How to Determine The Time For Cat Euthanasia

When we get a cat, we don’t think that one day we will have to say goodbye to it. There are times when the pet is better to give the last help, because it will be better. The decision to euthanize should be based on the physical and psychological state of the animal.

Physical condition assessment

Before making an important decision about the fate of a sick or aged pet, observe it. Analyze her physical condition.

  • How much does she weigh and does she eat well
    Problems with teeth in older cats interfere with eating. Animals tend to refuse to eat. Refusal to eat also happens if the cat’s joints or stomach ache. If the cat vomits after eating – it loses weight, weakens. There may be many reasons for this, but still, this is a reason to think about the future of the animal.
  • If she can drink
    Older cats need more water. The cat should be able to approach its own bowl. If the animal is very painful, it will not move from its place, experiencing thirst, and dehydration is fraught with health consequences.
  • Does it go to the tray
    Cats are known for their cleanliness and suffer if they can’t clean their fur on their own. If from constant urinary incontinence or diarrhea, the coat loses its attractiveness and smells bad – this causes the animal discomfort. A cat that suddenly stops walking on the tray requires the owner’s attention.
  • Is there pain at rest
    Pain due to movement deprives the cat of the ability to move, but painful sensations sometimes bother and at rest. It is very important for the animal to be at rest, without pain. Otherwise, it suffers and becomes more aggressive. If your pet is constantly in pain, think about the quality of her life.

Each of the above signs is not a direct indication of euthanasia. If they are present together, this is a reason to think about the quality of life of the animal.

Consultation with a veterinarian

With a significant deterioration in the health of the cat, do not rush to make a decision yourself. Go to the vet, especially if you haven’t visited for a long time. It is advisable to have your own doctor, to whom you constantly bring the animal. He will be able to see how the cat’s condition has changed.

At the reception, the doctor will examine the animal, assess its physical and psychological condition, and draw conclusions. Perhaps, as a result of the examination, it turns out that a sick cat can be prescribed treatment to slow the progression of the disease. In some cases, severe pain can no longer be relieved with medications.

If the cat was ill, but at the reception it behaves briskly – these are signs of stress. Mention this in a conversation with the veterinarian, telling how the animal behaves at home. Be honest – the life of your beloved pet is at stake. To voice your opinion about euthanasia, a specialist needs to know everything about the health of the cat. The final decision is made by the owner of the animal – veterinarians do not have the right to insist or decide for him.

When is euthanasia recommended

The veterinarian will not force a decision on euthanasia, they are not interested in offering euthanasia as an alternative to treatment, if it is possible. Moreover, it is not made at the request of the owner. To euthanize an animal, there must be serious prerequisites.

Situations where the veterinarian may suggest putting the cat to sleep:

  • incurable disease – cancer, etc.
  • injuries incompatible with life;
  • fatal pathologies of internal organs;
  • infection with a dangerous disease – rabies, panleukopenia, etc.

Age-related and sick animals may have the following ailments, in which you should think about euthanasia:

  • inability to eat and digest food independently;
  • extreme exhaustion, loss of ability to move;
  • inability to maintain hygiene;
  • the presence of open, suppurated tumors, lack of response to treatment with antibiotics;
  • incessant cramps, pain that cannot be relieved by medication;
  • lethargic state, coma.

Tipping points

The owner of a cat with a serious illness needs to decide which moment is considered a turning point. Even animals with poor health, age-related cats tend to have good days. You are not ready to make a serious decision just because the pet sometimes becomes very bad? But prepare for the fact that the moment of need to make a decision may come in the future. If there are many more bad days than good ones, the animal will suffer severe pain that cannot be relieved by medications, and its quality of life will deteriorate significantly – this is the moment.

Parting with a pet is painful, but attempts to prolong her life are not always appropriate. It is more important that the cat lives a full life, and does not exist. If the quality of life has greatly decreased, euthanasia becomes the only salvation of the doomed animal. If a cat is suffering a lot and medicine is powerless to help it, you have the right to make a decision to ease its suffering in the only way available.

How to survive the euthanasia of a pet

The most important thing is to perceive euthanasia as an act of humanism. You save your favorite animal from severe daily suffering and give the opportunity to leave the world with dignity. You will remember your cat relatively healthy and happy, not writhing in agony. When you decide to euthanize an animal in a desperate situation, you are acting in the best interests of the animal, and they are more important than your own.

At first, owners of euthanized cats suffer from feelings of guilt. Don’t let it take over. Thinking that you have taken on too much will only do harm. You made the right decision, which saved the animal from suffering, which it is not possible to transfer. Avoiding the procedure of euthanasia on the recommendation of veterinarians, you would act selfishly.


Perhaps you will find the strength to take another animal into the house. It will not replace a lost friend, but it will distract you and fill your life with a new meaning – you will need to take care of a new pet. And the cat that went to the rainbow will always remain in your heart.