How to Give Pills to Dogs?

Many drugs prescribed to dogs for the treatment of various diseases are available in the form of tablets. Getting a pet to eat a tasteless drug is not easy. Sometimes taking medication causes real stress, both for the dog and for its owner. Well, if you need to give your pet just one tablet. But some treatment regimens involve regular intake. This requires finding ways to eliminate stress and make taking pills a simple process.

Basic recommendations for taking pills

Before starting to choose the method of safe administration of the drug, you must carefully read the instructions for the tablets. There are medications that must be taken before meals for high-quality assimilation. Some tablets can be consumed by the dog with food. Drugs with components that affect the mucous membranes of the digestive system can only be administered on a full stomach to avoid negative consequences.

When choosing the method of taking tablets, you need to take into account the individual characteristics of the pet. There are dogs that can swallow the drug while playing or training, some animals need to be given medicine with their favorite food or treat. It may be necessary to administer the drug with the use of force, fixation. It is important to find an option that reduces the risk of stress in the dog.

Taking the drug with food

If the recommendations for tablets indicate that they can be taken with food, this will simplify the treatment process. But do not think that it is enough just to put the drug in food. Dogs have a great nose, great taste buds. If she suspects something is wrong, she can refuse food or carefully “eat” delicious food, leaving the tablet untouched.

Representatives of large breeds often eat food in large chunks, without paying much attention to the chewing process. In this case, the tablet can be carefully inserted into a piece of meat or rolled into minced meat. There is a risk that the dog will solve the secret, eat the food, leaving the drug, like the bulldog from the movie “Operation “Y”, which Shurik wanted to put to sleep with sausage stuffed with sleeping pills.

A more reliable method is to grind the tablet and mix the powder with food. You must follow the following rules:

  • the food should be delicious;
  • the drug is stirred in a small portion;
  • the medicine is offered to a hungry pet.

In your favorite delicious food, it will be more difficult for the animal to recognize an unpleasant additive. A small portion offered to a hungry dog gives more guarantee that it will eat the entire dose. If you stir the tablet in a large amount of food, the dog after quenching a strong attack of hunger may feel a difference in taste, smell, and not finish the food. Therefore, the dosage will be violated.

You can use training or play for taking medications. For completed commands, dogs are given a treat. In it, and you need to disguise the tablet well. A pet who is passionate about the game, waiting for praise for completing the command, is likely to immediately swallow the treat, which is required in this case.

Forced medication without food

Some medications can not be taken with food, which is necessarily indicated in the instructions for the medicine. In this case, the task becomes more complicated. But it is necessary to solve it, since you can not violate the regulations. There are several options for force-feeding medication:

  • putting the tablet in the mouth;
  • infusion of an aqueous solution with a syringe;
  • the use of the Introducer.

You can make a dog swallow a pill. To do this, the animal, which is in a calm state, must be seated, lift its head, gently spread its jaws, put a tablet in its mouth, close it and make a light neck massage to stimulate swallowing movement. The drug should be placed on the root of the tongue. You can not put the pill in the throat, the dog may choke, he must swallow the medicine himself, in a natural movement. If the pet has eaten the tablet, it is not in the mouth, you need to immediately give a little water to remove the bitter taste, quality promotion of the drug.

You need to understand that not every dog will allow you to perform such manipulations. In this case, the procedure will require an assistant who will fix the animal, holding the front paws, sternum. A small dog can simply be wrapped in a blanket or towel.

Infusion of the drug with a syringe, Introducer

In the introduction of drugs, you can use a syringe without a needle. The tablet is crushed to a powder state, diluted with a small amount of water. The solution is collected in a syringe. The pet needs to open its mouth and send a stream of medicine to the root of the tongue. It is advisable to act quickly so that the dog does not have time to choose tactics of behavior for protection.

It is difficult to put a tablet on the root of the tongue or pour a solution from a syringe, if this is a strict dog that will not allow manipulations in the mouth, shows expressed aggression. The owner of such an animal should purchase a special tool called an Introducer. Its other name “tabledatamodel”. It is similar in design to a traditional syringe. But the tip is soft and rubbery. Not a needle is attached to it, but a medicinal capsule or tablet. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • the tablet is fixed in the tip;
  • it is inserted into the open mouth;
  • the plunger is pressed.

The drug gets exactly in the area of the root of the tongue, and the dog instinctively swallows it.

Recommendations for the correct administration of tablets

The correctness of the process of taking pills depends not only on the type of medicine, but also on the individual qualities of the animal. Much depends on the behavior of the owner, the literacy of performing manipulations. Experts give several recommendations that will help simplify this procedure and reduce the likelihood of stress for the animal.

  • You do not need to open the package, read the instructions, get the drugs out of the box, blister in the presence of a dog. These actions will later cause negative reactions that will complicate the process. If the tablet needs to be divided to get the right dose, this must be done without the pet noticing.
  • It is absolutely impossible to be nervous, to shout at the animal, to squeeze it with force, to beat it. The owner must be calm, balanced, otherwise the dog, having experienced stress, will start to break out, may bite. She will develop a real phobia, a panic fear of medication.
  • During the introduction of the pill with the dog you need to talk gently, praise him after eating the drug.
  • An excited pet should not be given medication. You need to wait until the dog calms down, feels safe.

The instructions attached to the tablets usually indicate the optimal time for taking. But if there are no recommendations in this regard, it is better to perform these procedures in the morning. Drugs that cannot be given with food must be forcibly administered before the first feeding. If you do this after eating, you may experience a gag reflex.

If you can’t eliminate stress in any way, you should consult a veterinarian. Perhaps there are analogues of the drug in other dosage forms.