How to Follow The Optimal Schedule For Washing A Dog?

It is impossible to give a universal answer to the question of how often a dog can be washed. Several factors are taken into account in determining the optimal schedule of water procedures. It depends on the breed of dog, the specifics of the coat, the characteristics of the content, etc.

The main principles of dog hygiene

Hygiene rules, along with the diet, walks in the fresh air, activity, have a direct impact on maintaining the health of the dog.

The complex of hygiene principles includes the care of hair and skin, eyes and ears, paws and teeth. Their condition should be evaluated regularly.

Attention: excessive zeal, consisting in too frequent bathing, can harm the dog’s body.

Pets that live in the open air, in a booth or aviary, do not need to wash with cosmetics. Most often, it is enough for them to swim in natural reservoirs, washing with water from a hose in extreme heat.

A good option for a hygienic procedure is dry cleaning of wool with snow in the winter months. Riding on clean covers, the dog removes dirt from the coat, skin, fleas, and other parasites. But you need to minimize contact with snow mixed with reagents used for processing pedestrian sidewalks and trails. After walking on them, the dog’s paws should be thoroughly washed.

The specificity of the washing of dogs of different breeds

The main purpose of bathing is to cleanse the hair and skin. Home decorative dogs that do not go outside regularly and relieve themselves in a tray do not need frequent procedures. You do not need to frequently wash representatives of smooth-haired breeds, Pets with hard hair, short undercoat. This cover has the property of self-cleaning. You can not often carry out the procedure with a tendency to permanent hair loss. This feature has, for example, French bulldogs.

All dogs of short-haired breed, Dalmatians, boxers, Dobermans can be cleaned “Express” method that minimizes water consumption. In a glass, a tablespoon of vinegar and vodka is diluted. The sponge is wetted with a solution, wrung out, and used for wiping wool. This method perfectly eliminates dirt and odors.

In the care of puppies that are under forced home quarantine, washing is not used, washing is enough. Without a reason, you do not need to bathe elderly dogs that have reduced skin elasticity, wool. Washing with shampoo will worsen their condition.

Regular dog washing

Veterinarians recommend washing Pets with shampoo and soap no more than once a month. After walking, you need to wash your paws with water or wipe them with a damp sponge or cloth.

It should be remembered that detergents have a negative effect on the epidermis. They eliminate the natural lipid layer, which leads to dryness and reduced protective properties.

Squeamishness makes some owners carefully wash their Pets to eliminate the specific dog smell. These actions have the opposite effect. The destruction of natural defenses causes the sebaceous glands to work more actively, which leads to a more pronounced smell. In addition, too frequent washing activates shedding and causes skin diseases.

Attention: Experts recommend frequently washing dogs with therapeutic shampoos, if they are prone to skin diseases, allergic reactions.

No less dangerous is the other extreme, the refusal to wash. It should be noted that the dirt on the wool:

  • suspends its growth;
  • leads to a stall;
  • complicates the combing;
  • degrades the aesthetic appeal.

Owners of elite breed dogs participating in shows related to the show class do not have any questions about the optimal washing schedule. Thorough cleaning is carried out before each “appearance”.

How to wash dogs correctly, recommended products?

You can entrust the dog’s washing to salon specialists, but most owners prefer to perform the procedure themselves. At the same time, you need to follow certain rules.

The preparatory process

A long-haired pet should be combed before washing, and old hairs should be removed. This will make bathing and drying easier. You also need to remove stray tangles, prevent tangling. In preparation, you can use Ring 5. the Spray moisturizes the wool, eliminates the pulling out of hairs.

You can wash the dog in a shallow trough, a bath, the bottom of which is covered with a cloth, a Mat. Anti-slip coatings will provide the dog with stability and eliminate stress.

Water when washing should be comfortable for the pet, the optimal temperature is 35-40°C.

Washing a dog

There is no guarantee that the dog will enjoy the bathing process. It is necessary to carry out the procedure in clothes with long sleeves that prevent the appearance of scratches from dog claws.

There are a few more recommendations from experts:

  • eliminate drafts;
  • use a collar or leash;
  • do not wash the dog’s head after cupping the ears;
  • put old sheets and a blanket on the bathroom floor to soften the jump if the pet breaks free.

Attention: when bathing the dog, you can not be rude, aggressive, you need to encourage, praise the pet. After the procedure, you should encourage the dog with a treat.

Choosing a cosmetic product

Illiterate choice of shampoo can cause dermatitis, allergic reactions, hair loss. It is not possible to recommend a specific shampoo for all dogs. Choose a shampoo that takes into account the individual characteristics of the dog.

Important components for dog shampoo are egg yolk, lecithin, lanolin. Thanks to these components, you can maintain the normal structure of the dermis and coat.

Attention: you can not use anti-flea shampoos for preventive purposes. These products contain toxic components.

Use of shampoos

You do not need to pour pure shampoo on your dog. It is diluted with water in a small container. The procedure sequence is as follows:

  • the hair is well moistened;
  • use a sponge soaked in soap solution to treat the legs and torso;
  • thoroughly wash the armpits, groin area, and anal area;
  • the head rises up, is washed, excluding water in the nose, eyes, ears;
  • all areas are thoroughly rinsed with a shower to completely remove the soap solution.

Attention: The cleanliness of washing the wool is checked by stretching it between your fingers. With high-quality dirt removal, it creaks, there is no sliding.

When washing, you can use conditioners, balms that provide protection from UV rays and prevent wool from falling off. These cosmetics are also mixed with water.

The procedure of drying

In drying the wool, you will need several waffle towels. After washing:

  • give the dog a shake;
  • press the wool;
  • blot it with towels.

To dry long-haired Pets, you can use a hair dryer. At this time, the dog should not be combed. Until the coat is completely dry, the dog should not be allowed to lie on its side to prevent unsightly styling of the hairs.

In the range of cosmetics for Pets there are shampoos-powders for dry washing. They can’t be used regularly. These products are only used for urgent cleaning in the absence of water.