How To Punish a Cat Correctly: Features And Rules

Not every pet agrees to strictly follow all the rules of cat etiquette. Animals have an individual character, various violations that cause certain inconveniences to their owners are not excluded. The question arises whether it is possible to choose a type of punishment that will help eliminate problems without causing strong negative reactions in the pet. You need to convey to the cat what is required of it, “explain” what the mistakes are, but do not offend it too much. There are recommendations from experts and experienced owners who will help you find a solution in difficult situations.

Features of the cat’s understanding of good and evil

A cat can break different rules. And it does this not out of harm or a desire to annoy the owners. Keep in mind that humans and animals have different understandings of good and evil. What we think is bad, wrong, for our smaller brothers is quite normal. Most often, cat owners have to fight with the pet’s desire:

  • regularly conduct a “revision” on the table;
  • mark the entire territory of the house;
  • sharpen your claws on furniture.

Many cat owners are faced with the pet’s habit of eating food that is on the kitchen table, in other accessible places. Moreover, the animal is often not driven by hunger, there is food in its bowl, but this does not stop it. It should be understood that the cat considers the whole house to be its territory, everything that is in this zone rightfully belongs to it. She thinks that if there is a piece of meat, sausage, or other delicacy on the table in a plate, then it can be eaten.

Another common problem is regular damage to upholstered furniture upholstery. It may seem that the pet deliberately ignores the scratching post and focuses on the owner’s favorite sofa. But you need to understand that for a cat, furniture is not among the valuable items, it’s just convenient for her to sharpen her claws in this way.

Significant discomfort causes the cat’s desire to leave its marks everywhere. However, it is for people that they are an unpleasant moment, and for an animal this is one of the ways to announce to everyone who is the real owner of this territory. The animal has no purpose to force owners to constantly do Laundry and cleaning, it just follows its natural instincts.

We make a serious mistake when we want to impose our own understanding of good and evil on our Pets. You need to understand that they do not tend to abstract thinking, they can not analyze their behavior. This does not mean that you need to put up with the pet’s pranks. It is necessary to fight them, but the methods of education should be chosen carefully, taking into account the characteristics of animals.

Basic rules for raising cats

There is a widespread belief that punishment is effective only if it is applied at the time of the offense or immediately after it. This is a misconception. Punishing the cat when it eats on the table, carefully sharpens its claws on the chair or marks the territory, we hope that it will understand that it is doing the wrong thing. He will not commit such mischief again. In fact, the pet does not think that it is doing something bad. The only thing that can be achieved by such a punishment is the appearance of feelings of resentment in the cat. She will decide that the owner is an aggressive, angry person, most likely, will take revenge, intentionally break the rules and continue in the same way.

It should be understood that you can not punish Pets in any way. But you don’t need to ignore your misdeeds and wait for the cat to understand its mistakes and correct itself. It is necessary to use methods of education, taking into account the characteristics of these animals.

There are several examples of dealing with common pranks:

  • if the cat has a habit of looking for a treat on the table, you do not need to leave food in accessible places;
  • you can train your pet to a scratching post by sprinkling it with a weak concentration of Catnip infusion;
  • “favorite” places where you leave marks or sharpen your claws are treated with scents that the cat doesn’t like.

Sometimes animals violate etiquette not because of their harmfulness, but because of poor care. If the cat is not provided with a normal diet, do not be surprised that it is looking for food on the table. A tray that is not cleaned in a timely manner causes negative reactions in the pet, which explains its desire to relieve itself in another place. It is not necessary to punish the cat when it marks the territory during sexual hunting, these are natural instincts that the most well-mannered pet can not fight.

Prohibited methods of education

Many cat owners make mistakes in the educational process. To these animals in any case can not be applied:

  • physical effects;
  • stressful techniques;
  • aggressive shouting.

Even light blows can cause significant harm to the pet’s health. The structure of the skull in cats is fragile. In the back of the body of the animal is a huge number of nerve endings, a blow to this sensitive area can cause serious injury. You can not beat cats with a hand, rag, newspaper – physical effects should be strictly prohibited. All family members should remember this.

Many owners believe the Creek is the best way of education. It should be noted that for cats it is a cause of serious discomfort. Animals are afraid of loud sounds, they cause psychological stress. In addition, this technique is absolutely useless in education. The pet will not understand what exactly it is accused of, but its attitude to the owner will change. The cat will consider the owner an aggressive and dangerous creature.

Effective educational techniques

There are ways that will help in the educational process. They will not harm your pet, but they will help you explain that it is doing wrong, and prevent the “crime”that is being prepared. These include:

  • correct use of intonation;
  • imitation of the behavior of a cat-mother.

The cat doesn’t understand the meaning of human speech, but the animals perfectly catch the intonation. Yelling at the pet is useless, nothing but the formation of stress in the animal this method will not provide. But if, when committing a misdemeanor, a strict voice, quietly reprimand the cat, it will be able to understand that the owner is dissatisfied with it. Of course, not all individuals then give up their bad habits, but there is a chance to achieve the desired result over time.

Cats have certain techniques that allow you to control the behavior of immature kittens. You can borrow them to raise a pet. If you see that the cat is going to cheat, do something forbidden, click your tongue. If there is no proper reaction, try to hiss. The pet will understand that it is better to abandon the planned actions. These sounds will not cause stress in the animal, it is used to them in early childhood. The meaning of them is well understood by him, since mother cat used them to explain what not to do.