How to Choose a Muzzle For a Dog: Rules

When getting a dog, be prepared to buy all the necessary “dowry”. This list will also include a muzzle. The range of models in pet stores is so large that you first need to decide which one is right for your pet, taking into account the characteristics of the breed and size of the dog.

Why does a dog need a muzzle

Owners of small breeds of dogs often doubt the need to buy a muzzle. However, the rules for keeping and walking a dog clearly prescribe to have it. Only in this form can a dog appear in public without posing a threat to people and other animals.

What else do you need a dog muzzle for?

  • Dogs not only bite, but also frighten others. Even small dogs are dangerous for small children. Therefore, do not break the rules of walking.
  • The dog will not be able to pick up food and dangerous objects from the ground, and will not suffer from the malicious intent of doghunters.
  • At the reception of a veterinarian, you can safely conduct an examination and other manipulations.
  • With a muzzle, the dog is allowed to travel on public transport, including long-distance.

What material should I give preference to?

Muzzles for dogs are made of different materials. Each case will have its own pros and cons. If you choose to proceed from the specific needs and goals for which you have purchased a muzzle. Will it only be walking in public places or something else? Also consider the breed and character of the dog. The General rule is that the more aggressive and larger the dog, the more reliable the muzzle should be.

Metal models – look like a strong metal mesh on the dog’s face, heavy, suitable for large and aggressive breeds, have leather inserts. You can wear it for walks, for training as part of training, it is possible to give a treat for encouragement without removing it. The metal muzzle is durable, holds its shape well, does not interfere with the dog’s breathing and licking, but the dog will not be able to remove it on its own. The product is easy to care for – just wipe the metal dry so that it does not rust, and lubricate the leather inserts with camphor oil.


  • in winter, the tongue and lips may stick to the metal;
  • when worn for a long time, the dog may RUB the muzzle at the points of contact with the skin;
  • the dog can pick up from the ground.

Plastic models – easy and convenient to use, well-ventilated, do not look aggressive and are designed for non-aggressive dogs of small and medium size. Plastic, unlike metal, is not afraid of moisture, the product can be used in wet weather and even bathe in it. However, in severe frosts, such a muzzle is not worn. Care for a plastic muzzle is reduced to washing after a walk to remove dirt and saliva. If you wear it to training or to the vet, then you can treat the dog to a treat as a reward, without removing the muzzle.


  • rubs the muzzle on long walks;
  • afraid of strong impacts, may crack;
  • the dog can pick up from the ground;
  • short-lived.

Leather models are available in two versions – blind and mesh. Both options are light, but otherwise have a lot of differences. A deaf muzzle is suitable for dogs of large and medium aggressive breeds (except long – haired), while a mesh muzzle is suitable for non-aggressive medium-sized Pets. In a deaf leather muzzle, the dog will not pick up anything from the ground and it will not be possible to feed it, unlike a mesh one. Deaf models are less durable, as the straps are frayed over time. They are less ventilated, and therefore are not suitable for hot weather and active training, but they are suitable for walking on wet and cold days. For a walk and training, it is better to buy a mesh muzzle made of leather. Care for the leather product is simple – removal of saliva and dirt after a walk, periodic lubrication with camphor oil.

Fabric (nylon) muzzles – the simplest and cheapest, while unreliable, suitable for all dogs. In it, the dog will not be able to bite, but it will easily pinch its teeth, and with some effort it will completely remove the protection. This muzzle is not intended for walking, but for short-term wear, such as a visit to the veterinarian or transportation in transport. Care for fabric muzzles is reduced to washing after use.

Selection by size

It is best to go shopping for a muzzle with your dog to try on your favorite models. If you go without a pet, then agree with the seller about the possibility of replacement.

Properly selected muzzle does not RUB the dog’s nose and does not bite into the muzzle. Muzzles are not purchased “for growth” – proceed from the current size of the dog and change the model as it grows. The length of the product should not extend beyond the animal’s nose, so as not to fall into the field of view and not interfere with it.

The choice of a suitable model is made based on two parameters. It is necessary to measure:

  • length of the bridge of the nose – drop a centimeter below eye level and measure the distance between the bridge of the nose and the tip of the nose;
  • circumference (circumference) of the muzzle – drop a centimeter below eye level, measure the circumference of the closed mouth. To make the dog comfortable in a muzzle and with an open mouth, add 3-7 cm to the resulting figure.

When taking measurements, the dog should stand still, keep its mouth closed, and breathe evenly.

What is the correct muzzle?

The dog should be comfortable to wear a muzzle, the product should not interfere with free breathing. In a well-chosen muzzle, the dog does not wheeze or make a whistling sound when breathing. The product is held loosely, fits loosely to the muzzle, but also does not hang out, does not put pressure on the nose and eye area. There should not be a lot of belts, so as not to get confused when putting on a muzzle. One or two belts are quite enough for a calm dog, for restless dogs and Pets who constantly intend to remove the muzzle better than three straps.

When choosing a muzzle, pay attention to the quality of tailoring. Nothing should stick out anywhere – threads, fishing lines, burrs. The straps should be strong and not stretched. The cost of muzzles depends not only on the material, but also on the brand. With a limited budget, save wisely. The main thing is that the dog was comfortable and the product was really strong. In the correct, sized muzzle, the dog will not experience discomfort. You will prove yourself as a responsible owner, you will be able to appear with your pet in public places and even travel.