How to Choose a Carrier For Small Dogs

Owners of Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers and other small-breed dogs, along with other necessary items, often buy a carrier. A small and cozy house will give your pet a sense of security, and in some cases it is simply necessary. You just need to know what to focus on when choosing a suitable model.

Why do I need a carrier?

There are many cases when carrying can be useful. First of all, these are long-distance trips. For example, a passenger with a dog without a carrier will not be allowed on the plane. It is also useful in the following cases:

  • when visiting the veterinarian, that is already stressful for the animal. It is better not to contact four-legged patients there. An injured or sick dog will be more comfortable on the litter in the carrier than in the hands of the owner. This is especially important if you need to ensure the correct position of the bandaged parts of the body;
  • to participate in exhibitions, the animal can always hide from the noise and prying eyes in its house;
  • when visiting public places, the owner and pet will be allowed to enter, for example, a Museum;
  • on walks – the carrier will save you in case of slush on the street and from contact with aggressive animals, if a large dog is coming towards you;
  • when going to visit – the animal will have a mini-booth that protects it from unnecessary attention;
  • if the dog needs to be left unattended for a short time – it will not cause harm, will not suffer and will not be lost.

For the fair sex, a beautiful dog carrier becomes a stylish accessory. The main thing is not to save on convenience, but to choose a model that meets all the requirements.

Soft or hard?

All carriers are divided into two large groups – soft and hard. The first group includes all kinds of fabric bags (including on wheels) and backpacks, and the second – plastic containers.

Owners of tiny dogs can choose a soft or hard model – based on goals and preferences. For example, in a soft bag, the dog will be more comfortable, and the owner will be more comfortable to carry due to its compact size. For larger dogs, you should buy a plastic container. It is mandatory if you travel long distances by road, rail, or fly.

If you do not plan long trips with your dog and you are moving around the city with your pet, it is advisable to choose a soft bag with a handle over your shoulder or on wheels to roll it. In the latter case, pay attention to the wheels were strong.

When choosing a carrier, consider the weight of your pet. There are models up to 10 kg, there are up to 5-8 kg. If you are the owner of a large dog, then you should look at hard containers.

Soft carrying: backpack, sling, bag

For miniature dogs, a backpack or backpack box is ideal. There are many different models in open or closed versions. The closed model has holes for ventilation and a small window for viewing. And if such a backpack is additionally equipped with a net, then it will be safe for the pet to move. Open backpacks may have holes for sticking out their paws. The backpack is best suited if the animal has a calm character and can be located behind the owner without worrying.

If a small pet needs to see the owner at the time of movement, then a small sling bag with a shoulder strap will help out. A sling is a carrier for dogs weighing up to 8 kg. It is chosen by active people who walk a lot, go on Hiking trips and do not want to part with their pet. So that a tired dog can rest, it is placed in a sling. In this case, the view will not be front as in a backpack, but side. If necessary, the sling can be worn as a backpack, not fixed on the shoulder, but turned over behind the back. These models of carriers are more convenient than many backpacks – the dog can lie down. But the sling is only for small breeds.

There are carrier bags on sale-they look like regular bags that are carried by the handles. Thanks to the detachable sidewall, the dog can stick his head out and watch.

Hard plastic carriers

Many dog breeders appreciated the strength and practicality of plastic carriers. High-quality plastic is non-toxic and does not cause allergies, it will not smell unpleasant. The boxes are well ventilated due to the mesh on the door. The practicality of hard carrying is that it can be placed on dirty ground or on a wet floor – it will easily wash after use.

When choosing a hard container, you need to make sure that the locks are secure. Some models have double locks, which allows you to use them for air travel with a pet. It is also important to choose the model according to the size of the dog. It should be able to be inside in full growth.

The optimal height is the dog’s height plus 10 cm. Large “reserves” in width and length do not need to be done, so that the pet is not too shaken inside during movement. It is enough if it can freely turn around in a 360-degree carrier.

Plastic containers are good because inside you can equip a small dog with a comfortable corner. There will fit a soft bedding or pillow, a bowl, a drinking bowl, and even toys. In such a house, the pet will be hidden from prying eyes, and will be able to observe what is around through a mesh door.

Remember that carrying is not a prison for a dog. When choosing the right model, you make sure that your little pet moves comfortably with you. Do not skimp on the quality of the product, and it will serve you for many years.