How to Protect Yourself From a Pack Of Stray Dogs?

Dogs are four – legged friends who have lived alongside humans for many hundreds of years. But, unfortunately, not in all cases animals show joy and kindness towards humans. Sometimes a pack of hungry stray dogs can do serious harm. At best, a person or child will get off with just a fright, and at worst – serious injuries. How to protect yourself and your loved ones from attack – read the article.

Why do dogs show aggression?

According to statistics, several million people suffer from bites and attacks from stray dogs every year, and children are most often vulnerable. Aggressive behavior of four-legged Pets is due to several reasons, namely:

  • lack of food. Hungry animals, especially in packs, become unmanageable and irritable, often fight among themselves and start throwing themselves at defenseless children and adults;
  • aggressive nature also contributes to the attack;
  • violation of the borders of the territories of stray dogs. This is especially true in rural settlements and protected warehouses. When choosing a walk, a person should not approach such places, since dogs on such objects are well trained to protect property;
  • the pack pursues its goal for the sake of “sporting” interest. Most often, runners and cyclists suffer in such situations;
  • mad dogs. Rabies makes an animal aggressive and dangerous not only for humans, but also for other animals.

Behavior of stray dogs when attacking people

Stray Pets are sensitive to human behavior. If they feel fear and uncertainty, they start attacking the victim. If you are in the wrong place, you need to know and understand the behavior of stray animals. The following are examples of how dogs behave when attacking people:

  1. The dog starts growling and Baring its teeth. In this situation, it is best to stop and slowly step aside for a couple of steps, perhaps you just blocked his escape route, and because of this, he began to get nervous;
  2. The dog jumps and stands on its hind legs, while barking deafeningly. In this case, most likely the animal is on its own territory and protects it. Since the dog does not take decisive actions, it is necessary to slowly step aside and leave without turning your back on the animal.
  3. The pet rushes to your feet and tries to get around you from the back. You should be careful, as the dog shows that it is ready to attack. In this situation, in any case, do not turn your back to the animal, because it can overwhelm you, and if you fall, you are unlikely to be able to defend yourself.

The best thing to do in such cases is not to touch the dog and let it know that you are ready to stand up for yourself. The most important thing is to show calmness and confidence. If you show fright and fear, you will lose.

Rules for protection against attacks by stray dogs

So, if you could not avoid a collision with a pack of stray dogs and were in danger, you should know the basic rules of behavior:

  • if possible, try to confidently leave the scene of the collision. Back away from the pack to a good distance;
  • if the previous method does not work, and the dogs continue their pursuit, retreat to the store, entrance, structure, or any building where you can hide;
  • stop and prevent the attack of stray animals can be a loud cry. Dogs, as a rule, quickly calm down from a loud sound, and those who are accustomed to voice commands (Pets that were raised in a family, but ended up on the street) retreat;
  • if you don’t respond to a loud scream, try throwing rocks, snowballs, or sticks at the dog. In the absence of any objects nearby, you can swing and pretend as if you are throwing something. The psychological maneuver also works well in an attack situation. But be careful not to get too close to the dogs;
  • if the threat overtakes you near a reservoir – jump into the water immediately. The same applies to the trees, if possible, climb as high as possible;
  • if it is impossible to hide and protect yourself, use the extreme method: start growling. This will give you confidence, and the dogs, feeling strong, will lose interest in you.

These rules only work when dogs don’t take decisive action. But what to do if the pack starts to pounce and attack? Here are some useful tips:

  • put a bag, umbrella, or grocery bag in front of you. Four-legged animals will attack this item, and you will have time for further defensive actions;
  • if you are without any items, put the sleeve of your jacket or jacket under the blow, and take the earth or sand with your other hand. At the moment when the dog grabs the sleeve, you should throw sand in its face. This will briefly stop the onslaught of the attacking animal;
  • shout as loudly as possible and give voice commands. This way, you will not only calm the pack of dogs, but also quickly attract the attention of other people who will rush to help;
  • the rage of dogs can be eliminated, but this will have to cause the animal pain. You can only use physical violence if your life is in danger. Hitting an animal on the head is a bad idea, the skull is too strong, and your actions will only make the dog even more angry. Try to target the most vulnerable areas, such as the groin, peritoneum, nose, ears, and eyes. Defense items can be very diverse, from a bunch of keys to specialized devices;
  • the most important thing is to stay on your feet. If you fall, immediately roll over on your stomach and cover your head and neck with your hands.
  • another way is to put the dog on the shoulder blades, press the neck with your knee and hold the animal to call for help. This method works if the animal attacks alone.

After the attack, be sure to seek help from a medical institution. Even if there is no visible damage, you will need the help of a specialist. Not to mention more serious injuries.

Protection against stray Pets

In connection with the frequent cases of dog attacks on people, special protective equipment has appeared on the market. Especially these tools are useful for children. The most common are:

  1. Ultrasonic repellents. They are effective even when attacked by a large pack of dogs. The mechanism resembles a regular whistle, only when used it does not make sounds. The frequency of the sound during its operation is 20 000 Hz. Human hearing is not able to hear the operation of the device, but for dogs this sound is very unpleasant. Using the device, the dogs will run in a hurry in different directions. But if the dog is deaf or in a state of aggression, the device may not work.
  2. Pepper spray. The effect of this product is based on irritating gas to the eye mucosa. Getting on the mucous membrane, the drug causes coughing, sneezing and tearing. Stray dogs after the gas will not be able to pursue the victim further, and there is a chance to escape without serious injury. The only disadvantage of spray cans is that they can not be sprayed in poorly ventilated areas, narrow spaces and in strong winds.
  3. Stun guns. It is the most effective tool in the fight against stray dogs. There are three types of devices: weak (about 1 W), medium (2 W), and strong (3 W power). It is best to buy a Shocker with long electrodes. Devices of this type have a higher destructive power compared to other models.

Knowing the rules of behavior and protection, you can avoid negative consequences when faced with a pack of stray dogs. Be healthy and take care of your loved ones!