False Pregnancy in Dogs: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

False pregnancy, or Li is anomalously strongly, the dogs — not a disease or a deviation from the norm. This is considered to be a psychophysiological condition caused by hormonal status.

Reasons for false security

This condition is typical for dogs and other mammals. It has a special trigger mechanism developed by nature over millennia of natural selection. To ensure the survival of the pack, the maximum survival rate of puppies is necessary. To do this, the bitches had to give birth at the same time, so that when the nurse died, the puppy had a “mother” to replace it, who could feed it.

Over time, even those bitches who were not pregnant began to show signs of pregnancy up to lactation. If necessary, they could take the place of the mother and feed the puppy, ensuring the future survival and very existence of the pack.

What breeds are susceptible to

It is impossible to identify individual breeds that are more susceptible to this condition than others. Pseudo-pregnancy can occur both in large service dogs and in small indoor dogs.


Signs of false schennosti occur after about 4-9 weeks since the last estrus. In this case, the animal may not even participate in mating.

Especially confusing for owners is the manifestation of the condition after mating. The fact that their bitch did not get pregnant in the mating, and the puppies can not wait, they find out very late, because by all signs they think that the dog is “in position”.

The main signs of the condition are the following:

  1. The loop is enlarged, and there may be discharge.
  2. Swelling of the mammary glands, their increase in volume.
  3. Changing the color of the mammary glands.
  4. The onset of lactation, that is, the release of milk.
  5. Loss of appetite.
  6. Change in behavior.

The last symptom is especially clearly characterizes the level of changes in the female’s body. She can start creating a nest, collecting various items in it, mostly toys that represent her non-existent puppies. The dog’s behavior changes dramatically.

It can become aggressive, even capable of biting the host if it gets close to lying down, or it falls into a depressive, depressed state.

Diagnostics in a veterinary clinic

If there are characteristic symptoms or when waiting for a failed delivery, the bitch should be brought to the clinic and an ultrasound should be performed. This examination will immediately show whether there is a gap, or the uterus is empty, and the pregnancy is false.

Treatment method and prognosis

This condition must be treated, but medication is not always necessary. To begin with, you can try to cope with simple measures:

  1. Limit water in the dog’s diet by converting it to natural products.
  2. Stop giving milk.
  3. Remove all toys from the house.
  4. Increase physical activity — lengthen your walks, make your runs more intense, and go to the training ground more often.
  5. To limit the communication bitches with puppies of other dogs.
  6. Reduce food portions.

If the dog has milk flowing, you can not Express it, this will stimulate its constant arrival and prolong the problem state. Prolonged stagnation of milk can cause mastitis, so the dog should be given medications prescribed by the veterinarian, which will speed up the disappearance of false signs.

These may be hormonal drugs or homeopathic medicines. It is very dangerous to choose and give such medications yourself!

If false pregnancy is very difficult or becomes a common condition with each estrus, it is better to sterilize the animal.

What to do at home

At home, the dog needs to provide a calm atmosphere, moderate nutrition, and take care to increase its physical activity and employment. She should not be constantly left alone, which contributes to depressive changes in behavior.

If a pet drags into the den all the things that remind her of puppies — from plush toys to pillows and personal belongings of the owners, she needs to restrict access to other rooms, and from the one where the dog is located, remove everything that can even remotely be taken for offspring.

Owners must understand that the animal is not responsible for its actions — it is nature and instincts. Punishing a bitch for changing behavior would be the height of cruelty.

Possible complications

It is believed that too often repeated false pregnancies can lead to “hormonal swings” that can provoke serious health problems up to cancer.

Some bitches in a state of pseudo-captivity become very aggressive and can become a threat to other domestic and street animals, people, and even their own owners.

Prevention measures

Radically prevent the development of the condition can only be timely sterilization of the female with complete removal of the reproductive organs. If this is not done, before the end of estrus, it is recommended to reduce the “ration” by reducing protein products — meat, fish and dairy. It is also useful to increase physical activity and increase the frequency of walking, make it longer and more intense.