How To Protect Your Dog From Ticks

With the arrival of spring, dog owners face a serious problem: during this period, ticks are activated, which are carriers of dangerous diseases. Bites of these insects irritate the skin, do not exclude the formation of foci of inflammation, fatal outcome. It is necessary to use special means for reliable protection of the pet.

Means of protecting the dog from ticks

There are two dangerous periods during which ticks have a breeding season. They need enhanced nutrition, which is blood. It is necessary to use protective equipment in early spring, starting with snowfall, before the full formation of grass cover. Ticks are also dangerous in late autumn, in the period preceding the first frost.
Manufacturers of animal products offer a wide range of products to combat these insects. Can be used in protection:

  • collar,
  • drops,
  • shampoo,
  • spray,
  • pills,
  • powder.

Means differ in ways of application, mechanism of influence, and effectiveness. The choice takes into account the individual characteristics of the pet, the specifics of the dog’s content. Each drug is accompanied by instructions, the recommendations of which must be strictly followed. The products contain toxic components that are necessary for repelling and destroying insects. It is important to exclude the possibility of their getting into the dog’s body. Proper use of drugs guarantees high efficiency and safety.

A flea collar

A collar from insects

The best option for a dog that is regularly exposed to danger is a special collar. This accessory will prevent a tick attack in the most unprotected area. Insects are often localized on the pet’s neck, since this area is inaccessible to the dog.
Collars are made of polyvinyl chloride. They are impregnated with chemicals, plant compounds. Sharp odors repel not only ticks, but also fleas and mosquitoes. These accessories have several advantages. They:

  • do not come into contact with the skin, eliminating the risk of allergies;
  • do not cause the dog discomfort;
  • easy to use.

The collar is put on dry wool, which does not allow chemicals to get on the skin. If the dog was walking in the rain, it needs to be bathed, the accessory is removed, then put on again, the effectiveness of protection is preserved. The activity of the impregnation components can be maintained for up to six months. Collars are available in a wide range, you can choose a convenient product for a dog of any breed. In extreme cases, you can crop it to give the desired parameters.
It should be noted that this device should fit snugly enough to the neck, but it is undesirable to wear it under a regular leather collar. In this case, the active ingredients will be absorbed into the accessory material. This method of protection is not used for pregnant women, nursing bitches, or sick dogs.
The most popular among breeders are the products: Kiltiks, Beaver, Scalibor, Hartz frontline, Dr. Zoo.

Drops on the withers

Drops against ticks

Special drops are used to protect against ticks and fleas by many dog owners. These drugs are highly effective. The use of drops does not cause difficulties. The product is in a convenient plastic pipette, it is applied directly to the skin. To do this, you need to spread the hair, squeeze out the drug in the withers area, along the ridge line. In these places, the dog will not be able to lick the product, the ingress of toxic substances into the body is excluded.
Drops on the mechanism of action differ from collars. Toxic components are included in the oil base, which ensures their penetration into the sebaceous glands, hair. They simultaneously repel insects, and destroy both adults and their larvae. After applying the drops, it is necessary to exclude moisture from the skin of the animal, do not walk with the dog in the rain, do not bathe it for 2-3 days. The effectiveness of the product is shown immediately after its application. The validity period of the drops may vary, depending on the type and concentration of the active substance.
The most popular drugs: the Stronghold, Beaver, frontline, bars, Rolf-club, sentri.

It should be noted that during pregnancy, feeding puppies, during illness, for weakened animals, drops can not be used. There are restrictions on the age of Pets.

Spray against ticks

Special sprays

Means in the form of sprays attract ease of use, high efficiency, which is manifested immediately after application. The drug is applied to the skin in all areas, which provides maximum protection.
Manufacturers offer several types of these drugs. Sprays are different:

  • type of active substance;
  • the concentration of poisons;
  • duration of exposure.

There are sprays that are qualitatively absorbed into the hair, skin tissues, and retain their effect for up to a month. These tools paralyze and destroy insects. You can choose a spray that repels ticks with odors. It can be applied before a trip to the country, walking on certain parts of the body.
When using these products, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of getting the spray into the dog’s body. Within a few minutes after its distribution, it is necessary to prevent the dog from licking the product from the coat. Apply the spray to the skin, undercoat. For three days after treatment, the pet can not be bathed. Like any other toxic substance, these drugs are not used to protect nursing and pregnant bitches, sick animals.

The most popular sprays are: Frontline, Hartz, Bolfo.

Insect repellent pill

Tablets in the fight against ticks

Oral medications are a novelty in this category of medications. But the high efficiency of the funds provided them with high popularity among dog lovers. Do not think that you will have to forcibly push the pill into the mouth of the animal. These products are available in the form of rounded pieces that have an appetizing appearance and aroma. The dog will be happy to eat a healthy treat. You can feed a tablet from your hand, add it to food
The active components of oral medications destroy fleas and ticks, parasites that are localized in the ears. The effect of the drug is observed within half an hour after use. A significant advantage of tablets is the independence of effectiveness from external influences. Walking in the rain or swimming does not affect this indicator.
The disadvantages of tablets include:

  • need for accurate dosage calculation;
  • possibility of allergic reactions, side effects;
  • inability to use in diseases of the kidneys, liver;
  • age restrictions;
  • high cost.

The best tools in this category are tablets: Frontline, Comfortis, Bravecto.

Ticks Protection Shampoo

Powder preparations and shampoos

You can prevent the danger by using a special powder. For the most part, these products are not intended for preventive treatment, but for the purpose of controlling existing insects. The active component of powder preparations is PYRETHROID. To ensure the proper effect, the product is applied to the wool and rubbed into it. Distribute the powder carefully, excluding the possibility of getting the drug on the mucous membrane of the eyes.
Many dog owners use special shampoos. The composition of this tool:

  • it cleanses the wool and skin from dirt;
  • distributes toxic components;
  • provides nourishment to the cells.

Active substances are absorbed into the hair, dermis, repel insects, destroy adults and larvae. You can use shampoos for prevention, getting rid of parasites. The advantage of these products is a gentle effect, the ability to use them for puppies, pregnant, nursing bitches. Shampoos are very popular: Bars, Dana, Works Fine.

Dog is taking the food from the owner's hand

Use of folk remedies

You can fight ticks in a dog not only with ready-made special preparations. There are many recipes in the people’s piggy Bank. It contains both means for repelling ticks, and for their destruction. Especially popular are:

  • tar soap;
  • essential oil;
  • infusions and decoctions.

A significant advantage of such methods is their safety. Even in the event of their falling into the body of the animal they do not have a negative impact.
Soap containing birch tar can be used as a preventive measure against any parasites. Its smell repels ticks, fleas, ingredients have a toxic effect on insects, destroy larvae. During dangerous periods, it is necessary to periodically use tar soap in bathing the dog. After the procedure, you can wash the wool with a decoction made from wormwood.
Essential oils have a high concentration, strong smell that repels insects. Not all products in this category are used to protect dogs. The best options are tea tree oil, lavender, juniper. The drug is applied to the palm, gently rubbed into the pet’s fur. It is not necessary to process the entire cover, you can use oil for the neck area, spine.
Decoctions and infusions made from geranium, thyme, oak bark, wormwood are used in preventive spraying of animal hair. You can increase their effectiveness by adding a few drops of essential oil. This treatment can be carried out before walking the dog, traveling to the forest, Park, after bathing the dog. Concentrated odors repel insects, exclude their localization in the wool.

Protection from ticks should be carried out regularly. Depending on the state of health, the age of the pet, the period of protection, you can choose the best drug. But there is no such means that would guarantee full protection, prevention of dogs from ticks also includes combing the hair and daily inspection of the pet after a walk.