How to Choose a Dog Scratcher

Dog care includes cutting the claws. You can contact a professional, or you can do it at home with a special device. It remains to figure out which model to buy, and how they differ from each other.

Types of clippers

Ordinary scissors for cutting dog claws are not suitable, because you will not be able to save money on the tool. Otherwise, you will injure the dog. Claw cutters can be purchased at pet stores.

The main selection criterion is the size of your pet. For large dogs, choose only wire cutters. For small children, you can choose any model, but it is best to buy a guillotine. But cat scratchers are not suitable for small dogs.

  • Scissors are the simplest model in design, but not in use. It looks like a regular pair of scissors, but has rounded edges where the claw will pass;
  • Pliers – a large articulated claw cutter with a sharp Crescent-shaped blade that looks like pliers. It operates on the principle of scissors. A spring is provided between the handles, which automatically pushes them apart when the claw is cut off. This way, you don’t have to make extra effort.
  • A guillotine claw cutter is a small tool consisting of a movable and a fixed part. The work surface is a circle with a hole where the claw is placed. The cutting part moves along the perpendicular working plane of the surface. The blade that cuts the claw comes out when you press the handle. The guillotine is convenient to use due to the limiter – the claw will not lie further than necessary, which means that the dog will not be injured. These models are ideal for novice dog breeders without sufficient experience in cutting claws.

For processing already trimmed claws, some dog owners use an electric claw cutter or grinder. You can use it to cut down hard claws of any thickness. The main thing is that they are not too long, otherwise it is very inconvenient to wield such a claw. This tool makes the cut line as round as possible.

Selection criteria

There are several criteria for choosing a high-quality scratcher. Pay attention to:

  • blade – it should be sharpened so that the claw is cut off, and not squeezed or stratified. A good scratcher blade will leave a smooth and smooth cut. There should be no burrs on the cutting edges of the blade;
  • handles – they must be strong and reliable. Choose models with rubber pads on metal handles. This way your fingers won’t slip;
  • size – start not only from the size of the dog, but also from the size of your hand. The claw should be comfortable to hold. If the model is too small, it will be inconvenient to use.

Well, if the pet store will allow you to try the selected model in action. Take your pet with you and check how the tool cuts. If the claw is cut off, and not split, the steel is of high quality, well sharpened.

The issue price

The cost of a dog scratcher depends on many parameters. The price is affected by the material, type and size of the tool. The most budget models will cost 200-300 rubles, more expensive – 600-700 rubles, and prices for large secateurs reach 1000-1500 rubles. The grinder can be found on sale at a price of about 1000 rubles.

When choosing a claw cutter, do not save money. Trust well-known manufacturers with reliable products. Such a claw cutter will serve your pet for more than one year, and in the process of using it will not injure it, because the blade will be of high quality. Cheap nail cutters will quickly blunt the cutting part, and you will have to change the tool. Otherwise, the dog’s claws will not be cut off, but stratified. High-quality steel will not rust quickly.

The other extreme is to take expensive professional tools used by groomers for home use. It is enough to choose a high-quality claw cutter from a well-established manufacturer in the middle price segment. A large selection of models for small and large dogs is available in online stores. If you buy from a pet store, ask the seller to recommend the most popular model.

How to use a claw cutter

Having decided on the choice of a claw cutter, it remains to learn how to work with it. Follow the instructions:

  • sit against the light, take the dog’s paw in your hand;
  • gently press down on the pad to make the claw come out;
  • examine the claw in the light – you will see where the blood vessels pass – you can not touch them;
  • you need to cut the claw at a right angle in a few movements;

When cutting the dog’s claws, take your time. Every couple of claws is worth pausing, if you need to calm the pet. In case of haste, there is a risk to cut a lot at once and capture the “nerve”. The dog will feel pain, and in the future the procedure will be associated with pain. If you still hit a nerve – stop, comfort your pet, play with it. Return to the haircut in about an hour and be especially careful. When the haircut is finished, take a special file and trim the edges of the claws.

To perform a haircut more professionally, it makes sense to take the dog to the vet for the first time to observe his actions. Having learned from this experience, you will be able to carefully handle dog claws at home.