How to Get Rid of Cat Smell in The Apartment?

To make life in a new apartment work out well, the first cat is launched into the house. However, many pet lovers very often do not think about the fact that along with a fluffy pet, an unpleasant smell penetrates the house.

Filling room after room, the smell spreads throughout the apartment. Your guests wrinkle their noses when they cross the threshold of the apartment, and you yourself do not like to live in captivity of such “flavors”. How to quickly and reliably get rid of cat smell in the apartment? Let’s get this straight.

1. To detect and neutralize

Furry Pets like to mark their territory. Do you think these great leather shoes belong to you? Not at all, your cat thinks completely differently. So don’t be surprised if you find an unpleasant surprise in your shoes one morning. Cats can mark absolutely any part of the territory: carpets, sofas, armchairs, floor, clothes, shoes, toys and other things of the owners.

Following cat psychology, no pet will make their own surprises in front of the owner. After all, the cat understands that this will be followed by a very severe punishment. Therefore, very often the owners catch the “aroma”, but do not know how to find the place of the”surprise”. If your sense of smell did not allow you to find the “marked” area in the apartment, use a black light lamp. Turn off all the lights in the apartment and turn on the lamp, first directing it to possible affected areas. Traces of cat urine will appear in the dark as yellow spots.

2. An unequal battle with the cat’s smell

After the traces of the feline “crime” were discovered, we begin to act. First of all, you need to thoroughly absorb all the liquid with old towels or Newspapers.

A useful tip! Try to completely remove traces of cat urine. Furry Pets have an excellent nose, and if the cat smells even the slightest hint of the remains of its surprise, it will return to this place again and again. Today, special tools have appeared on store shelves that allow you to “confuse” the smell of a cat and scare the animal away from the place of “random toilet”.

After you eliminate all the liquid, we begin to fight the smell. For this purpose, ordinary vinegar is perfect. This product perfectly neutralizes ammonia in cat urine. Mix one part vinegar and two parts warm water and apply the solution to the carpet.

This is important! If your pet has marked not only the carpet, but also your clothes, do not try to throw away your favorite thing, because it can still get rid of the unpleasant smell. Mix two parts of warm water and one part of vinegar and soak the item for a couple of hours. Then wash the product as usual.

If you have baking soda in your kitchen, apply it to the stain. Having excellent deodorizing properties, the product will perfectly repel an unpleasant smell. Getting rid of the smell does not mean completely cleaning the surface of bacteria and other microorganisms. To do this, mix one-fourth of a Cup of hydrogen peroxide with a drop of dishwashing liquid. Carefully apply the resulting solution to the stain. After all manipulations, gently vacuum the carpet.

If the cat has done its business on upholstered furniture-treat it with a vinegar solution. Then vacuum it.

3. Eliminate the cause of the smell – in consultation with the veterinarian

Removing the smell from the apartment is half the battle, but getting rid of unwanted cat surprises is the solution. Make an appointment with the vet. Consult a specialist about why the cat marks the apartment. Do not blame the animal, because you are responsible for it. Try to find a solution to the problem together with the veterinarian.

The cat in the house is a cute purr at your feet, smooth fur and loyal eyes. Try to make sure that both you and your animal can live in harmony with each other. Then the problem of an unpleasant smell in the apartment will never arise.