How To Make A Cat Happy: Full Guide

Each owner wishes the pet a happy and carefree life. How to properly equip the house and organize the cat’s leisure time so that the four-legged friend does not experience discomfort, is happy and happy? Furry friends have certain needs that the owner should take into account when starting an animal in the house. Satisfying the cat’s desires is a difficult task, but it is also exciting and necessary.

Care and care

To make the cat feel happy, you must follow the basic rules of pet care.

  1. Feed the animal correctly. A balanced diet is the key to a pet’s well – being. A well-designed diet with a complex of vitamins and minerals will give your cat health for many years to come. The appearance of the animal will be well-groomed and beautiful.In pet stores today, you can choose ready-made balanced food for any breed. You only need to monitor the amount of daily allowance, so that the pet does not develop obesity. Wash the bowl thoroughly every day and pour clean, cool water. Compliance with the drinking regime is very important, especially in summer.
  2. Perform routine checkups at a veterinary clinic and follow the vaccination schedule. It is important to monitor the condition of the cat and respond in time to emerging health problems. If the cat began to lose weight, became aggressive or passive, stopped eating normally – these are signs of the disease. In this case, you should show your pet to a veterinarian. From the first months of life, it is important to carry out vaccination according to the vaccination calendar. Timely vaccinations will protect the cat from serious diseases in the future.
  3. Keep the apartment clean and the place where the cat is kept. Cats are clean animals. To maintain cleanliness, you need to regularly clean the toilet of a four-legged friend.The bedding in the bed should be changed once or twice a week. Since cats are very sensitive to odors, you need to keep the house clean. Regularly perform wet cleaning, especially carefully – during the molting period of the animal.
  4. Cats are not very fond of water, so you should only bathe in extreme cases. Furry friends perfectly clean the wool themselves. The owner can only help with combing hair, cutting claws and cleaning ears.
  5. Any animal needs attention. Try to communicate with the cat as often as possible. Take it in your hands, caress it, stroke it. Cats love petting and stroking. It is better to stroke the animal from head to tail. The most favorite places for stroking many cats are the ears and the place under the chin. Children should be taught how to properly care for the animal. Don’t let your child pull your pet’s tail or play with it against their will.
  6. Provide personal space. Although cats are predatory by nature, they love to sleep and need their own space for privacy. A pet should have a private quiet place in the house where no one can reach it and disturb it. Small boxes or special baskets are optimal for this purpose. Also, cats are willing to rest on high cabinets. You can build a small bed on the windowsill, four-legged friends like to watch birds and cars outside the window.

Following the above rules, the cat will feel happy in the house.

Entertainment for cats

Pet stores offer a wide selection of cat toys. These can be small cloth mice, birds, or toys with a clockwork mechanism. It is better not to buy a lot of toys at once, just two or three pieces will be enough for the first time. Be sure to buy a small ball, the cat will be happy to drive it around the apartment.

You should be careful when playing with a laser pointer. If light gets into the animal’s eyes, it contributes to the rapid destruction of the retina. In addition, the pet sees the game with a laser pointer as a hunt, but it can’t catch anything for objective reasons. This leads to stress, self-doubt, and dissatisfaction with the animal.

The house must have a scratching post so that the cat can sharpen its claws and not spoil the furniture and carpets. In the store you can buy a multi-tiered sports complex consisting of a sleeping place, a scratching post and many playgrounds. Some owners make such complexes on their own, and additionally attach shelves to the wall, along which the animal easily rises to the Cabinet. To make it more interesting for the cat to climb up, you can put some food on the upper tiers.

Another way to diversify the cat’s leisure time is to have another animal in the house. Cats often get along well with other Pets. Joint games can make your pet even happier.

Street walks

If you live in a country house, then the cat’s acquaintance with nature will not cause any special difficulties. It is enough to equip a small place in the garden, it is best if it is in the shade and hidden from the rain. Equip a special door for the cat so that it can freely enter and exit the garden.

Provide security measures in advance: if there are holes in the fence through which the cat can escape, be sure to close them. Let your pet hunt, run, jump and climb trees. This is the best entertainment for a cat on the street. Don’t forget to leave some food and drinking water in the garden, especially on your first walks.

If you live in a city, it is dangerous to let the animal go near busy highways or roadways. It is also necessary to make sure that the animal does not eat anything on the street. For a walk, you can buy a special leash-a harness on which to walk your pet. So you will be able to control the cat and at the same time will give her freedom of movement.

It’s good for cats to be outdoors. But some owners do not have the opportunity to let the animal go outside, especially in large cities. But there is a way out. It is enough to equip a place for festivities on the balcony. To do this, you can buy grass for cats in the store and put it in small pots. A four-legged friend will be happy with such a treat. You can put a high pedestal, and then the cat will be free to observe everything that happens on the street. The most important thing is to close the Windows so that the pet does not fall out.

The cat will be happy if you show care, affection and attention. Following all the above conditions and recommendations, you will be able to grow a beautiful, cheerful pet. And he will thank you with his loyalty, attention and love.