Griffon: Characteristics Of The Dog Breed

The Griffon is a European dog breed first introduced to the world by Belgium. It is for this reason that all three Griffon species have Belgian names according to the country’s geographically significant locations. Brussels, Belgium and Petit brabanson, aka – small. Now they are widely distributed not only in Europe, but also actively popularized in America.

On the territory of our country, the Griffon is quite rare. There is almost no information about these dogs, which keeps dog breeders from acquiring the cutest creature that has the habits of a true aristocrat.

Griffon exterior: what we know about the breed

According to the cynological classification, griffons are classified as indoor decorative dogs, group 9. small Belgian dogs that are not subject to testing of the working qualities of the breed. Animals are very active, energetic and fun. They are strongly built, with slightly protruding eyes and a “snub” muzzle.

The Belgian and Brussels griffins differ from the Petit brabanson in having an extravagant beard. This cute feature of dogs gives them a comical seriousness, Pets are like little fairy-tale old men-brownies.

Petit Brabancons with smooth hair, their appearance they resemble dogs of the boxer breed, only on a reduced scale. They are cupped ears, which only increases the similarity. However, this feature will soon be lost, since the ban on cupping has come into force in most countries. The average weight of an adult male is up to 5.5 kg.

What is the difference between griffons

Both the Brussels and Belgian Griffon have a tough coat, but the first representatives of the breed are exclusively red, and the second – black, or black with tan. Brabanson has a red, black, and black-and-tan color. There are Pets with a coat of rich brown, red with glimpses of black and mixed shade. The dogs, according to the standard, can only be smooth.

The behavior and features of the griffons: the poise and dedication

Since the Griffon is a room variant, the character and behavior within the family are very important characteristics of the breed. Breeders talk about a balanced mind, lack of excessive aggression or mobility. And this is not surprising, since the dogs were brought to us from Europe, where quite strict laws have been adopted regarding the level of aggression of Pets.

Griffons do not rush at people passing by and practically do not pay attention to other animals. If the owner already has “animals”, then a small intelligent bearded man will perfectly join the General company.

For a large family, you can have any of the griffons, but most often the companion of children’s games is the Petit brabanson, and the Brussels and Belgian representatives of the breed are more fond of watching the life of their owners from the side. A great option for older couples or single old people.

Griffons do not run away from the leash and are always happy to keep you company on a long walk. They do not bark and do not sniff passing by, perfectly keep the pace and go next to the owner.

The animal is quite smart, which with its light and unencumbered nature can only be considered a plus. They like to sleep in the same bed with the owner or on his lap. The Brussels aristocrat-Griffon will not be offended if they can’t give him time right now – will calmly find something to do or just go to his place. They are very fond of lying in chairs, while they look very important, sprawled impressively on the soft upholstery.

Diseases and pathologies

Unfortunately, because of the changed facial anatomy, these dogs are prone to some specific ailments, but in General they are not sick more often or less often than representatives of other breeds. Griffon may suffer from:

  • Narrowing of the nostrils.
  • Rapidly progressive atrophy of the retina.
  • Distichiasis (clustering and profusion of eyelashes).
  • Cataracts.
  • Loss of the eyeball.
  • Bitches often have complicated labor, so you need to involve a veterinarian.

As with all decorative indoor breeds, griffons can develop hydrocephalus.

What care does the Griffon’s coat require?

The Belgian beauty requires special care, the features of which depend on the type of hair of the animal. Wire – haired breeds shed less, but they still need to be combed regularly to remove dead hairs.

You can not comb out, but pluck out the falling guard hair. Hold a tuft of hair between two fingers and the other hand gently pull in the direction of growth. The animal will not feel any discomfort, and the dead hairs will be easily removed. This way you can achieve smoothness and softness. And yet, the procedure takes an untrained owner a lot of time, it is better to contact the groomer.

Belgian and Brussels gryphons have a thick beard, the hair on which also needs to be plucked a little first, and then given the desired shape with special scissors.

Irreplaceable Griffon: reasons for increasing popularity

Those who love legal dog sports will be very happy with this breed. Kids are quite understanding, smart and easy to learn. Especially these qualities will be useful to those owners who want to put their pet in obedience competitions.

The Brussels Griffon is so sweet and kind that it is often started as a companion for a grown child. Usually parents mistakenly believe that the younger their child, the smaller his animal should be. But this is a fundamentally incorrect opinion, since “kids”, for example, toy Terriers, require much more attention than dogs of decorative indoor breeds.


They can not be tightly pressed to themselves, involve in active games and leave them alone for a long time, so griffons are better suited to the role of a friend. In fact, the bearded Belgian dog is like a small child himself and will definitely not be bored with him. It will never bite or injure a child during games, and after a fun time, it is quite capable of falling asleep in an embrace with children who have played enough.

If someone is still searching for their ideal dog, then they should definitely get to know this breed. Having seen the Griffon once, it is impossible to get rid of the idea of acquiring it, these bearded kids are so cute, sociable and attractive.