Exotic Shorthair Cat: Features of Breed

This animal really has a lot of unusual things, starting from its origin.

Exotic Shorthair cat-the fruit of “friendship of the cat peoples”: Russian, American and two Asian.

With the world by the hair

From the Persian cat, this exotic got the fortress of the backbone and all the color options. From the Russian blue and Burmese cats – silky, amazingly delicate quality of wool. From the American Shorthair – also the length of the coat and, for the most part, the name of the breed.

The same extraordinary metamorphosis occurred with the character of these cute, charming hybrids. They surpassed their Persian ancestors not only in intelligence, diplomacy, and gentleness.

Surprise and delight the extraordinary cheerfulness, playfulness, curiosity inherent in short-haired cats, and the incomparable affectionate devotion of exotics.

And their beauty and charm were generously endowed by the progenitors of all breeds.

Not all cats Shrovetide

But not only the gene for short hair and soft “plush”, along with the General vitality, strength and unpretentiousness, was inherited by exotic cats from their ancestors.

All their genetic abnormalities were also inherited.

The touching, snub-nosed face of exotics with an expression of childlike spontaneity hides incredible patience and firmness of character. Many things are not easy for them. And shortness of breath, the legacy of the Persians, with every movement of the air meets an obstacle in the form of narrowed nasal passages.

And various inflammatory processes in the nasal cavity and eyes, unsafe chronic respiratory diseases. And even difficulties in nutrition, when you have to deal with liquid food that gets not only in the mouth, but also in the nose.

To some extent, these difficulties have to be taken for granted, since they are caused by the features of the anatomical structure inherent in the breed.

But in difficult situations, it is necessary to actively help animals, turning to veterinary specialists for help.

A thorough examination and prescribed preventive and therapeutic procedures usually completely eliminate all the negative consequences of diseases.

Features of inheritance of anomalies in exotics

This synthetic breed, like a complex intricate mosaic, has also incorporated genetic disorders that are manifested in each of its constituent parts.

Russian blue cats and American Shorthair cats caused the least trouble to their descendants.

Representatives of these long-standing natural breeds, fortunately, are not too burdened with a specific genetic load.

Therefore, they passed on only a few widespread hereditary diseases to the exotics. Basically, various skeletal anomalies: a hall of the tail, cleft palate and uneven teeth.

As well as heart disease, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which causes the death of kittens in the early period of life.

But the Asian trail of genetic diseases is much broader. It also includes anatomical disorders in the form of lethal flattening of the chest, polydactyly, skewed bones of the facial skull, the same cleft palate and uneven bite.

In addition, the Persians gave exotics a whole range of hereditary diseases of the visual system, such as:

  • progressive retinal atrophy
  • By 3-4 months, it is gradually destroyed with the onset of complete blindness
  • inversion of the eyelids
  • Simple surgery to further prevent twisting inside the rim of the eyelids
  • excessive lacrimation (epiphora congenitally)

It is easy to get rid of its consequences, dark tracks on the fur under the cat’s eyes, wiping the traces with a specially developed stain remover.

Current tips and recommendations

The problems of exotic species associated with the natural features can and should be avoided. The most affordable and necessary thing is not to aggravate the situation by breeding extreme athletes.

When choosing a pet, you need to pay special attention to the external features of its parents. To stacking, they did not cause the physical suffering “of superpeers”.

The same criteria should be applied when selecting a pair for your pet. For example, do not reduce it to an animal that differs sharply in the structure of the cranial and facial skeleton.

Most of these anomalies are formed by recessive genes, the most insidious and secretive. They often cause fatal diseases in kittens whose parents are apparently completely healthy. The main weapon against such ailments is maximum awareness of your future pet’s relatives. And the choice is only from a litter with a “clean history”.

Dominant inheritance is inherent only in polydactyly and a fatal disease-primary endocardial fibroelastosis.

The fight against them is very simple: do not allow carriers to breed – to a greater or lesser extent, they are passed on to all descendants. Manifestations of some anomalies are eliminated by a specially selected diet. Only in some cases, these animals need serious medical intervention. If, to paraphrase a well-known expression, we say that a cat is a friend of a person, then we are undoubtedly talking about an exotic Shorthair cat.

Cheerful, balanced, devoted to the person, with a strong immune system and good health. Happy communication!