How to Choose a Dog For a Child: Character And Breed

Almost every parent is faced with the moment when the child begins to ask for a dog. “I will take care of him, and in General I will behave better,” the baby promises. And even if parents understand that it is unlikely that their child will be able to meet the promises, it is still worth thinking about buying a four-legged one.

Why do I need to get a dog?

If a child asks to have a dog, it means that he has a need to take care of someone. And this is very useful for character education. The presence of a dog at home will form a sense of responsibility and love in your son or daughter.

It often happens that children trust the dog with all their secrets and problems. In addition, the child’s conversations with the pet will help attentive parents to know more about the life of their child.

Of course, when parents think about buying a pet, they do not attach importance to these facts. They are afraid that there will be chaos in the apartment, which they themselves will have to clean up. If you are one of these parents, you need to pay special attention to what benefits the appearance of a dog can bring to your child. And you will understand that there are much more advantages.

Psychologists have determined that a dog can teach your children several important moral and ethical qualities:

  1. honesty;
  2. tolerance;
  3. loyalty;
  4. responsibility.

And experienced parents who decide to get a dog know that such an energetic animal will help children to get away from the computer more often and spend more time in the fresh air instead of in the apartment.

Now that we have decided that a dog is necessary in the family, we need to decide which breeds of dogs are suitable for children.

How to choose a dog?

Before you get a pet in the apartment, you need to consider many facts. First, the dog’s weight should not exceed the weight of a child. Otherwise, unpleasant situations may occur that can injure the baby.

Second, the age of children is important. Too young children may unknowingly cause pain to the puppy, and the puppy may scratch or even bite.

Gender is also important. If you have a boy, a large dog will suit him. You can fool around with it and run around. And for a girl, it’s better to have a small dog that you can hold in your arms and cuddle.

Which breed is definitely not suitable?

This list includes breeds bred by specialists for protection. This is a Doberman or Rottweiler. Despite the fact that they are well trained, in such breeds there is still some aggression, which in some cases can be directed against the owners.

Also, do not take small children Chihuahua, miniature Pinscher or Pomeranian. These cute little dogs are very picky! They do not like to sit on their hands and are difficult to train. And this is a big minus if they live in an apartment.

Who should I take?

There are breeds that are just meant for kids! And they are not so few. Let’s briefly describe some of them.

  1. Poodle. This is, first of all, a female dog. She is very stylish and graceful, smart and kind. Such a dog will never attack, because it is too friendly. In addition, it is active, so it will run with your child around the apartment, parks and alleys of the city.
  2. Beagle. These are very cute dogs! Their eyes radiate devotion. Your child will have love at first sight with him. The Beagle is cheerful and nimble. And he loves his master very much.
  3. Labrador Retriever. His vivacity and good mood, in which he always remains, will win not only the child, but also his entire family. In addition, it is a very smart and quick-witted dog.
  4. Irish setter. They’re charmers. Such a dog will certainly become the best companion for children. Constant walks and games are important for the pet, so it is ideal for boys.
  5. Bichon Frise. These cute dogs can easily be taught various commands. Therefore, the child will be interested in it. However, these Pets need special care, because their hair, like a human’s, never stops growing. But you can do all sorts of interesting hairstyles.

Cute four-legged pet is sure to become the best friend not only for your child, but also for the whole family.