How To Give a Dog Medication In Various Forms Of Release

If a dog is ill and needs to take medication, it is important to know how to do it correctly. It is unlikely that the pet will react favorably to the fact that you need to eat or drink a tasteless drug, and he will definitely not like the injections. Knowing some of the tricks and correct injection techniques will make the task easier.

How to give tablets, coated tablets and capsules

Orally (through the mouth), the dog is prescribed drugs in the form of tablets, capsules or dragees. Sometimes medications are prescribed in liquid form – solutions or suspensions. First, you can try a gentle method, when the medicine is mixed into the food, if there are no special instructions in the instructions.

If the dog has a good appetite, it will eat food with “stuffing” without noticing the trick. You can mix the medicine in meat, minced meat or offal, wet food. You can try to treat your pet in a playful way – make balls of meat or minced meat, put medicine in one of them. Let the dog catch the balls on the fly.

If the dog is smart enough and eats the food, leaving the tablet, capsule or dragee untouched, then you will have to act more harshly. To give medicine to a large dog, you will need an assistant who will hold it. If there is no assistant, the dog is called to go to the corner of the room, making it impossible to escape. Place a small breed pet on the table for convenience. Then proceed as follows:

  • one hand is placed on the bridge of the nose, grabbing the upper lips with the thumb and forefinger, lightly pressing;
  • when the dog opens its mouth, the middle finger is slightly pressed into the center of the lower jaw, the medicine is held in the second hand;
  • the dog raised his head, and then you need to push the medicine deeper. Ideally, it should be at the root of the tongue, then it will be impossible to spit it out;
  • next, you will have to close the dog’s mouth with your hands and wait until it swallows.

If the medicine sticks to the tongue, then take a syringe without a needle, draw water and pour it over the dog’s cheeks. Water will “wash away” the medicine.

How to give medicines in liquid form

With suspensions, syrups and diluted powders, the situation is more complicated – they are usually very unpleasant to the taste. The task is complicated by the fact that the drug in this form of release is easy to partially spill, and the dog will receive an incomplete dose.

The first thing to remember is that you can’t just pour the healing liquid into the open mouth. If the instructions for the drug do not indicate that it is taken on an empty stomach, then you can either dissolve it in a drink that the dog likes or again mix it into the food.

Another method involves the use of a special device – a dispenser. Having typed in the medicine, act as follows:

  • sit on the side of the dog;
  • with one arm slung over the region of the withers, to immobilize the head, keeping the pet’s lower jaw;
  • place the syringe between your lips without opening your mouth or sticking it behind your cheek;
  • slowly introduce the medicine.

The key to success is slow administration of the drug. Also, do not lift the patient’s head to speed up the drug’s entry into the throat. The dog may choke.

How to put a candle

Administration of the drug rectally will allow it to start acting faster and more gently – it does not have a negative effect on the liver. Candles (suppositories) can relieve inflammation and spasms, can be laxatives. Sometimes rectally administered anticonvulsant tablets.

You can insert a candle into the anus of a lying or standing dog. The procedure is as follows:

  • lubricate the surface of the anus with the end of the candle;
  • carefully insert the candle into the anal opening for 2-3 cm;
  • press the tail for a while so that the medicine does not come out.

If necessary, to facilitate the introduction of the suppository, it is moistened with water or smeared with vaseline. If the candle is large, or with severe inflammation, it can be crushed into a syringe without a needle, heated, smeared with vaseline and inserted into the anal opening.

How injections are made

Injections to dogs are made subcutaneously, intramuscularly and intravenously. The last method is intensive care, it is better that the injection is given by a veterinarian. If this is not possible, treat your pet only after consulting with them.

Subcutaneous injection in some cases requires preparation – sometimes you may need to cut the hair at the injection site. As a rule, you can stab anywhere, but it is better for the costal arch, on the ribs or at the withers. If you need to enter a large amount of medicine, then only the withers will do. In the course of the spinal column, the drug is not administered. The injection itself is easy to do – after treating the injection site with an alcohol solution, pull the skin fold and insert the needle into the resulting “house” at an acute angle. Massaging the injection site after the needle is removed is not necessary.

Intramuscular injections are given to dogs in the buttock area – the posterior-femoral and gluteal muscle groups are involved. If there is an injury in the pelvic area, you can put an injection in the shoulder muscle. The injection site is treated with an alcohol solution. The needle is inserted approximately 5 mm – the depth and angle of inclination depends on the fatness of the dog. No more than 5 ml of medication is administered at a time (you can use an insulin syringe with a thin needle). If you need to enter more, then the volume is divided into two doses and injected into different muscles.

As you can see, giving medicine to a pet at home is not so difficult. Complex methods of injecting drugs, for example, into the trachea or peritoneum, will require contacting a veterinarian. After an unpleasant procedure, do not forget to praise your pet and treat him to something delicious.