How to Clean Up The Dog’s Excrement On The Street?

Many dog owners are skeptical about collecting dog excrement. Some believe that it is not necessary to clean up after the dog, while others, on the contrary, are careful and carefully monitor the cleanliness of the environment. If you are responsible for taking care of your pet, you need to learn how to clean up their feces. What tools you will need and how to do it correctly – read the article.

Why clean up the dog’s excrement?

The answer is simple – to keep the environment clean. By law, dog walking must be performed on specially designated areas. Owners of Pets living in Moscow and the Moscow region, according to local legislation, must necessarily clean the excrement. What can not be said about small provincial cities, where the rules of walking are often not regulated, and dog owners are dismissive of this topic.

Currently, the situation with walking and cleaning for four-legged Pets has significantly improved compared to a few years earlier, when there was no free, not polluted area of grass in recreation parks.

Well-mannered and responsible owners will not leave a “surprise” from their dog on the pedestrian path. To this end, pet stores began selling various devices for collecting excrement, such as garbage bags, scoops, paper napkins and odor neutralizers.

Do dog feces pose a danger?

Biological waste releases toxic substances and, in addition to an unpleasant smell, has a negative impact on the environment and human health. In addition, feces contain larvae of worms and other dangerous parasites. An adult or child who is in close proximity to the excrement can catch a dangerous disease. Also, larvae and fecal decomposition products can get into the ground water, and this carries a certain threat. In addition, your pet may also suffer from walking and catch a parasitic disease.

To prevent contamination, you need to carefully monitor your pet and clean up after it. In addition, special containers for collecting dog feces must be installed in every city, every district, and every public dog walking area.

Tools for collection of faeces

In a pet store, you can buy various tools for collecting dog excrement, for example:

  1. Special packages. To collect feces, you can use ordinary bags, but this is not always convenient. Since the biological secretions of dogs have an unpleasant smell, it is worth buying packages with flavored fragrance.
  2. Special scoop. Suitable for those who do not like to clean up feces with their hands or the elderly. Pet stores offer a wide selection of scoops with various attachments: a rake for collecting feces from the lawn, a shovel for hard, flat surfaces, and a clip for grabbing and lifting.
  3. Paper napkins. If you want to protect the environment from a large amount of polyethylene, then you can use paper napkins and disposable paper cups as a means for collecting feces. Of course, this is not very convenient, especially if we talk about large rocks, but it will significantly reduce the amount of discarded polyethylene.

Dispose of bags of feces in trash containers or special receivers. If you have a breed of dog that you don’t need to walk outside with, then you can throw your excrement down the toilet at home. Pet stores sell special bags that can be flushed into the sewer, but their cost is significantly higher than ordinary polyethylene analogues.

How to clean up feces correctly?

So, when collecting excrement, there should be no difficulties. Everything is very simple and clear. Put the bag on the brush like a glove. Then, grab the fecal matter, turn out the bag and tie it. Do not let the dog off the leash while collecting excrement.

If you forgot the bags at home or they ran out, you can use paper napkins. The principle of collecting excrement with a napkin is exactly the same as when collecting it with a plastic bag.

If you remove feces with a scoop, then first you take a suitable nozzle. If the dog left a “surprise” on the paved road, a nozzle with a spatula will do. After removing the feces, carefully place it in the bag. Feces from grass is easiest to remove with a rake attachment, with their help you can pre-collect the excrement in one pile, and then put it in a bag.

Unlike bags, collecting feces with a scoop is not very convenient, since the tool will have to be carried with you on every walk. In addition, after walking, it must be thoroughly washed with a disinfectant, and this is not very convenient, especially in the morning, when many are in a hurry to work or study.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in cleaning up after a pet. Most importantly, after a walk, be sure to wash your hands with soap – this will protect you from harmful microbes and bacteria.

Fines for dog feces

If you are going for a walk with a dog, you should clearly know where you can and can’t walk with your pet. For walking a dog in the wrong place, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, a fine of 5 thousand rubles is provided. This is a fairly large amount, so you should think carefully before going for a walk with your pet in the wrong place.

This fine assumes that responsible owners will not walk their Pets in recreation parks, as well as playgrounds and other public places, and will begin to clean up the animals ‘ feces and dispose of them in designated areas.

Timely collection of dog feces is not a difficult process. It will help you avoid many problems. If every owner cleans up after their dog, cities and playgrounds will become much cleaner. And walking in the Park with children, you can not worry about the fact that the child will fall and get dirty.