How to Teach a Dog to Go to The Toilet For a Diaper?

With the appearance of a four-legged friend in the family, many new worries are added to the owners. In the first three months with a puppy still can not walk on the street, because not delivered all the necessary vaccinations. And many owners have a question: how to teach a puppy to go to the toilet for a diaper? Training should take place smoothly and naturally, if this is not done – puddles and excrement will be provided throughout the house. To solve the problem, many owners of four-legged friends use special moisture-absorbing wipes. Read the article to learn how to properly train not only a puppy, but also an adult dog to a diaper.

Absorbent wipes – help for dog breeders

Pet stores offer several types of wipes for dogs, they differ in size and absorbency. Using such attributes is very convenient and does not cause problems for either the puppies or the owner. Previously, dog lovers had to walk around and clean up pet excrement from the floor all over the house. With the advent of absorbent diapers, it became easier to keep four-legged friends.

There are several types of napkins:

  • disposable – use only once and discard as it gets dirty;
  • reusable – can be used multiple times. Wash these diapers by hand in warm soapy water.

How to teach puppies to diaper?

Small puppies do not know how to control urination. The first months you can not walk with them, because the first vaccinations have not yet been put down. Gradual toilet training allows the puppy to adapt to the tray faster, and later the pet gets used to walking faster.

When you bring a puppy home, put it on a diaper first. Most likely, he will understand what you want from him and immediately goes to the toilet. At the beginning of training, it is best not to change the absorbent wipes often. The smell of excrement will attract the puppy, and he will go to his usual place.

Before you bring your pet to the apartment, it is better to remove carpets and bedding from the floor in advance, since puppies often go to the toilet. It is also necessary to immediately determine the angle where the puppy will defecate, and cover it with absorbent diapers. As the pet gets used to the toilet place, the area covered with napkins can be reduced.

During training, it is necessary to praise the puppy, and if he urinated on the diaper, you need to back up the action with a treat. When a pet comes down in a small way not on a napkin, you do not need to immediately scold him. In this case, it is necessary to remove the excrement and treat the place with vinegar to eliminate the smell.

There are several important reasons why you need to teach a four-legged pet to go to a diaper:

  • puppies can’t fully control their physiological needs, which is why they often pee and poop in the first few months. In addition to the unpleasant smell, moisture has a bad effect on the condition of the floor in the apartment, especially – laminate and parquet. Not all floors can cope with high humidity, especially if the owner is absent for a long time and can not immediately remove dirt;
  • at night, puppies also defecate, and not every owner is ready to Wake up every couple of hours and clean up after the pet. Therefore, it is important to learn to go to the diaper;
  • while the puppy has not received the main vaccinations, you can not allow contact with other animals, so you can not go outside for a walk.

How to teach adult dogs to diaper?

Unlike young dogs, an adult animal controls its urination and is able to endure until the next walk. But there are situations when you can’t walk with a dog, for example, during the postoperative period or during an illness. In this case, absorbent napkins-diapers help perfectly.

There are also breeds of dogs that can not be taken for a walk to the toilet. Such Pets are taught to use a diaper and a tray from childhood.

Adult dogs should be taught to walk on a napkin gradually. If the owner notices that his dog wants to go small, he should give a voice command and direct the pet to the place where the napkin is. If the pet coped well with its task, it is encouraged with a treat.

The most important thing when getting used to a diaper or tray is not to change their location. And do not immediately replace the used napkin. It is best to leave it for a while so that the animal can smell and understand where the toilet is. To help the dog quickly get used to a new place to defecate, the owner can come up with a new voice command and repeat it every time the pet gives a signal that he wants to go to the toilet.

As a rule, adult dogs learn faster and remember the location of the diaper. It is important that moisture-absorbing wipes do not become an object for games. Some dogs are not averse to chewing and tearing pieces of fabric. To prevent this from happening, you should stop all attempts to play with diapers. For this purpose, it is better to buy a dog special toys that are sold in any pet store.

As soon as the dog recovers, it is resumed walking on the street, and the diapers and tray are removed. To get rid of foreign smell, you can wash the place where the absorbent napkins were lying with a special tool.

Common training errors

If the puppy is not properly trained, the situation with bowel movements may worsen. The dog will start shitting all over the apartment, and not only on the floor, but also on furniture and shoes. To avoid this, you should avoid the following errors:

  • do not scold the puppy during training. Even if it seems right, the pet may decide otherwise and, ultimately, will be afraid of moisture-absorbing litter altogether;
  • you should not punish a puppy if it urinated in another place and ran away. The dog will not understand why the owner is not happy and what punishes;
  • not necessary to frequently change the location of the cradle. The puppy must understand that there is only one place in the apartment where you should go to the toilet;
  • lack of encouragement and affectionate words slow down the process of getting used to the napkin. Therefore, the owner should be more affectionate and generously reward the pet for the effort shown.


The most important thing in learning is patience. And that between the owner and the young dog appeared friendly relations – you need to make a lot of effort. As a rule, if you show perseverance in training, after a couple of weeks, young dogs begin to defecate on a napkin and the house becomes tidy and clean.