How To Train A Cat To Sleep At Night And In The Morning?

A feature of the adult cat’s body is the ability to sleep up to 20 hours a day. This is more than twice the normal amount of sleep for a person. Therefore, keeping your pet awake should not be a problem. However, many owners are faced with significant discomfort. At night or early in the morning, the cat shows increased activity, it does not give people the opportunity to sleep. Often, this period of his wakefulness falls on the hours when a person enters the phase of deep sleep. There is a need to find a way to teach your pet to sleep at night and in the morning.

Causes of cat activity at night and in the morning

The owners sleep peacefully at night, early in the morning, and the cat decided to play. He jumps on the curtains, climbs up to the ledge, overturns flower pots, furiously sharpens his claws on the door of a polished Cabinet, enthusiastically rips a plastic bag, chases the found ball around the apartment. Periodically, he jumps on the bed, starts hunting the hands and feet of the owners. It is quite difficult to withstand such tests when you really want to sleep. The situation becomes unbearable if there is a small child in the house, which will take a long time to put to bed after such a Wake-up call.

Before you look for ways to deal with the problem, you need to understand the reasons for this behavior of the cat. There are two of them:

  • natural instincts;
  • the order of the day.

By their nature, cats are nocturnal predators. In the wild, they hunt at night, when their main enemies are fast asleep. It is not surprising that many cats are more active at night than during the day – this is their physiological feature.

Most of the Pets are completely alone during the day. The owners leave for work and school in the morning, and the apartment is empty. The cat gets bored and goes to rest. Until the evening, she manages to get a good night’s sleep, so at night she does not have such a desire. To maintain health, the animal needs physical activity. Therefore, during the short period of wakefulness, there is increased activity. Do not forget that the cat needs communication. If he is at home alone all day, the desire to compensate for the lack of attention at night is understandable. It’s not your pet’s fault that you feel sleepy at this time.

Options for night and morning activity of cats

Not only the need for physical activity encourages cats to arrange their owners to rise at night and in the morning. There are other reasons that make a pet behave this way. Often in these ways, animals declare that:

  • inability to control the territory;
  • desire to communicate;
  • any problems.

For a cat, a house or apartment is its personal territory, which should always be under control. It should have free access to the entire space. The cat periodically goes around the house to make sure that there are no foreign smells and no danger. If the door is closed in one of the rooms, this causes concern for the pet, he is not sure of the safety of the territory. No need to be surprised that in the middle of the night there are shouts demanding to remove the obstacle for inspection.

Cats are smart animals, they understand that a person is a strange, inexplicable creature with which you need to play by certain rules. At night or early in the morning, the cat wakes up the owner, leads him to the door or refrigerator. The owner, in turn, tries to release or feed the pet, to fulfill his desire, but he refuses. It seems that the animal behaves stupidly, does not know what it wants. In fact, the cat is just bored, she wants to communicate, but understands that you can only attract attention in such ways, and gets her way.

The pet’s anxiety may be related to diseases. If he suddenly wakes you up with a meow, perhaps the cat is in pain, he is trying to tell you about his problem. If there are any signs of ailments, the animal should be shown to the veterinarian. You should know that cats do not sleep well in a new place, after moving it will take some time to develop the territory. Also, the owners have restless nights when the pet begins the period of sexual hunting.

Ways to deal with cat activity at night

The main reasons for increased activity at night and in the morning are lack of movement and communication during the day. Therefore, you need to try to eliminate these factors so that the cat, like the owners, at this time calmly rested, did not create problems.

Most owners do not have the opportunity to pay much attention to the pet during the day, the main hours are spent at work. So, in the evening you need to compensate for the lack of communication. You need to set aside time for:

  • affection,
  • games,
  • care procedures.

You don’t have to spend hours sitting next to the cat, holding it on your lap and stroking it. You can just be near your pet, do your usual things, but at the same time talk to it, sometimes stroke it. The cat will be happy to watch your actions, feel like a participant in events.

These animals even at a respectable age like to play, for teenagers this is the most favorite activity. It is necessary not only to buy toys for the kitten, but also to participate in such entertainment. There are many different devices that make the cat interested, start a fun game: a bow on a string, a moving toy. Tablet owners use their devices for cat entertainment. Many Pets quickly learn simple games in which you need to “catch” a spider, mouse, etc.

In order for a cat that spends all day alone to be active, and not give all the time to sleep, you need to create conditions for entertainment. Many Pets like to play with hanging toys, you can build a structure for the cat in the form of a tree, which is equipped with several sun beds on different levels. Animals are interested in toys with small objects placed inside, with a hole through which you can put your paw, products with dry food, for which you need to throw them, roll them.

Cat toys must be changed periodically. It is not necessary to constantly buy new options, just hide them for a while so that the pet has time to forget about them. When choosing entertainment, you need to make sure that they are safe.

Several recommendations for dealing with night and morning climbs


In a house where there are children, cats are less likely to disturb the owners at night. The child is happy to play with the pet in the daytime, he does not need increased physical activity at night and in the morning. The main thing is that children learn all the rules of communication with the cat, do not harm it. Another cat or dog can become a playmate.

There are several other recommendations that help you deal with the problem and prevent its occurrence. If you don’t want to suffer from lack of sleep, get up at night and in the early morning:

  • from the moment the kitten appears in the house, make the bedroom a prohibited area, do not let the pet into it;
  • feed your cat well in the evening, put some food before going to bed to prevent the appearance of hunger;
  • do not react to the cat’s nocturnal requests, be patient a little, he will understand that his tricks are useless.

It is difficult to wean a pet from the desire to communicate at night and in the morning, but if you show patience, do not react to his antics, calm will reign in the house.