  • rotary – this is a universal type of machine with high power. Shears any type of wool – from soft and silky to stubborn and hard. A big plus is the silent operation of the machine, which is why the dog behaves calmly during the haircut, without being distracted by extraneous noises. Advantages also include removable knives and a cooling system. The only drawback is the price;
  • vibration – used for cutting small breeds of dogs. When working, they vibrate and make an unpleasant noise. Despite the low power, these machines are quite popular due to their low price.

The choice of scissors, combs, and tangles will depend on your dog’s coat. In a pet store, you can easily find a suitable option, and sales consultants will help you with this.

In addition to tools for cutting wool, you must purchase a rectangular Mat with an anti-slip rubberized base on which the dog will stand during the procedure.

Types of haircuts for dogs

Conventionally, all haircuts can be divided into two large groups:


Conducted for various breeds. The group includes:
— removal of hair between the pads on the paws, on the muzzle, in the ears and genitals;
— cutting out tangled tufts of wool;
— hair cut for certain indications (fleas, dermatitis, a large number of tangles).Some breeds of dogs, such as huskies, Pomeranians, sheepdogs, Chow Chows, Shelties, and Samoyed dogs, are not fully groomed. That is, a significant shortening of the coat is generally unacceptable for them, since the thermoregulatory layer is violated, as a result of which the dog can freeze in winter and overheat in summer from the hot heat. Dogs with a thick undercoat can develop serious problems after a shortened haircut, such as hair loss and slow growth.For dogs without undercoat, a hygienic haircut is performed more often (once a month) not only on the paws, muzzle and ears, but also throughout the body in order to avoid the formation of hair tangles. In the spring, to protect the dog from ticks, it is advisable to shorten the hair on the paws and stomach.


Includes a set of sequential operations:
— haircut of certain parts of the body;
— design of a hairstyle that corresponds to the type of breed;
— alignment along the length of the flowing wool;
— milling and thinning of wool along the entire length.Model haircut for show dogs is best done in a special salon. But monthly trips to a specialist are quite expensive. If desired, the owner can take a basic course in the basics of grooming and cut their own pet.

Preparing a dog for a haircut

You can’t just pick up a typewriter, put the animal in the bath and start cutting it. Before the procedure, you need to prepare your pet. Conditionally preparing a dog for a haircut can be divided into three stages:

  1. Gradual training of the animal to the typewriter and scissors. Few four – legged friends react normally to a haircut. Therefore, it is necessary to train the dog gradually, for example, at the command “sit” to turn on the machine for a while. For a well – executed command-encourage the dog. The same with scissors: while the dog is sitting, carefully touch the hair with scissors. You do not need to cut anything, just teach the dog to the tool and the machine, for a calm attitude, be sure to praise the pet and give it a treat.When the dog gets used to the tools for cutting, stop flinching from touching – go to a full haircut.
  2. Preparation of tools, i.e. special devices that will be required for cutting: metal scissors with rounded tips, a special clipper, a ring cutter.
  3. Pet treatment, i.e. combing and combing tangles, washing with a special dog shampoo and conditioner. Washing products help to make the coat smoother and more manageable, which greatly simplifies the cutting process. After washing, dry the coat and re-comb the pet.

During the treatment of the dog, do not forget about the rewards in the form of treats. Then a calm and confident dog will not break out when cutting.

Haircut with scissors and a typewriter

Grooming a dog is quite a complex task that requires certain skills. If you have never done this, it is better to take the dog to the salon for the first time, see how the procedure is performed, and then try it yourself at home. The grooming master will advise you and tell you some of the features and nuances of a haircut for a dog of your breed.

At home, it is more convenient to cut the dog in the bath or on a specially prepared table covered with an anti-slip Mat. It is better if someone will help you in this procedure, especially if the dog is large.

Start the haircut from the back, gradually moving from one side down the body. You need to trim the wool in the direction of its growth. After processing one side of the body, go to the second. You need to be extremely careful when cutting the muzzle, head and ears. You must be careful not to accidentally injure the animal.

The length of the muzzle hair should be slightly longer than the body hair. Do not cut off large areas at once, it is better to slightly shorten the hair, and if necessary, adjust the length of the haircut. To trim areas on the stomach, the pet must be put on its hind legs, holding hands for the front paws.

Trimming the fur between the pads on the paws is an important procedure. Matted hair can cause discomfort and discomfort to the dog, so it is so important to remove it in time. To do this, it is good to use scissors. Another sensitive area that is cut only with scissors is the genital area and armpits.

If the pet is nervous during the haircut, postpone the procedure for a few days. During this time, try to teach your pet to use scissors and a working typewriter. And do not forget to give the dog a treat for good behavior, reinforcing a positive reaction to the haircut.

For show dogs, a haircut is best done in a professional grooming salon. But hygienic haircuts, even with a little experience, the owner of the dog can do it himself, the main thing is not to rush and perform all the procedures consistently. And then the dog will look beautiful and well-groomed.